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Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts

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Summary: Katie Bell, after learning the family she never thought she belonged to isn't her real one, leaves Hogwarts, only to return with a new last name, some new friends and a whole different outlook on life.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)sevangelFR15628,17474622,7578 Aug 0515 Mar 06No

Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts

Disclamer: I don't own either Harry Potter nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. HP belongs to J. K. Rowling and Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Co.

FYI: I started this story long before I read HBP. It takes place after O of P. Buffy and Angel takes place a few years after season 6 (Buffy) 3 (Angel) but with some of the events from later seasons. Buffy did die and come back but she never slept with Spike. They are friends nothing more. Connor was born and kidnapped by Wes but no Angel/Cordy or Connor/Cordy relationships. Tara did die and Willow did go all vien-y. The first didn't happen nor did the whole Cordy higher being thing. Angel and Buffy are together but they are not a main pairing of this story so it will just be a background thing. Any other changes will be explained in the story

There is a story (Are you a Bell or a Giles) that this may seem to be like but I have read it and apart from Katie being Gile's daughter and it being a Katie/Marcus Flint pairing they are nothing alike. But it is where I got the idea for Katie belonging to Giles from so I have to give mema thanks. So thanks for the cool Giles daughter idea.

Please enjoy.


“Mr. Flint, Mr. Wood, thank you for coming on such short notice.” Professor Dumbledore said. “Please, have a seat.” With a wave of his hand two chairs pulled themselves out for them the sit in. “I’m sure you remember Professors Snape, Lupin, and McGonagall.”

The boys nodded at the three. “Professor, we would like to know why you have asked for us. There are aurors with loads more experience. We barely just graduated.” Flint asked getting straight to the heart of the matter.

“The school needs more protection then we teachers can provide. It needs someone to patrol during classes when it is impossible for us to do so. We also need more help patrolling after hours.” Dumbledore explained.

“We understand and agree with that, but Flint was right, why us? We do lack field experience.” Wood questions.

“Yes, that is quite true. But where as some have more experience, you two are young enough to remember this is still a school. I do not want the students to feel as though they are in a prison. No, the school must run as normal as possible considering the circumstances. I think you two will ensure that happens.” Dumbledore answers, not even waiting for their response. “Very good. I have taken the liberty of getting a set of rooms ready for you. They are located right outside of the great hall behind the picture of the founding wizards. The password is cricket cluster, which you two will have to change once you get inside. I ask that you tell no one except the four of us in this room the new password. Do you have any questions?”

“We never said we would take the job. Besides that we need permission from Kinglsey.” Flint answers, hardly believing what Dumbledore said. He could understand Dumbledore trusting Oliver but couldn’t see how he would trust him. When he was a student here, he was nothing but a self righteous, pure blood git. It took befriending a gryffindor and having his father try to kill him, to realize what he was becoming. He may be somewhat poorer, family-less, and have his name on the top of Voldermort's death list, but he was more content now then he had ever been.

“I have already talked to Minister Fudge and he as agreed to have you two assigned to the school. If there are no more questions, I have an appointment that I cannot be a late for. There will be a meeting for the facility tomorrow night in which you two will need to attend. I will be introducing the new Defense against the Dark Arts professors.” The last statement made both Lupin and Snape glance in his direction.

“Professors?” Snape questions.

“Why, yes Severus. I have found the need for co-professors. But I will explain fully once I have convinced them both. So if you will excuse me, I must be going.” Everyone followed Dumbledore out of his office and down the hallway. As they reached the doorway Wood stopped him.

“Professor, I was wondering if you have heard anything about Katie Bell? Will she be returning this year?” Oliver questioned. Katie had left Hogwarts suddenly at the end of her 6th year and never returned for her 7th. He had only gotten one letter from his friend, just her assuring him that she was okay. As far as he knew, no one had heard from her in over a year.

“Yes, Mr. Wood, is it okay if I call you Oliver?” Dumbledore replies, seeing Oliver nod. “I have been in contact with her father and she is doing fine. That is all I can tell you at this time.” Turning, Dumbledore opened the doors and headed out of the school. The young men nodded towards their former professors then made their way to the room Albus indicated was now theirs.


