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Summary: She knows what she wants, and she intends to get it; Ginny Weasley has never been one to back down from a challenge.

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Title: Retribution

Author: Emmy

Fandoms: BtVS/HP

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: I own nothing and seek no profit from the story. No copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: She knows what she wants, and she intends to get it; Ginny Weasley has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Warnings: Character Death. Dark themes and violence.

Distribution: Emerald Illusions, Twisting the Hellmouth, Twisted Shorts at LJ. All others please ask first.

Feedback: Yes, please. This is a bit different for me.

Notes: Written for Twisted Shorts August fic-a-day event.

Thanks to Shannon for the beta!


She had never known anger like this before. Part of her knew that this was what absolute rage must feel like; all consuming, fiery pain and anger flooding her senses. It did not show outwardly, though. She did not let any emotions play upon her face. Not anymore. To the rest of the wizarding world, Ginny Weasley looked like a shell-shocked young woman.

Shock. They thought she was in shock. Even the people -- friends -- she'd known her entire life looked at her as though her expressionless, seemingly unfeeling response to the destruction of her family was due to shock. Did they not know her at all? Had they ever? Could they not see how angry she was? She was livid. Why couldn't they see that?

And she wanted revenge.

Need for it, for sweet revenge, rushed through her veins now like blood. She needed to make them pay, the ones who tore apart her life. She needed to see them all dead, just like they had seen her family. Her entire family. Voldemort and his Death Eaters had not spared anyone except her. Not even Percy, one of his own followers. Only her. It seemed that the self-proclaimed Dark Lord wanted her to suffer a bit longer before he finished the job. Or so the message he had left for her said.

Know that I can come for you anytime, Ginevra.

She was not scared, though. Fear was his intent, she knew, but she was not afraid of him any longer. She would see him suffer. She would see him shaking, begging for her to end his useless life before she was done with him. She would have her revenge, some way and somehow.

"Yes, you will," a voice said from the shadows of the room. "And vengeance will be a reward in and of itself."

Ginny's eyes scanned the room in silence. Had she been speaking out loud? Who was in her room? How had . . . he gotten in without her hearing? Her eyes widened as a creature (because there was no other way to describe him) stepped out of the shadows and into the light. He had horns, and his skin was slightly blue tinted. He wore robes not much different from her own, and Ginny could not help but take a step closer to him. She was very drawn to him. It was like he was calling to a part of her soul, when all he had done since stepping into the light was look at her.

"Who are you?" she asked, her voice soft.

"My name is D'Hoffryn, child. I am a vengeance demon."


"That's right."

She blinked. "Why are you here?"

"To help you, of course. To assist you on your quest for revenge."

She should have been horrified. She knew that. There was a demon in her bedroom and he was offering to help her. Ginny knew she should run off to find Harry. Hermione. Anyone. Someone to tell her once again that Voldemort would get what was coming to him eventually. Eventually. She did not want eventually. She wanted now.

She gazed at the demon, at D'Hoffryn. "How? How can you help me?"

He smiled then. Actually smiled. "I could give you a new world. I could grant the wish of your choice, whatever your little heart desires. Or . . ."

"Or?" she prompted.

"I could give you endless possibilities. Endless vengeance. Countless ways to make them pay. You could have the world . . . this one and others . . . at your fingertips, at your mercy. And they would pay, all of them. Oh, how they would pay."

She swallowed hard. "How? How would you do that?"

"Say yes," he whispered. "Say yes, and I will make you like me. Greatness would be yours."

He was offering her the chance to become a demon. A vengeance demon like him. Hundreds of reasons she should scream 'no' before running from the room floated through her mind. She knew she should tell him no. Other reasons, however, were also there. Reasons she should tell him 'yes', bright, shining reasons that burned within her heart.

Mum. Dad. Bill. Charlie. Percy. Fred. George. Ron. Charlie's family. Bill's wife and unborn child. The list could go on and on because of the countless lives her family had touched. Her family had been great. Even Percy, with all his faults, did not deserve to die the way he had. None of them deserved what Voldemort did to them.

Ginny closed her eyes. The people that killed her family needed to pay. They needed to suffer. They needed to be tortured slowly, painfully, until they remembered nothing but the agony she caused them. She opened her eyes and looked directly at D'Hoffryn. There would be no going back. She knew that. But what did she have to return to?

Harry? Harry who couldn't look at her? Harry who tried to reassure her that he would get them, that he would make them pay, when everyone could hear the doubt in his voice? What if he didn't win? What if Voldemort killed him? Who would she have then? Hermione? Luna? They'd be killed quickly, if not sold as slaves for breeding.

Ginny had no doubt what Voldemort's vision of the world would be, what kind of new world he would create. She'd been inside of his head once, in a way, or he had been inside hers. She, above nearly all people, knew exactly what he was capable of. And she could not let him win. Her need for revenge was too powerful to ignore. She would not be ignored. She did not need anyone anymore. She did not love any of them any longer. And if that was a lie, she did not care. She would have her vengeance.

Her gaze never faltered, and the demon held her eyes. Steeling her nerves, Ginny said the word that would change her life -- and Voldemort's -- forever. "Yes."

And D'Hoffryn smiled.

End Fic.

The End

You have reached the end of "Retribution". This story is complete.

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