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Different War, Same Army

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Summary: During the battle of Sunnydale, Buffy's past returns to her, to her dissapointment, but to the happiness and confusion of everyone else.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredTechnocraticSithLordFR1399,1320913,15931 Jul 056 Aug 06No

First Interlude

Disclaimer: I still don't own anything, though I am expecting offers soon.

A/N: Sorry about the separation of sections. It disappeared when I uploaded the story. Stupid WordPerfect.

Ambs: This power isn't more. Slayers power was more. Her magic came first. Anyway, here is more.

Unfortunately, updates after the next one (probably tomorrow) will be much longer apart (think about 6-8 days).

Here is a hint as to why Buffy got a wand, and more importantly, how she can use it.
The first hint was in chapter one. (Look in my A/N at the beginning.)

Assume battle of Sunnydale = June 17th 2003.

FIRST HBP spoilers in this chapter.

Solaris Evesco: a sunblocking spell, from Sol, meaning sun.

Incendio Maxima Protege Anima: Powerful version of Incendio, Protege Anima protects all beings with souls.

Puresco Maxima: A darkness/evil cleansing spell.

And now for the show.

June 18th 2003, London, England, Europe, Eurasia, Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, The HP universe.

Harry Potter looked at the headline of the Daily Prophet and was surprised to see that it had nothing to do with an attack by Voldemort's supporters.

"Muggle entertainment producer has knowledge of Wizarding World."

The article went on to say that the series finale of the American ‘TV Show' had included 4 real spells being used. One had been a sun-blocking spell, another an evil cleanser, and two versions of the fire-invoking Incendio spell, one with an addition of...

Harry stopped reading, horribly shocked. The other Incendio had Protege Anima added to it. Tears of an old memory in his eyes, Harry re-read the sentence just to be sure. It was definitely Protege Anima.

Harry reached for the ordinary-looking mirror on the other corner of his desk, and pulled it in front of him.
"Ron Weasley" He said to the mirror. Within five minutes, the face of his best friend appeared in the mirror.

"Hey Harry, what's..." Ron trailed off as he saw Harry's face. "Blimey, mate, what's the matter?"

"Did you see the Prophet today?"

"Oh, yeah, amazing, isn't it? Some man uses spells in his - what did they call it - tv show."

"Did you see what spells?"

"O'course. A sunblocker, a cleanser, and a couple of Incedios, nothing to get upset about."

"Ron, the second Incedio, did you see the addition?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Protege Anima. Ring a bell? Towards the end of fourth year, maybe?"

"I don't... Merlin! Her..mion" He choked of.

"Exactly. Our attempt to block the killing curse. Where did Mr. Producer learn that? We never told anyone, right? We didn't want to embarrass ourselves, trying to block the unblockable."

"I never told anyone."

"Neither did I. So that means that it is either a big coincidence, or else" He paused, working up the courage to say the name that, out of sadness and regret, was harder to say than most people considered Voldemort's. "Hermione."

"But, how?"

"I don't know. But I think I know how to find out. Ron, pack your bags. We're going to America."

That is your hint, and the first interlude.
The answer should be obvious now. Whoever guesses gets a cookie or a gun, randomly picked.

Review please.
Bye, TSL210
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