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Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts

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Summary: Katie Bell, after learning the family she never thought she belonged to isn't her real one, leaves Hogwarts, only to return with a new last name, some new friends and a whole different outlook on life.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)sevangelFR15628,17474622,7588 Aug 0515 Mar 06No


Title: Different
Series: Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: PG-13


“I’m so excited.” Willow gushes to Tonks. “And nervous but excited, you know what I mean?”

“Yes.” Tonks grunts.

“You’re not a morning person, are you?” Willow asks.

“No.” Tonks answers.

“Yeah, I could tell.” Willow says as they make their way to the professor’s lounge. It is 7am and the students will be roaming the halls soon. “You got that whole ‘don’t talk to me until I get caffeine in my system’ thing going on. Me, I’m not that way, I wake up and feel all ready to go.”

“I can tell.” Tonks replies.

Willow glances over at Tonks and bites her lip to keep words from spilling out. She wants to talk but knows it’ll just annoy Tonks more. After almost 10 years of being best friends with Buffy, a girl who does not like mornings, she’s learned to tone down her chirpiness. She listens to Tonks tell a painting of some old wizard guy that she doesn’t know the password, still a little freaked out by the talking pictures. And the magic that’s in them. Back during her ‘Dark Willow’ days, she would have totally gotten off on them. She hasn’t stepped foot in the library; she can feel the books. She knows she’ll have to go in there, today actually, she has ‘study hall’ duty with grumpy and she just hopes she can avoid all the temptations.

“Willow, do you want some coffee?” Remus questions.

Willow snaps her head up to see the werewolf holding a pot of coffee out towards her. “Oh, no.” Willow answers, shaking her head. “I can’t drink coffee.”

“You don’t like coffee?” Sirius questions.

“I love coffee.” Willow replies. “But it makes me jumpy. And it makes me babble like 10 times more than normal.”

Severus rolls his eyes. “God forbid.”

Willow sticks her tongue out at his back before sitting down next to Tonks. “Oh, muffins.” Willow reaches across the table and snags a blueberry muffin. She breaks the muffin in half and pops part of it into her mouth.

“Willow, Tonks, are you two prepared for your first day of classes?” Minerva questions.

“Yeppers.” Willow answers. “The first half of class is Tonk’s and the second half is mine.”

“May I ask what you will be teaching them?” Remus questions curiously.

“You may.” Willow replies with a grin.

“What will you be teaching them?” Remus asks, smiling softly at the redhead.

“Demons.” Willow answers. “Mostly demons at first.”

“You know about demons?” Sirius asks.

“Oh, yeah.” Willow replies. “I know tons about demons, especially vamps. Heck, I’ve been bitten before.” She tilts her head to the side and points out the faded mark that Harmony left.

“Bloody hell, did it hurt?” Marcus asks as he moves behind her to study the mark.

“Yes.” Willow replies. “Very much so.”

Severus studies the bite mark from behind his cup of coffee. The mark is rather faded; he wouldn’t have noticed it had she not pointed it out. He wonders when she got it and more importantly, how she survived getting it; most vampires are not known to allow their food to survive. He’s about to ask when the door swings open and the large form of the groundskeeper walks in.

“Professor McGonagall.” Hagrid says loudly. “There’s a student swimming in the lake.”

“What?” Minerva asks in shock.

“There’s a student, a boy but I couldn’t tell who, swimming in the lake.” Hagrid repeats.

“Connor.” Willow says quietly, knowing who it is. She looks up to see the entire table looking at her. “Oh, it’s just that they went to bed so early and Connor won’t sleep more than 5 hours so he mostly likely got up and went for a run. Then he saw the lake and decided to go for a swim.” She stands up and looks directly at McGonagall. “I’ll go get him.”

“I believe I’ll go with you.” Minerva replies.

“We have to start our rounds soon.” Sirius says. “But we have a bit of time till then.”

