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Not Living Anymore

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Summary: Willow is dead... or is she?

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Five weeks ago, two men had been found dead and it was believed they had been tortured before. Then, a third body had been found, a mutilated corpse that had needed dental identification to be identify. At that point, Sunnydale’s police had believe in a serial killer attacking males of around 20 years old. That suggestion had been rejected when the murders suddenly stopped. Not a single tortured or mutilated body had been found, except for the occasionnal corpse with severe neck wounds. But even those were rare.

The mysterious disapearance of a corpse in one of the cemetary was still a complete mystery to the police department. Noone could understand why someone would dig a grave to collect a body buried a year before. What they could not know was that corpse was walking and talking and had buried itself out of the grave.

Willow Ann Rosenberg
She gave life a little touch of magic

Indeed, a magical being she was. She was a Crow, one of the very few to stay in the land of mortals after getting revenge. Eric Draven was the only other one. They lived together in an appartement near a magic shop called The Magic Box. Every night or so, a redhead and a black haired man with both deadly faces painted in black and white could be seen wandering in the local cemetaries, hunting down demons and vampires. More often than not, two blonds would join them, one female and little but kicking ass like a wildcat, the other male and strong needing a spot of violence to satisfy his thrist.

One more thing needed to be done : the complete destruction of a government agency called the Initiative. The two Crows wanted it, the Slayer wanted it out of her way, and one of the Scourge of Europe wanted revenge for the hell it had put him through. It might be dangerous, but in the end, I’m sure they would have come out of it alive, or undead, content with their lives, or unlives, and ready to continue their battle against what goes bump in the night, even for the bleached vampire that was now part of the team.

Who knows what might come across their way, what may cross the Scooby Gang protecting the Hellmouth so fiercely, what might endanger their lives once again, what might die violently when meeting the ferocious protectors of bleeding SunnyHell.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Living Anymore". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking