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Different War, Same Army

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Summary: During the battle of Sunnydale, Buffy's past returns to her, to her dissapointment, but to the happiness and confusion of everyone else.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredTechnocraticSithLordFR1399,1320913,11131 Jul 056 Aug 06No

Different War, Same Army

Title: Different War, Same Army

Author: TechnocraticSithLord210 (TSL210)

I own only original characters and plot.

During the battle of Sunnydale, Buffy's past returns to her.

Hermione and her family disappeared after Goblet of Fire, it was presumed Voldemort had killed her.
Butterfly effect occurs, many minor and a few major changes happened in books 5, 6, and future.
Buffy has a suitcase in her room with her name and a small red circle on it, along with many identical locks side by side.
Buffy has never read the Harry Potter books, and refuses to watch the movies.


A/N: Just go along with it, tell me if you like it by REVIEWING, but keep the flames to yourselves.
And so it begins...
Kennedy ran through the halls of Sunnydale High clutching the Slayer''s Scythe in her hands. She was running at speeds she had never even been able to attain before, and wasn''t even tiring.
Kennedy stopped, and looked around. That was when she saw him. A man, maybe 25, walking towards her. He had dark brown hair, sky-blue eyes and an intense look. She had to admit he was cute, but nothing spectacular, though some girls would be all over him.
""You''re going to Buffy."" It wasn''t a question. ""Give her this.""
He held up a seemingly normal wooden stick, maybe ten inches long, and tossed it to her. She caught in her right hand, transferring the scythe to her left hand.
""Tell her she has permission.""
Kennedy was very confused. A guy steps out of the shadows, give her a stick and says to give it to a friend? Very weird.
Her confused look must have shown on her face, as the man said ""She''ll know what I mean. Now go.""
Kennedy didn''t move.
Kennedy took off, carrying the stick in one hand with the other holding the scythe.
The Ubervamps had gotten through. Andrew knew that. He could see them coming. He and Anya were standing there with their swords drawn, waiting for the fight they could not possibly win.
The Ubervamps were rushing them, with several Bringers bringing up the rear. There were five Ubervamps and maybe six Bringers. Three Ubervamps went at Anya, and two went after Andrew.
Anya exchanged a few blows with one, then dusted one. She swung her sword low and dusted another. Then she sliced down a Bringer that would have taken a slice out of Andrew. She felt something at her neck, then heard a whooshing sound.
Looking behind her, she saw a Bringer lying on the ground with a dagger through his neck, then heard the distinct sound of a Ubervamp turning to dust. Looking up, she saw a man with two daggers in his hands, two scabbards with swords in them on his back, along with what looked to be a shotgun and a crossbow.
He was fighting the Bringers and Ubervamps as easily as if he were shredding paper. Within seconds the Ubervamps were gone, and the Bringers lying on the floor, dead or dying. He helped Andrew, who was cowering on the floor, up. Then he turned to Anya, tossed her a dagger, swirled his trenchcoat, and dissapeared in a brilliant flash of blue light.
Kennedy ran down the stairs in to the basement of the school, then down in to the Seal, and out onto the platform on which her fellow potentials - no - slayers were fighting the First''s army. Locating Buffy, she plowed her way through the Ubervamps until she was at the senior slayer''s side.
""Some guy gave me this."" She handed the stick to Buffy, who looked surprised. ""He told me to tell you ‘‘you have permission'' or something like that.""
Buffy was gaping, obviously shocked; this was hardly a good thing when you are battling a large number of powerful vampires.
One Ubervamp leaped on her back, knocking her to the ground. It was about to bite Buffy when she threw it off. She got up, with a strangely calm expression on her face. She pointed the stick at the Ubervamp and said one word.
The Ubervamp burst into flames.
Buffy turned, and pointed the stick into the fray. She said four words, very, very, clearly.
""Incendio Maxima Protege Anima""
Bolts of orange light emerged from the stick, hitting every slayer and Spike. Then there was a white flash, and every Ubervamp spontaneously combusted.
Everyone turned to face Buffy, with very surprised looks on their faces. Buffy looked at them with a neutral expression. Then she suddenly looked very determined.
""Go! Everyone leave. Get out!"" Buffy said. She had an expression saying do what I am telling you!
The junior slayers started to leave, but Faith and Spike remained behind.
""Faith. Go. Get everyone out, onto the bus. Get as far away as possible. Spike, go with her."" Buffy said, then waved her stick and pointed it at him ""Solaris Evesco""
""The sun won''t harm you. Now GO!""
Faith and Spike both looked confused, but wisely chose to leave Buffy and go up the stairs and out.
Buffy turned and faced the Hellmouth Cavern. She summoned up her courage, and pointed her stick in front of her.
""Puresco Maxima""
Large bolts of orange light emerged from the stick, hitting all points of the cavern. The stalactites started falling down, crushing the ground beneath them.
Buffy sighed, her work done. Then she turned and ran.
There we go...
The first chapter done. Now REVIEW!
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