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Somewhere in this Darkness

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Summary: Someone starts anew...

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Harry Potter > Fred/Illyria-Centered > Pairing: OtherKarenUFR1522,143042,48931 Jul 0527 Aug 05No

Somewhere in this Darkness

Title: Somewhere in This Darkness

Author: Karen U


Category: Angel/Harry Potter

Pairing/Characters: Fred Burkle/?

Disclaimer: All Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon. Harry Potter and

co. belong to JK Rowling

Distribution: ask first

Rating: 15, for now

Spoilers: Angel - post Home (season 4), though Fred chose not to join the others in taking Wolfram and Hart's offer. A few random season 5 spoilers may pop up as well. Harry Potter - post OotP, though Sirius is still alive.

Summary: Someone starts anew...

Part One

She shivered slightly, wrapping her sweater a bit more tightly around herself and wishing that she'd had the sense to throw darts at a map of the United States to figure out where it was she was going to go instead of a *world* map. But a world map it had been, and this is where she had ended up.

She was really having second thoughts about this.

Of course, it wasn't like she could really stay, was it? Admittedly, it was tempting... Wielding the power of Wolfram and Hart - the Los Angeles branch of it, anyway - for good instead of evil. But how could they be sure that they would be able to use it for good? Wolfram and Hart wouldn't have offered them this sort of power and control if there wasn't some sort of a catch, some nasty catch twenty-two that they hadn't been made aware of yet. A catch twenty-two that would only be all too clear to those that had stayed. And all of them had stayed... All of them except for her, anyway. So here she was, in some foreign land she'd never been to before, with a load of money in an account that Angel had set up for her.


He had told her he understood her choice, why she had decided to turn Wolfram and Hart down, but she wasn't quite sure he did. If he could find a way to rationalize taking over an evil law firm that had tried to kill him for several years, then she imagined that he didn't really understand why she couldn't find a way to rationalize it as well... But she just couldn't. She wouldn't. She hadn't fought her way back from being crazy to end up some pawn for Wolfram and Hart. She'd had enough of the loss of free will what with the whole Jasmine thing, thank you very much. Jasmine... She didn't want to think about that. That just led to thoughts of Cordelia, which led to things being all blurry. Something was wrong there, with why things were the way they were, and she couldn't pinpoint exactly why or how. No one else seemed to be having the problem she was, and Angel had just avoided her questions completely.

Sighing, the young woman tugged her sweater closer once more, glancing about as she walked down the sidewalk, always cautious. It was her way, had been ever since she'd been sucked into Pylea and discovered that there really were things that went bump in the night... Real things, scary things... Things she really didn't want to think about at the moment.

Winifred Burkle sighed heavily, a small frown on her lovely face as she paused at the street corner. This wasn't the most well-to-do area of the town, and she could feel the eyes of people on her. Despite her casual dress, it was probably obvious that she was both a tourist and had money, which made her a target. Not that it was anything new to her, not really. She'd had people and things after her over the years, and she wasn't exactly helpless, no matter what other people seemed to think.

//Fred, you don't have to do this. You don't have to leave. Even if you don't come with us, we can still take care of you-//

"Take care of me," Fred muttered softly, slowly shaking her head. It was a funny prospect, really. That they thought she was someone that needed to be taken care of. Somewhere, somewhere deep in those fuzzy memories she couldn't quite make sense of, she could hear Angel telling Cordelia that he didn't want her somewhere, that it was too dangerous... Then telling her to get a move on in the next breath. Part of her wondered if the words were real or if it was just some jumbled up dream, but she was fairly certain it was real... Angel had told Cordelia to stay behind because of the danger, then told her to hurry up and get a move on. Funny, but he hadn't been too concerned about her safety then. But now, with Cordelia in a coma... She supposed he was a bit more focused on her well-being. Not that it was something he needed to worry about any longer, not with her being half a world away now.

Frowning, Fred continued to walk, sticking her foot out to conveniently trip an attempted pickpocket, grabbing her wallet from the teenager as he went down. He sputtered as he looked up at her, then hurried away.

"Learned that one from Faith," Fred muttered, referring to the vampire Slayer that had escaped from jail several months before... She'd helped them with the Beast, but so many of those memories were all mixed up in the blur. She wished she knew what it was that was causing this blur; it just felt like there was a big puzzle piece missing, and the further away from Los Angeles she got, the more noticeable it seemed.

Glancing about more carefully, not caring to deal with any more pickpockets on this particular evening, Fred pressed her lips together, her gaze falling on the building that had been suggested for her to stay in. It was odd, really, she could have sworn she looked over there before and seen nothing... But this was the place that Angel had told her about, and though she really didn't want to accept help from the vampire, not when she was breaking away on her own, but he had insisted on at least helping her *this* much. If she chose to stay here, it would be up to her to find a more permanent place to stay.

Frowning slightly, Fred looked both ways before hurriedly crossing the street, pausing in front of the door to the tavern and inn that she had been instructed to go to. Her frown deepened as she looked around at the people passing her by; they seemed almost not to see this place... But that was ridiculous. Shaking her head, Fred pushed open the door to the tavern and stepped inside, unaware of the eyes that followed her every move.

End Part One

***I've narrowed down the Fred pairing to a few people, so no suggestions, please.
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