Willow watches as her 5 greeters, the deputy headmistress, and the groundskeeper stand up to follow her out of the lounge. She walks quickly through the hallways, out of the school and onto the grounds. A few feet away from the lake, she sees a pile of clothing and recognizes Connor’s tennis shoes. Looking at the pile, she just hopes he has something on; she’s pretty sure skinny-dipping is against the rules. Peering out at the lake, she can she the ‘destroyer’ pushing through the water with a one-mindedness that she knows he gets from his father.

“He has quite an amount of stamina.” Dumbledore comments.

Willow squeals and turns around to glare up at the headmaster. “Sneaking up on people is not nice.”

Dumbledore smiles down at her.

“One of these days, buster, that’s going to get you into trouble.” Willow says.

“Yes, one day it probably will.” Dumbledore agrees. “Now, how do we go about getting Mr. Angel out of there? I believe it is a quarter after 7 and he should be getting ready for classes.”

“Yeah, he’ll need to take a shower.” Willow says. Cupping her hands over her mouth, she yells Connor’s name.

“I don’t think he can hear you.” Sirius says. “He’s pretty far out there.”

“He heard me.” Willow replies.

They watch as the teenager cuts quickly through the water until he’s on shore. Water is dripping down his face and chest, his skin looking rather pale against the black shorts he’s wearing.

“Did you have a nice swim, Mr. Angel?” Dumbledore asks.

“Yeah.” Connor grunts as he shakes his head, water flying off his hair like a dog. “Do you know there is a creature with eight legs living in the lake?”

“Yes.” Dumbledore replies. “It’s been living there for a very long time.”

“I can run and get my ax and then kill it for you.” Connor offers.

Willow’s hand covers her face while everyone else just stares at the teenager.

“Thank you for the offer but it is part of the school.” Dumbledore says after a few moments. “And is not a danger towards any students.”

“Oh.” Connor mutters, rather disappointed. He never made it into the woods, the grounds are so large and he had some fun ‘mountain climbing’ for a bit before going for his swim.

“Con, you need to go take a shower and get ready for classes.” Willow orders, wrinkling her nose at him. “You smell.”

“Do I?” Connor replies, grinning evilly at her. “Are you certain? Maybe you need a closer sniff.”

Willow squeals and hides behind Severus. “Don’t even think about it, buster.” Willow glares from around the potions professor’s back.

“Think about what?” Severus asks, glaring behind him. “Would you kindly remove yourself? Now.”

“Not until Connor promises to behave.” Willow replies, glaring right back at him. “Connor Angel, you throw me in that lake or hug me, and you’ll be spending the next 3 weeks in detention.”

“Fine.” Connor agrees.

“Good.” Willow replies, moving around Severus to look at him. “Now, you better go get ready or you’ll end up missing breakfast.”

Connor grabs his clothes off the ground and starts towards the castle.

“Mr. Angel.” Dumbledore says.

Connor turns around to look at the headmaster.

“The next time you desire a workout, you can leave by the front door.” Dumbledore tells the destroyer. “There is no need to climb out the window of your dormitory.”

“Okay.” Connor replies before running lazily towards the school.

“He climbed out the tower window?” McGonagall asks.

“Yes.” Dumbledore replies.

Willow shakes her head. “Those three were always doing that.” She comments. “Especially when they were grounded. I can’t count how many times we caught them sneaking back into their room, on the second floor.”

“They do seem to have a certain disregard for the rules, much like three others in their house.” Dumbledore replies as they walk back towards the school. “I have a feeling this year is going to be rather interesting.”

“If you mean interesting in a ‘oh my god they just started a war right in the middle of the war we’re already having’ kinda way, then yeah, it’s going to be interesting.” Willow says.

“I think you are the one who’s being overdramatic now.” Severus comments.

“Nope.” Willow replies. “I’m being realistic. If whichever three students you’re talking about are even half as good as Connor, Dawnie, and Katie are at finding trouble, this school is doomed.”


“Hey, Harry, was Connor still sleeping when you were up there?” Katie asks when he walks into the common room.