“Cricket Cluster” Marcus said coming up to the picture of the founding wizards. The picture sprung open and they entered. The first room was a sitting room, about the 1/4th the size of a normal house common room. Off to the right was a bedchamber with a serpent on the door and the door on the right had a lion on it. Directly across from the entrance was a bathroom. When they opened the bedroom doors, they were somewhat shocked to see the rooms were exactly like the ones in the flat they shared. All their belongs were there, right down to the Playboy magazine Marcus had left on his floor. How Marcus got a hold of the muggle magazine was beyond Oliver. He bent down to pick it up and laughed when he say all the “good parts” had been magically blacked out.

“What’s so bloody funny?” Marcus questioned his best friend. Well actually the only true friend Marcus had ever had. He jerked the magazine out of Oliver hands with a sneer. “What the bloody hell happened? You have to be kidding me. Who the hell messed up my favorite issue?” He moved over to the night table next to his bed and opened the bottom drawer. Pulling out the other issues he started throwing them and cussing something fierce. “Every bloody copy. What happened?”

“Protection spell.” A voice rang from behind them. Pulling out their wands and spinning fast, they came face to face with two of their ex-professors. “Bloody hell, could you two not do that?” Wood says putting his wand away and watching Marcus do the same.

“What do you mean by protection spell. What the hell is it supposed to be protecting?” Flint said still pissed about his magazines.

“Watch your tongue, Mr. Flint.” Severus scolded.

“With all due respect Professor. I am no longer a student and I think I am old enough to chose what language I use. Also, I think you should call us by our first names. This whole Mr. thing is making me feel like I’m 11 again.” Marcus sneered back.

“I agree, Marcus. You two are no longer children and you shouldn’t be treated as such.” Remus answered for Severus. “The protection spell I am referring to is some kind of charm on the school. I don’t fully understand how is works, but any material that can be seen as inappropriate, such as those magazines on the floor, will be magically edited.”

“Alright, so you’re saying that a student can go to the library and borrow books that can teach you hundreds of different ways to torture and kill a person. But they can’t look at naked people?” Oliver questions. “That seems wrong in some way.”

“How did you know this Remus?” Flint asked the werewolf. When Marcus had him as a professor, he thought he was the best DADA teacher he had ever had. When it was found out Lupin was a werewolf, Marcus had acted as most of his “friends” had. With fear and hatred. But now that he looked back on what he had learned and some of the people he had met through his father, he is coming to realize a person’s background and blood doesn’t make them who they are. It’s their choices. He can honestly say Remus Lupin is one of the kindest and good wizards that Marcus had ever met.

“Ummm….when I was a student, I think 6th year, Sirius and James brought a couple old copies of the same magazine in. Needless to say they were extremely upset when the more interesting parts were blacked out.” Remus said turning a little pink in the cheeks. “Professor Dumbledore explained when I asked him after I graduated. It was a very uncomfortable conversation to say the least.”

“How is Sirius, by the way? I read in the Prophet that Harry, Ron, and Hermione somehow got him back from the veil. Naturally I figured some of that, if not all of that was made up by the prophet.” Oliver questions.

“Actually, most of the story was accurate. The only part that was wrong, or more actually left out, was Mr. Malfoy’s place in the events.” Snape answered.

“Malfoy, as in Draco Malfoy. He had something to do with Black’s return.” Marcus said, shock flooding his face. He just couldn’t understand how his former housemate would have anything to do with the “golden trio” unless it was trying to curse them.

“Yes, Mr. Malfoy assisted in the spell. Actually he was the main ingredient, if you will.” Remus answered back himself still not fully grasping his former students role in his best friend’s return. “The spell Miss Granger found called for someone of his blood line to participate in it. Mr. Malfoy overheard them and volunteered to be the family member. Since there were no other people with the Black family blood that would ever help bring him back, they had to accept his help.”

“That had to have been hilarious to see. I wonder if they had their wands drawn the entire time they were in the room together.” Oliver said picturing the enemies trying to work together. “What even motivated Draco to help them?”

