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Daydreams Made Easy

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Summary: They say dreams are the windows of the soul. Well, Willow gets an eyeful, and a bit, of George's. [Minor HBP spoilers within]

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleySadieFR1812,125142,1979 Aug 059 Aug 05Yes
****This fic contains spoilers from Chapter 6 of Half-Blood Prince****

Title: Daydreams Made Easy
Author: Sadie
Rating: FR18 to be on the safe side
Spoilers: Everything for BtVS and Book 6 for HP
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and JK Rowling own all the recognizable things within.

Summary: They say dreams are the windows of the soul. Well, Willow gets an eyeful, and a bit, of George's.


"Ack! Is that the time?!" Tonks jumped out of her chair, nearly tipping it over, "I'm so sorry! I have to run."

Willow stood, helping Tonks untangle her robes from the table leg. "It's alright. Lunch breaks are only so long."

"Right, right. Will you be alright here or--?"

"I'm good," Willow pulled on her jacket, "George has been pestering me to stop by."

"George? I thought it was Fred who had the crush on you."

"No, Fred's seeing one of Mrs. Malkin's nieces. And George doesn't have a--"

Tonks snorted, "Yeah, and I'm not head over heals for," Tonks broke off, giving her head a shake, "We should get together again soon. Ta!"

Willow left The Leaky Cauldron and strolled down Diagon Alley in search of the Weasley twin's shop. Keeping her eyes focused directly in front of her was the only way she'd be able to bypass all the various stores and make it to the shop before closing. Willow swore every time she came here some new shop had popped out of nowhere. Which, considering, was a definite possibility. It was all very distracting.

Walking into the shop, Willow wasn't terrible surprised to see about a dozen customers milling about. She could only spot one of the twins, and he was busy with a couple. He'd given her a brief nod before going back to his sales.

A display of Barbie pink WonderWitch products caught her attention.

"Does the lady need any help?"

Willow spun around and saw Fred heading her way. "No. Hi, Fred. Is your brother around?"

Fred scooped up a pack of Fever Fudge and was careful to bite it exactly in half, "You seem awfully convinced that I'm Fred."

"Cause I'm right. Last time I was in, George left a very angry customer hanging while he came over to talk to me. You barely even waved."

"Right you are. Want some fudge?" Fred frowned momentarily at the look he received before he shoved the half eaten candy in his pocket, "Course you don't. George should be in the ba--Oy! Not like that! You'll lose a finger!"

Willow shook her head as she watched Fred hurry over to an overly curious customer. Heading towards the back of the store, Willow slipped into the back room and glanced around. George was nowhere to be found. He must be down below grabbing some supplies.

Moving further into the workroom Willow studied the vast assortment of toys and candy in various stages of development. Tables were filled to the brim with a little of everything.

A small, nearly empty table tucked in the back corner caught her eye. Walking up to it she noticed it only contained a single box no bigger than a computer game box. A simple note was tacked to it reading, "Prototype. George's. Touch and suffer dire consequences."

Willow chuckled as she picked up the mostly plain box and read the side panel. Patented Daydream Charm. Tonks had mentioned these to her as being all the rage for the seniors at Hogwarts. Her friend had confessed to using it a couple times herself as a only slightly naughty escape from a dreary day.

Opening the box Willow found the incantation within. Muttering the incantation Willow felt the magic quickly wrap itself around her.

The spell was cast.

Willow blinked her eyes open and found herself in a plush looking bedroom. Pieces of furniture were scattered around the large room, windows were draped in heavy velvets, ridiculously soft and comfy fur throw rugs patchworked across the floor, candles floated midair casting a soft glow over the room and then the bed. The bed was large and was obviously the focal point of the whole room. Before Willow could notice the framework and bedding something else caught her eye.

She blinked again as she found herself in the bedroom.


There, lounging on the bed was a woman that Willow knew all too well. There was no mistaking it, she'd been that person for over 20 years now and was bound to recognize the body. Mind, it was a dressed up a little different than she was used to.

It was *her*.

She was lounging on the bed dressed in the skimpiest of black lingerie, smoky eyes, scarlet lips, mussed hair and the most provocative come hither looks Willow had ever seen.

Willow faintly heard a door open but was transfixed by the sight of herself on the bed. Could she actually look like that? The cleavage was questionable, but then Tonks swore by the wizarding pushup bras. The makeup, outfit and hair though... Willow was pretty sure she would be able to mimic this vixen look if she wanted to outside this daydream.

"George!" Her double cried out happily, eagerly opening her arms.

George strutted up to the bed clad in only a pair of unbuttoned trousers.

Oh my.

Willow barely had time to recover from the sight of herself when she was suddenly bombarded with a nearly nake -- oh my! -- a completely naked vision of George Weasley.


In a state of awed shock, Willow watched George lavish wet kisses she could hear from here over her double's body as he removed the few scraps of material that clung to her body.

Willow had to admit that several times the past month her thoughts had drifted to the man but never in this context. Never.

A loud, feminine moan of "Oh, yes!" finally made her brain connect on the fact that was was standing there watching herself and George Weasley have--

"Harder, you hot, hot--"

Willow whimpered out in mortification. There was some lusty whimpering, but mostly mortification. Hurrying to the door she tried for several long minutes, filled with lots of naughty sounds, to pry it open to no avail. The same went for the windows. Try as she might, she couldn't pull back the drapes.