“No.” Harry answers. “He wasn’t even in the room.”

“Well, our robes are here.” Dawn says. “And I need to make sure he gets them.”

The door leading into the common room slams open and in walks the boy in question, water still dripping from his body.

“Hey.” Connor smiles at his girls. “I have to go take a shower; if you want to go to breakfast, I will meet you there.”

“Didn’t you just come from the shower?” Ron asks.

“No.” Connor answers. “I was swimming.”

“Swimming?” Ron repeats. “Swimming where?”

“In the lake.” Connor replies slowly as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“Sweetie, here’s your uniform.” Dawn says, handing him a box of clothing. “And yes, you must wear them, whether you want to or not.”

Connor takes the box with a scowl and looks down into it. “I do?”

“Yes.” Katie replies. “You better hurry up before breakfast is all gone. We’ll be in the great hall.”

Connor runs up the steps three at a time, the box balanced perfectly on one shoulder.

“Wonder how many girls are drooling over your guy now?” Katie says to Dawn as they start out of the tower. “Seeing how he just ran through the school in nothing but a pair of wet shorts.”

“Probably a good deal of them.” Dawn replies. “But they best be staying away from my man or they’re gonna find themselves all scratched up and hairless.”

“Oh, resorting to cat fighting.” Katie says, faking shock. “You must be serious.”

“Yep.” Dawn agrees. “Same way Connor is when it comes to other boys hitting on me.”

“No, Connor just knocks them out and is done with it.” Katie corrects.

“True.” Dawn agrees, following the blonde into the great hall. “Very true.” She notices with an amused smile that their ‘end’ of the table is clear and the little kids Connor told to move are now sitting at the other end. She plops down next to Katie, her hand grabbing a muffin as she sits down. She looks around the hall and notices that breakfast is a lot less ‘rigid’ than dinner was. None of the tables are full, mostly there’s just little groups sitting at each table talking quietly while they eat.

“Hermione, Ginny, you can sit with us.” Katie says, waving to them.

Dawn smiles at both girls but doesn’t say anything as she looks around the great hall. She sees two guys and a girl sitting at the Slytherin table, talking quietly and looking up at them every few seconds. She wishes Connor was here so he could tell her what they were saying. She waves to Willow, frowning when the witch doesn’t even acknowledge her; just continues to talk heatedly to the dark-haired guy next to her. She moves past the teacher’s table and stops when she sees on of the security guards staring at Katie.

“Kat.” Dawn whispers out the side of her mouth.

“Yeah?” Katie whispers back.

“Why is that security guy staring at you?” Dawn asks.

Katie glances up and catches sight of Oliver. She waves at him before looking over at Dawn. “Oh, that’s Oliver.” Katie explains. “We were good friends while he was here.”

“Not him.” Dawn jerks her head in the opposite direction. “Him.”

Katie looks in the direction of Dawn’s head jerk and sees Marcus Flint lounging against the wall. He jerks his gaze off her when she looks at him and out towards the middle of the hall. “I honestly have no clue.” Katie says. “He didn’t like me when he was here; hell, he spent most of his time either knocking me off my broom or just otherwise making my life a living hell.”

“Who?” Connor questions quietly from behind them.

Ginny and Hermione both scream, not having heard his approach. Katie and Dawn both jump but being used to Connor’s quiet approaches, don’t scream.

Connor waits until they finish screaming before picking Dawn up and plopping down with her on his lap. He leans over to press a kiss against Katie’s temple before bending Dawn back to kiss her deeply.

“Mmm.” Dawn moans. “My boy is all happy. Did you have a nice workout?”

“Yep.” Connor breaks the kiss and then dives into the food set out in front of him.

Dawn leans towards Connor’s side as he shovels food into his mouth.

Across the hall, a fair-haired Slytherin is being pulled back into his seat by his two friends.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” Blaise questions through clenched teeth. “Calm yourself.”

“She screamed.” Draco sneers. “That bloody Angel bloke did something.”

“Drake, you’re broadcasting.” Pansy warns. “He just scared them.”

“You two didn’t hear him bloody growl at McGonagall last night.” Draco replies. “There’s something very strange about him and I don’t trust it.”

“Unless you want your entire house and then your entire house’s parents to find out, I would advise keeping your concerns to a quieter level.”

The three Slytherins turn around to see Oliver Wood standing a few feet behind them, his head turned to look in the opposite direction.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, Wood.” Draco sneers and to his surprise and annoyance, Wood laughs.

“You’re so much like Marc.” Oliver comments.

“You and Flint are…” Blaise can’t think of what to say so he just lets the question trail off.

“Friends.” Oliver finishes. “Look, this isn’t the time. Tonight, after dinner, come to our rooms. It’s the portrait of the founding wizards outside the great hall. The password is ‘Katie’ and before you asks, I did choose it but not for me.”

They watch as he walks away, completely confused why the Gryffindor would give them the password to his rooms.

“Are we going?” Pansy questions.

“Unless Flint says otherwise, yes.” Draco replies. He looks up and notices most of the hall is clearing out. “Guess it’s time for first classes.”

Blaise grabs his books and stands up. “Wonder what Advanced DADA is going to be like?”

“Tonks is an auror but I haven’t a bloody clue who this Rosenburg woman is.” Draco says. “She can’t be any worse than Umbridge.”

“Let’s hope not.” Pansy replies. “I don’t think I could take another year as boring as that one.”


Harry, Ron, and Hermione follow a few feet behind Dawn, Katie, and Connor on their way to Advanced DADA.

“Hey, Wills..I mean Professor Rosenburg.” Dawn says as they enter.

“Mr. Angel, Miss Summers, and Miss Giles.” Willow says in a wholly adult voice. She stares menacingly for a few seconds before bursting into giggles.

“You’re such a dork, Wills.” Dawn replies with a roll of her eyes.

“Take a seat, Dawnie.” Willow orders. “And you three best behave or I will give you detention.”

“Yes, m’am.” Dawn replies, saluting at the redhead. She then follows Katie to the back of the room and sits down on Connor’s right side while Katie sits on his left.

Harry walks over to the row of desks next to them and sits down.

“I wanted to sit in the front.” Hermione complains as she sits down between Harry and Ron.

“I want to sit here.” Harry whispers, watching Connor Angel out to the corner of his eye.

“Harry, you aren’t spying on him, are you?” Hermione asks quietly.

“Yes.” Harry answers. “There’s something strange about him and I want to know what.”

“Me too.” Draco Malfoy says as he sits down in front of them.

“Malfoy.” Harry says evenly.

“Potter.” Malfoy replies. “I don’t trust that Connor kid. He seems…I’m not sure what but there’s something off about him.”

“I’ll admit he’s..different but Dumbledore knows him and seems to trust him.” Hermione points out.

“Dumbledore is not perfect Granger.” Malfoy replies. “He’s quite capable of making mistakes.”

“What about Dumbledore making mistakes?”

Harry looks up and is quite surprised to see Sirius and Remus standing beside his desk. “Sirius, what are you doing here?” Harry asks. “I thought you were supposed to be patrolling the school.”

“We are.” Sirius agrees. “But we decided to drop in on this class for a little bit.”

“And so did Snape by the look of things.” Remus says.

Harry glances up and sure enough, Snape is standing in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall.

“Weasley, what’s your sister doing in here?” Draco asks.

Ron looks towards the door and sees Ginny and Luna sitting down in the front of the room. “I don’t have a bloody clue.”

“I think I’m going to puke.” Willow says to Tonks. “And what are they doing here? They’re not students.”

“I think they want to watch.” Tonks says. “Do you realize we’re the youngest teachers Hogwarts has had? Plus with you being a wandless witch, they’re probably curious as to how our first class is going to go.”

“It makes me more nervous.” Willow whispers. “Specially with grumpy standing there just waiting for me to mess up.”

Tonks turns around to hide the smile crossing over her face. “I can’t believe you call him grumpy.” Tonks says. “Nobody else would have the bullocks to do that.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve got balls of steel.” Willow replies.

“We need to start class.” Tonks says.

“Okay.” Willow agrees. “Start class.”

Tonks claps her hands and calls for the class to start.

Nobody listens; all the students are too busy talking to each other while the adults stand back and watch.

Severus smirks in the corner of the room, completely amused at their inability to calm their students.

Willow frowns at the loud class and sees grumpy smirking in the corner. With a determined half-smile on her face, she looks over at her co-professor. “Hold on to something.”

‘Connor, cover your ears.’ Willow orders telepathically.

Connor places his hands over his ears and looks up towards Willow.

“Oh, no.” Dawn mutters as she grips the desk tightly.

Katie follows Dawn’s lead and holds on to the desk.

Willow sticks two fingers into her mouth and blows. The room vibrates from the force of the magical whistle, some of the students falling out of their chairs.

“Think I got their attentions.” Willow smirks towards Tonks.

“I think you may be right.” Tonks agrees with a smile.

“Are you done?” Connor yells from the back of the room.

“Yep.” Willow answers.

“Good.” Connor grunts, shaking his head side to side. “My ears are ringing.”

“Sorry.” Willow says. “Now, I’m Willow…I mean Professor Rosenburg.”

“And I’m Professor Tonks.” Tonks says. “This is Advanced DADA. We need to do roll call before we discuss what you will be learning this year.”

“And if I say somebody’s name wrong, feel free to tell me now.” Willow adds. “Cause if you don’t correct me now, then I’ll just keep on saying it wrong.”

Willow and Tonks go through the roll call, making note of where everyone is sitting as they go.

“As you must have noticed, this class is both 6th and 7th years.” Tonks says. “This is done for the simple reason of class space and time. You will also notice this class is twice as long as a normal one and only meets on Mondays and Fridays. This class will be intense and take a lot out of you, more physically than mentally. Most of the magical parts will be dueling and performing spells. There will be very little book work from me.”

“So make me into the mean one.” Willow mutters. “You will be getting book work from me, mostly researching different demons, maybe some prophesies, whatever strikes my fancy. You will also be learning a bit of physical self-defense and for those capable of doing it, wandless magic. And as time goes, I’ll probably be bringing in different demons, for show-and-tell.”

A hand shoots up into the air.

“Yes, Hermione.” Willow replies, looking down at the magically made seating chart.

“Real demons?” Hermione asks in shock. “Are you going to bring real demons into the school.”

“Sure.” Willow answers. “Oh, nothing too dangerous, maybe a vampire or two. Lorne will probably come.”

“Oh, Clem.” Dawn suggests. “Clem would love to come.”

“Yeah, he would.” Willow agrees. “But it won’t be for awhile and I should probably ask Professor Dumbledore first.”

Another hand shoots up into the air.

“Yes, Draco?” Willow says, pointing at him. “Did I say that right?”

“Yes.” Draco answers. “What kind of physical defense and why? We’re wizards; we don’t need to resort to physical means.”

Willow looks over at Tonks. “It’s such a good thing we didn’t really have anything planned for today.” Then she looks back at Draco. “I’m so glad you asked. Okay, I need everyone to get up and push their desks against the walls. Then I need everyone to sit in the corner. You’re about to get a demo.”

Willow sits on the edge of the desk as she watches the students do her bidding. She waits until they’re all seated on the ground before addressing them. “So, you’re being attacked.” Willow poses. “By someone magically stronger than you and you know there’s no possible way to defeat them. You just don’t have the strength to do it. So, what do you do?” Willow jumps off the desk and paces in front of the students. “You all rely on your wands and while that makes you strong, it also makes you weak. You need to learn that there are other ways to protect yourselves that have nothing to do with magic…”

Willow is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Tonks opens the door and is a little surprised to see Dumbledore standing behind it. “Professor Tonks, I believe Professor Rosenburg is in need of these two.”