“Draco never told anyone why, I’m not ever sure if he really knows why himself.” Severus answered. “I didn’t even know that he knew he was related to Black. You two can’t tell anyone he helped with the spell. Potter did the interview with the prophet so he could control what they reported. No one outside of those who participated, a few members of the order, and now you two know he was there, or that the spell required a family member. Potter lied and said he used a very dark spell to get Black back. If certain people were to become aware of the fact that Draco helped Potter, it could end very bad for him.” Severus, though he didn’t want to, had to respect Potter for covering for Draco. Potter called a lot of negative attention to himself with the black spell he claimed to use. The prophet took to calling him the next dark wizard. He didn’t have to cover for Malfoy, but did so to keep the boy from getting killed.

“Marcus, I need to speak to you about something, in private, if you will.” Severus said pointing towards the common room.

“Severus, anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Oliver. We don’t keep secrets from each other. Remus can stay too, I trust nothing you tell him will go any further than this room, right?” Marcus looked toward Remus, who nodded his answer.

“Very well then.” Severus answered back, a little in shock with the loyalty Marcus was showing Wood. He knew they were partners, never would have thought they were such good friends. “I would like you to talk to Malfoy, Parkinson, and Zabini. There is a certain event that will happen after they graduate. They need to know they have a choice.”

“Dark mark.” Marcus answered back.

“Yes. I believe that they don’t want to take it anymore than you did after you left here. They need to know there are other options.” Severus agreed. He knew he was taking a risk telling Flint this, giving him the opportunity to realize he wasn’t a devoted death eater. But this was more important. The three Slytherin’s were facing a decision that would change their entire future. He knew none of them really wanted to be a death eater, they didn’t have it in them to follow Voldermort blindly. But without support and seeing that they can become something else, they may give in to their parents wishes.

“What makes you think they don’t want to take the mark?” Remus questioned, quite shocked by the news. He thought they were if not evil, they were at least extremely devoted to the lifestyle their parents kept.

“Probably the same reason Marcus didn’t want to take the mark.” Oliver answered.

“Yeah, I’ve met their parents, bunch of evil gits.” Marcus agreed.

“Well, there is that, but I wasn’t talking about them. I was talking about the lovely Miss Bell. The real reason you changed your mind about becoming a death eater.” Oliver slid his best friend a grin.

“Shut up, Wood.” Flint said through his newly fixed teeth. During training he got hit with a curse in the face. No real damage except to his teeth, they had to be magically fixed.

“What does Miss Bell have to do with Marcus not taking the mark. As far as I know, they never talked. The only contact they had was when Flint tried to knock her off her broom during quidditch matches.” Severus looked between the two auros, completely confused by Woods statement.

“Come on, you two can’t be that blind. Marcus treated Katie the same way Draco treats Ginny Weasley, Blaise Zabini treats Luna Lovegood, and Pansy Parkinson treats Harry. All that passion masked by hatred.” Oliver explained. “Come on, it’s a Slytherin thing to do, make someone you like think you hate them so they never know how you truly feel. Self preservation.”

“Are you trying to say that Parkinson likes Harry and Draco likes Ginny?” Remus asked completely shocked. He looked towards Severus and saw the same shock on his face. But now that Remus thought about the way the students treated each other, he could compare it to the way Lily treated James. Hiding what she really felt behind a mask of hate.

“Well,” Severus sneered out breaking the silence, “if what Wood said is true, this year should be very entertaining. Now if you will all excuse me, I have class plans to finalize.” With a swirl of black robes, Severus left the room.

“I should get back home. I will see you all tomorrow night.” Remus leaves the room, although less dramatically than Severus.

“I’m going to take a shower then go to bed. See you in the morning Marc.” Oliver starts toward the common room then turns to look back. “I’m changing the password to Katie.” Oliver smirks at his best friend then ducks to miss the book Marcus flings at him.

Dropping back on to his bed, Marcus rubs his eyes, then looks down at all his edited nuddie magazines. “This is going to be a bloody crazy year.” He mutters to himself then closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep dreaming of a certain blonde Gryffindor.

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