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Time for an Exchange

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Summary: A new series of mini's based around the Ministry of Magic implementing a work experience programme for the sixth and seventh years within supernatural 'companies'. WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOOK 6 - HALF-BLOOD PRINCE

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Time for an Exchange

Watchers. Go Figure. (Hermione/Faith Friendship)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Faith is owned by Joss Whedon and Hermione is owned by J.K Rowling


Timeline: HP: After Book 6. ANGEL: After Origin (I don't know whether I'm going to manip the whole Fred/Illyria thing.) BUFFY: After Season 7

Series: A new series of mini's based around the Ministry of Magic implementing a work experience programme for the sixth and seventh years within supernatural 'companies'.

Summary: Hermione and Faith take a patrol over the Cleveland Hellmouth.

Hermione was beginning to suspect that this wasn't a good idea.


She ducked as another body was thrown over her head causing her to whip out her wand and throw a fire curse at the vampire.

"Damn 'Moine. Weren't we going to try without the mojo tonight?"

"Sorry Faith."

She pulled the slayer to her feet.

"Nice hex though book-girl. Have to get you to teach me that one."

"Do you do magic?"

"Nah could do with a wand though. Don't seem to dust when you stake a vamp with 'em."

"Well, you can't get one from Ollivander’s. It vanished from Diagon Alley a while ago. I'll look into it."

"You'd make one hell of a watcher ya'know."

"That's why they sent me here while everyone else got to learn about the importance of research and other fronts for supernatural industry. Did you know that there's a law firm run by a vampire?"


"That's him."

"He's my sponsor."

Hermione blinked at the brunette slayer. "Sponsor. How does that work?"

"Well he tells me how great I'm doin' at the not killin' and I don't jump him or his son."

"His son's a vampire? Can vampires have children?"

"Connor's a normal kid except the whole superpowers thing. Don't go all gooey eyed on me witch."

The witch shook herself and looked back at the slayer as they continued through the graveyard. "So this is the 'Mouth of Hell'?"

"One of many."

"How many?"


"Yes, but how many?"

"Don't know the details. Just sent to 'em to keep the ol' bumpies under control 'til we can close it."

"So there are others?"

"Probably. What you thinkin'?"

"You know the wizarding world is having a problem with V-V-V-V.."

"Crap bushy, say the damn mojo-man's name. Voldemort. Thought we got past that."

Hermione glared at the slayer and pointed. "I was trying to point out that there is a gang of vampires there."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Y'know I can say that evil wizards name."

"Go on then."

"Shouldn't we be slaying?"

"Nah. We'll give 'em a head start. Go on say it."

Hermione straightened her shoulders and looked the slayer in the eye. "Voldemort."

"Nice job Bushy." She grinned reaching behind the bushy-haired witch, grabbing her wand. "Now this is so you don't cheat."

Hermione looked back at the slayer and down to the stake that had been placed in her hands. "Fine. But if I die, I'm haunting you."

"Deal. Haunt the redhead guy too. I'd love to see him pee himself when you floated through a wall."

Hermione grinned. "I'd do that for free. Poor 'Won-Won."

"Great Godric."

"Damn Bushy. Swear properly. Damn, shit, crap. No darn or nothin'."

"I'm not allowed."

"A vamp has you in a headlock. I'm gettin' the message it's five by five."

"What's that all about?"

"Which part?"

"Well truthfully all of it."

"Let's save ourselves first ask stupid questions later. Remember what I taught you about the flipping?"


"Well do it."

"Goodbye vampire. Hello neckwound and imminent death"


Hermione flipped the vampire and thrust the stake into his heart, only to find that Faith had dispatched the rest of the group. "Nice staking."

"That's it?"

"Nothing to it is there."

"I expected more violence."

"Nah. Just a group of stupid newbies tonight. Now tomorrow there's the buzzin' of human sacrifice. You in?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Faith threw her arm round the younger girl. "That's the 'tude girl. 'Course they'll be hours of tedious research first."


Faith grinned as a relieved and slightly dreamy look passed over Hermione’s face. "Yep, you'd make one hell of a watcher.”

“So how come there are so many graveyards in this town?”


“Is that the answer to a everything?”

“Pretty much. Neat huh.”

“Certainly different. I mean Hogwarts was mystical but this place…”

“Yeah Bushy ‘bout the whole mojo thing. We may have hit a slight hitch.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow at the slayer as they crossed through another graveyard. “Hitch?”

“Tiny. Insignificant really.”


“I slayed your wand.”

“How can you slay a wand?”

“It dusted. Sorry.”

“WHAT!? What happened to the whole ‘Wicked stick, won’t dust when I stake a bad-ass vamp yo.’?”

“Well see.. I ‘er … I’ll pay for a new one.”

Hermione looked at the slayer who had retreated slightly within herself. “It’s okay Faith. What use was it to me anyway? I’m starting to understand the Wiccan magic and that’ll be more help to Harry than any stupid piece of wood. Besides I think that…“ She had to stop as her arms were filled with a slayer.

“You so kick-ass y’know?”

“Uh thanks.”

Faith pulled back. “I’m so going to get Giles to get you a replacement but I think that I can help you help Harry too.”

“Am I going to regret asking how?”

The slayer smirked. “How’d you feel about headlocks and ‘cuffs?” Hermione blushed causing Faith to widen her smirk. “Yo Bushy, you and the redhead are wicked kinky. I meant the big-bad.”

“Well… You see.. we aren’t .. we never.”

“Scratch that Bushy. I can help you with two things now.”

“If I didn’t think of regretting the first time, I know I’m going to regret the second.”

“C’mon let’s go home. Robin will be having a doozy if we’re late. He’s kinda weird with the little things.”

“Like safety.”

“For example.”

“Yet he lets the three of you patrol on a Hellmouth nightly.”

“Watchers. Go figure.”

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