“Wotcher, Wood.” Tonks says. “Wotcher Flint.”

“Hey Professor Dumbledore, what’s up?” Willow asks.

“I thought Mr. Flint and Mr. Wood might be of some help with your demonstration.” Dumbledore replies.

“Actually, they will be.” Willow agrees. “Are you going to watch?”

“I thought I might.” Dumbledore replies.

“Then go stand by gr…Professor Snape.” Willow orders. “Remus, Sirius, you two come up here too.”

The four ‘guards’ move to stand in the position indicated by Willow and turn to face the redhead expectantly.

“These are four experienced wizards and there isn’t a student in this room that can best them magically.” Willow says. “Connor, front and center.”

Connor raises an eyebrow but gets to his feet and moves to stand in front of Willow.

“You can move in those robes, right?” Willow asks.

“Yes.” Connor replies.

“Good.” Willow says. She then turns to look at the four guards. “Okay, I want you to attack him.”

“What?” Sirius shouts. “You want us to attack a student?”

“Connor will never match you magically.” Willow replies. “But he is not defenseless. Now, all I want you to do is try to bind him, using whatever magical means necessary.”

“Dad and Giles said I am not allowed to attack teachers and students unless they’re evil.” Connor says.

“You’re not attacking, you’re being attacked.” Willow replies. “No maiming or hurting them, Connor, only defending yourself.”

“So, we’re just supposed to attack him?” Oliver questions.

“Yep, you try to bind him and he’s going to avoid your attacks and also try to disarm you.” Willow replies. Willow walks over to where Tonks is leaning against the wall and leans beside her. “You can go.”

Connor faces the four men, his legs shoulder-width apart and fist braced at his side. The four wizards face him with their wands out but none of them are attacking.

Connor grows bored after a few moments and takes a few steps towards them. He smiles gleefully when a spell is thrown at him and moves quickly to the side to avoid it.

Marcus throws a light disarming spell at the kid. He’s a little shocked when the kid dodges it and throws another one.

Connor rolls to the ground to avoid the next spell. He pops to his feet and jumps on top of the teacher’s desk to avoid the two coming at him together. Running down the short length of the desk, he dives off of it, hits the ground with a roll and pops up between Remus and Sirius. He grabs their wands and then jumps straight up in the air to avoid the next attack.

Marcus starts throwing heavier curses, some binding, some disarming, one even to knock the kid across the room but he dodges every one. He sees Oliver move beside him and they start throwing curses together, one right after another.

Connor dodges the curses coming wildly at him and tries to come up with some sort of plan. With a grin, he runs full speed at the door.

“What the bloody hell?” Oliver mutters. The Angel kid is running at the door with no intentions of slowing down or stopping. His jaw drops open when the kid literally runs up the door and flips over him and Marcus. Their wands are gone before his feet even touch the floor.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m so proud.” Dawn gushes. “You didn’t even hit or kick them once.”

“Yeah, Con.” Katie agrees. “You’ve grown so much as a person.”

“It took too long.” Connor complains.

“You disarmed us in a matter of seconds.” Remus says quietly, still in shock. “How is that too long?”

“Con, give them their wands and go sit back down.” Willow orders.

Connor holds the wands out to the four guards and then walks back to sit down next to his girls.

“That was rather impressive, Mr. Angel.” Dumbledore says.

“Thanks.” Connor replies, still a little upset with how long it took.

“How was that too long?” Marcus asks Willow, a bit peeved with how easily he was disarmed.

Willow sighs. “Connor’s not used to the whole disarming thing.” Willow explains. “Mostly, his method is just hit someone till they’re unconscious, and it usually doesn’t take more than one hit. So, if he was doing it his way, he would have just kicked you across the room and been done with it.”

“I don’t kick everyone across the room.” Connor protests.

“True.” Katie agrees. “Sometimes you throw them across the room.”

“Yes, Ron?” Willow says when his hand goes up in the air.

“You expect us to do that?” Ron asks in shock. “He just ran up a bloody wall.”

“No.” Willow says with a small laugh. “I don’t expect any of you to be able to fight anywhere close to Connor’s level. He’s been fighting since…actually, I’m not sure how long.”

“I was this tall the first time I killed.” Connor says, holding his hand less than three feet off the ground.

The room goes completely quiet, not even the Sunnydale group knowing this information.

“You remember how tall you were?” Remus questions, breaking the silence.

“I remember how large the hell beast was.” Connor replies. “It was roughly the same size as a lion and I reached its back.”

Dawn looks sadly at her boyfriend, tears filling her eyes. He doesn’t talk much about his childhood and they never pressure him to.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Connor asks worriedly, looking at her. He glances at Katie and then at Willow to see the same sad looks on their face.

“It’s just so sad.” Dawn says, sniffling slightly.

“I had to kill it.” Connor defends. “It was going to eat me.”

“Not that you killed it.” Dawn explains. “That you were placed in the position of having to kill something when you were that little.”

“Yes, well it was trying to kill me so I had no other choice.” Connor says, growing uncomfortable with all the sad looks he’s receiving. “Besides, I was hungry and it made for a good meal.”

Dawn and Katie both hug Connor tightly.

“Wills, is something going to happen?” Connor questions, not understanding why they’re so upset. To him, it was just a part of growing up.

“No, Con.” Willow replies, sniffling herself. Connor has never really told them much about what his life in his hell-dimension was like and the little he has told them, always makes her cry. And it always makes Angel brood and leave to kill something, Buffy right by his side. “Nothing’s going on, they’re just upset.”

“Oh.” Connor grunts, patting both girls’ backs. “It’s okay. We’re not going to be attacked.”

“No need to sound so disappointed by that, Con.” Katie says, giggling a little at his sulking tone. “I’m sure we’ll be attacked sometime.”

“You think?” Connor replies hopefully.

“You want to be attacked?” Harry questions in disbelief.

“Connor’s never happier than he is when something’s trying to kill him.” Dawn explains.

“Just stay around me.” Harry mutters. “It’ll happen.”

Connor looks at his roommate with an excited grin. “You are attacked often?”

“Yes.” Most of the room replies.

“See, Con, there’s an upside to having to room with them.” Dawn points out. “With the big bad out to get Harry, you’ll be right in the middle of whatever tries to off him next.”

“Cool.” Connor replies happily.

“Okay, enough talks about being attacked.” Willow cuts in. “And I believe it’s break time. So, if you all wanna go to the bathroom or whatever, you’ve got 10 minutes.”

The students jump up and scamper quickly out of the classroom, leaving only the professors and the guards.

Willow walks quietly around the room, returning the desks to their natural places with a quick flick of her wrist.

“I see that you’re not still having problems with your magic.” Dumbledore comments as they watch her.

“Yeah, it’s all just a matter of concentration.” Willow agrees. “Plus, I realized I don’t have to use quite as much power or struggle quite as much with control here.”

“I thought that was a factor with your..mishap.” Dumbledore replies.

“Mishap?” Willow snorts. “I turned an entire table of objects into mice and then froze like 20 people. That’s not a mishap; that’s chaos.”

“Very true.” Dumbledore agrees with a chuckle. “Now, I believe the rest of us have jobs we need to be getting back to.”

“Bye.” Willow says, waving cheerfully at everyone as they leave the room.

Severus rolls his eyes at the redhead’s perkiness. She’s annoying. She’s too bloody cheerful and her use of the English language is completely abusive. Not to mention the fact that she has almost no understanding of real magic and she doesn’t seem to fear him in the least. He scowls when he realizes he’s been thinking about her for the past few minutes. Storming into his classroom, he starts to prepare for his first class of the year, berating himself for spending his free period watching her instead of getting ready for his day.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Mar 06.

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