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Concerns about Trust

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Summary: The order has to resort to unusual methods to ensure their secret is safe. (HBP Spoiler Warning)

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Harry Potter > GeneralKneazlesFR1364,30803316,9632 Aug 0513 Dec 06Yes

Concerns about Trust

Title: Concerns about Trust
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR13
Crossover: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I am not making any profit from this piece, it is just for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: Response for the August Fic-a-Day event. The order has to resort to unusual methods to ensure their secret is safe.
Warning: Spoilers for HBP
Word Count: 581~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Professor McGonagall looked at the four people—muggles—who had stumbled across a battle against the death eaters and learned of the order. She caught Remus’s eyes who gave a slight shrug, indicating that it was up to her about what to do.

The new Headmistress of Hogwarts looked at the four strangers, her lips pursed. They seemed trustworthy and they did help the Order out of a tight spot, but after Severus’s recent betrayal, she was hesitant to trust them after all it might be an elaborate plot of You-Know-Who. After a moment’s thought, she raised her wand, intent on modifying their memories… after all what they didn’t know meant they couldn’t use it.

Giles’s eye’s narrowed at the sight.

“It figures, you help someone out of the kindness of your heart and you get threatened.” Xander joked.

“Obliviate.” She said steadily although she felt a slight tug from her conscious about modifying their memories when they hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Stop!” Willow’s voice rang out, power vibrating at the word preventing the spell from taking effect, her eyes narrowed. “Messing with people’s memories is not nice.” She said recalling her own experiences with modifying memories.

Mad-Eye narrowed his eyes. “That is impossible…” He said not believing what he saw.

Buffy purposely misunderstood the statement. “Nah not really… I mean how would you like to have some one mess with your memories? Make you think that you were someone else? I would say it is impossible to think that its nice to mess with people’s memories.”

“You shouldn’t have been able to counter that with just a word.” Mad-Eye says.

“We just like proving people wrong.” Buffy shot back.

“Well what are we going to do now?” Remus asked

Minerva looked thoughtful. “I’m not sure… if we had a legilimens we could easily find out if they were truthful or not and go from there.”

“Does anyone have some Veritaserum?” Mad-Eye Moody asked.

“No the last we had was used last week.” Remus said.

“What about the Sorting Hat? It can probably tell us.” Mad-Eye said.

Minerva nodded. “That should work, I’ll go retrieve it.” She apparated with a pop.

“And what makes you think we will consent to that?” Giles asked.

“Doesn’t matter if you consent. We can’t allow you to leave unless we can probe that you are trust worthy.”

“Like you are?” Xander snorted thinking about the fact that they had tried to alter their memories, just because they had helped out.

“We are fighting a war to keep your kind safe.” Remus said softly.

“So? We keep the world safe and you don’t see is going around messing with people’s memories.” Willow said.

Minerva apparated back a ragged hat in her hand. “So who’ll try it first?”

“Why should we, we’ve done nothing wrong?” Giles asked a hint of steel in his voice.

“If you don’t you’ll be thrown in jail, you are a suspect, and our government wouldn’t hesitate to lock you up… if the hat says your trust worthy we’ll let you go.” Remus said.

Xander sighed. “So if we try the hat on we’re free to go?” He asked.

Minerva nodded.

“Fine I’ll go first.” Xander said, trusting his friends to help him if the hat was actullay a malicious device.

Minerva handed him the hat without a word.

Xander tried the hat on. “I bet I look as silly as I feel.”

“Nah Xander, it makes you look better.” Buffy said playfully.
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