"That was beautiful, my love. Now I want you up on all fours so I can--"

It was the spell she realized. As intricate and advanced as the spell was, it was only strong enough to provide so much playing field. The bedroom was it for this one.

"Use your fing --- ungh, right there!"

A half hour. Tonks had said these things lasted a half hour. She could handle another fifteen minutes. Willow sat down on a nearby seatee. All she had to do was close her eyes, cover her ears and hum loudly.

"Oh god, you stallion!"

Hum very loudly. What was that new song by that Idol girl?

"A little wider Willow. Mm, good girl. A little harder. Now use your tongue."

But this was a prototype. What...what if... What if it hadn't been finished? What if it just went on forever? It had said 'suffer dire consequences'.

"Such a good, good girl. Deeper. You have to suck--"

Why had she stopped humming? She should be humming. Just pick a song and...and why couldn't she think of a song?!

"Mm, George, harder."

Why hadn't she she paid more attention? There had to be some incantation to turn the dream off. It was George's prototype, he was thorough like that, he would have put an end spell catch on this daydream.

Willow's eyes opened, her hands dropped from her ears and she stopped humming.

"Willow...almost there. Beautiful, so, so beautiful."

This was George's prototype that he didn't want anyone touching. Which meant...

"Oh, George. Love you, love you, love you."

This was George's handmade daydream.


Willow blushed deeply as she tried to ignore the loud cried of passion behind her. Oh. She knew there had been likeage between the two of them but she hadn't realized...


The magic of the daydream spell, that had been wrapped around her like a blanket, was harshly ripped from her.

"Oh Merlin..."

Willow stumbled forward with the hasty removal of the daydream. It was odd to go from sitting to standing in a snap. Her hands shot out in front of her and she grabbed hold of -- of a solid man body. A man body that belonged to, "G-George!" she finally managed to squeak out.

"I--oh Merlin..."

And for the first time in three months Willow witnessed a Weasley twin struck silent. The silence wasn't about to last for long however.

"It's not mine! Fred's! It's Fred's!"

"Oh?" Right, Willow could do this. George looked embarrassed enough for the both of them, "Because the woman, who looked suspiciously like me and even shared the same name, was mostly crying out 'George, George, George!'"

George chocked a cough out as his cheeks continued flaming. "Well..."

"Plus there was the whole label with 'George's stuff, don't touch'."

He gave a quiet whimper, yet continued grasping at straws. "It was a prototype..."

"A naughty prototype."

"Erm, y-yeah. Some of our older cliental were mentioning interest in daydreams that were slightly more adult and--"

"It was very adult."

"I've just looked, I haven't used," George cut himself off, a resigned look on his face that said he realized there was no way else for this to get anymore embarrassing than it always was. "Ok, I have used it and--"

"Used it?" Willow couldn't help but question. George's face told her all. "Oh. OH!" And now she was blushing as hard as he was. "That explains the comfy seats," Willow muttered and the tissue box. Topic change! "How come you can sit down? I always thought you'd just be able to view a daydream."

"Uh, I still haven't worked that kink out. I've been--"

"Distracted? It was a very distracting kind of thing."

"Yeah... I'm," George hunched forward, his hands buried deep in his pockets, "I'm sorry you had to find out like that. It was nice knowing you and I'm sorry we weren't able to get to know each other proper like before I managed to scare you off. Usually--"

"It's alright," Willow hastily corrected herself, "Well not completely alright because that was, y'know... But I wouldn't mind getting to know you a bit better."


"I'm still willing to stick around a bit so we can know each other proper. I can't promise you *that* anytime soon but I'm free Saturday night if you'd like to try a date."

George's eyes widened, "You'd still -- even after that?" He jerked his thumb behind him.

"I'd still because of that. I'm a little impressed and intrigued, stallion," Willow ducked her head, knowing she was blushing again. She could be coy and flirt, but only at a price.

"I... Saturday sounds great! I'll owl you with details as soon as I can think coherently enough."

"Great. Um, bye then!" Willow waved and went to leave. She paused and gave in to a quick impulse. Leaning up, she pressed a brief kiss on the corner of George's mouth before hurrying away.

George stood in the center of the room, his hand on the damp imprint on his mouth and stared after Willow. He'd just experienced what was no doubt the most embarrassing moment of his life where, on top of Willow finding out he'd fancied her for a while and made a daydream charm of the two, he'd admitted, in not as many words, to using the very adult daydream for personal 'recreational' use. Yet most embarrassing and one of the best were one in the same.

Fred poked his head in, "Everything all right? Your Miss Willow looked a bit," Fred noticed his brother was rather red in the face as well, and he was holding his daydream box, "No! She caught you using your," Fred made a lewd hand motion and got the box lobbed at his head.

"Shut it!" George scowled, wondering if his blush was ever going to wear off. "No, she, uh, accidently used it," George's face brightened, "And she asked me out!"

"You showed her what a pervert you were and she asked you out?" Fred shook his head, "Nutters. And here I thought Ickle Ronnikins had luck with all the crazies."

George just ignored him, "I'm not going to be in on Saturday. You should owl Verity in for the -- I have to make reservations! Should I buy some new robes?"

Fred crouched down and picked the box up, "Now that you're dating Willow, can I have this?" Fred barely saw it coming, "Omph! Oy, geddoff! I was just having you on!"

"You were not!"

"Well it's not like you're going to need it anymore! You bare a faint resemblance to me, all I'd have to tweak is -- ow. Ow! That's my good eye!"


The End

You have reached the end of "Daydreams Made Easy". This story is complete.

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