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Charming Angels: 5. Check Everything Twice.

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Summary: Having a child and becoming a mother can be the most rewarding and thankless task a woman can take on. As for Paige Halliwell, that is intensified by the fact that her new baby son, Connor, is magical in some way, and she doesn’t know how. He could have

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Chapter 6: Cryto left crying.

Chapter 6: Cryto left crying.

“So we summon, we vanquish and then we go to the club?” asked Phoebe, reiterating the plan that she and her sister had just formed.
“Yes. Let’s just hope it goes as easy as it sounds.” Said Paige.
Paige and Phoebe had spent the best part of the morning going over the two spells in the Book of Shadows to get rid of Cryto.
“Phoebes, by the looks of this summoning spell, it sounds as though we’re sorta tricking this guy.”
“How do you mean?”
“See the last line? We invite him into our circle. I think that we’re supposed to make him think that we want to help him out.”
“If by help him out you mean vanquish his sorry ass then okay.”
“Who’s sorry ass are you vanquishing?” asked Angel as he came in to the room holding Connor.
“Cryto’s, hopefully. If these spells work.” Said Phoebe.
“What are you doing with him? He was meant to be asleep.” Said Paige about Connor.
“I know, but he won’t go down. Every time I start to put him in bed he cries. I think he’s scared of demons attacking him in there.”
“Well, bringing him in here is probably not going to help that. We’re about to summon Cryto. Just take him into the kitchen and I’ll try in a minute.”
Angel nodded and left the room.
“Okay, are you ready Phoebes? Phoebes, what’s that matter?”
Phoebe was clutching her chest like she had the day she got her Empathy power.
“Angel. He’s in love.”
“What are you on about-wait Angel’s in love?”
“Yeh.” Said Phoebe, grinning at her sister.
“With me?”
“Oh yeh. You have no idea that rush I got when he came into the room. He adores you, Paige and-oh.” Said Phoebe, grabbing her chest again.
“You’re heart skipped a beat and I felt it. You’re in love with him too! Ah, this is so exciting!
“Wow, Phoebe. That power really rocks.”
“It does, huh? Oh I am so glad about you and Angel being back together, you are back together right? This isn’t one of those times that I assume something and you yell at me for assuming it, is it?”
“No. And yes we are back together.” Said Paige.
“Really? Seriously?”
Paige nodded.
“Agh! I am so happy for you two! Now, about last night. I know you two got up to something.”
“You. Angel. Last night. Dish.”
“It was nice…well, it was wonderful. Except we had a few…problems.”
“Problems? What problems?”
“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve…you know, and I kinda kept…freezing him.”
“It was an accident…the first time.”
“Well, at what point during the process did you freeze him?”
Paige laughed and turned away.
“Hello!” said Phoebe.
“Okay Phoebes.” Said Paige with a grin. “Let’s vanquish this demon, alright?
Phoebe held up her hands.
“Okay, okay. Do you remember the summoning spell?”
“Yeh, we’ve only been learning it all day. Let’s do it.” Paige took her sister’s hand and they began to chant. “We call the demon Cryto. Reach back throughout the ages. Humbled by his power. We invite him into our circle.”
In front of Paige and Phoebe appeared Cryto. He didn’t appear in a gust of wind or anything, there was no warning. He was just there.
“Oh God, Paige, read the vanquish, read the vanquish!” called Phoebe and they started chanting again.
“What witch has done and then undone. Return this spirit back within and separate him from his skin.”
Cryto stood in front of the sisters. He was still there. That’s when they realized that he did look…transparent.
“He’s a ghost, Paige, he’s a ghost!” Phoebe yelled
“I know, what do we do?” Paige asked.
“I dunno.”
Cryto made a sort of grunting noise before advancing on the sisters. Paige through up her hands to blow him up, and that’s what happened. He blew into a million ghostly pieces.
“Wow, well done Paige.” Said Phoebe.
“Thanks, but he’s not gone.” Said Paige.
“What do you mean?”
“He’s a ghost, Phoebes. Ghosts can’t die from our powers. More than likely, Cryto reappeared somewhere else. I just separated his particles, but ghosts can reform them; demons and humans can’t.”
“So what do we do now?”
“Well…we know the summoning spell works. And if Cryto is a ghost, that means he’s looking for another victim to get a body. Since he attacked Connor last night, he’ll probably be after him. There’s a spell in here to vanquish an evil spirit. We could add some powerful ingredients to make it stronger and see where we get, okay?”
“Yeh, okay.”
“What are you doing now?”
“I am going to hit the web and the paper and find a job. I am determined to find one today.”
“Great, what have you decided to do?”
“No idea. I figure I’ll find it when I find it.”
“Good plan. Well, I’m taking Connor to the mall to get him some new clothes. He’s growing out of the ones he has so quickly.”
“I know, he’s getting so big so fast.”
“Hello ladies.” Leo’s voice rand as he orbed into The Manor.
“Leo!” said Phoebe, rushing to greet her husband. “You took a while, was everything okay?” she asked
“Yeh, fine. The Elders just wanted updates and what’s been happening and I guess I lost track of time.” Said Leo.
“So, what did you find out about that bubble shield thing that Phoebe saw?” asked Paige.
“She was right, it is Connor’s power. Quite an individual one at that. The Elders haven’t seen it before. Protection powers usually emit from the hands, but Connor is a different baby.” Said Leo.
“You got that right.” Said Angel, coming back into the room with Connor. Paige went over and took her baby from him.
“Did they give us any clue on how he’ll use it?” asked Phoebe.
“Well, like all of your powers, he’ll use it to protect himself. That’s what a force field does. Plus, it will protect anyone inside it so it’s like extra safety for you guys.” Said Leo.
“That is so cool.” Said Phoebe. “My little nephew as a power of his very own.” Phoebe advanced on her sister and took the baby out of her hands and began fussing all over him.
“Phoebes? I believe that you were saying that you wanted to look for a job today?” said Paige, arms outstretched to take her son.
“Oh…yeh. Sorry.” Phoebe handed Connor back to her sister then turned to Leo. “Where are you off to now? Because I am going to be job hunting here for a while.”
“I didn’t really have anywhere to be right now, so I guess I’ll be here.” Said Leo.
Paige put Connor in his car seat and picked up her handbag.
“Wait, where are you going?” asked Angel.
“Shopping. Remember? I told you last night that Connor needs new clothes.” Paige said.
“Yes, you did. Right. Sorry.”
“That’s okay. Oh, and before I forget. Angel, do you think that you could go down to the club for me? I left some accounting books in there that I need to figure out how much money we’ve spent and what we have left.”
“Can’t you go after shopping?” asked Phoebe.
“I’m going to stop in at the hotel. You know that ghost potion we need? Well, I have a copy here in my bag and Fred will be able to help me get some stronger ingredients to make it work better.”
“Okay, sure I’ll stop at the club.” Said Angel, walking Paige to the door. Before Paige left, she turned to kiss Angel good-bye.
“Drive safe.” He called after her.
“I will.” She called back.

* * *

“No, no this can’t be right.” Wesley mumbled. He was at a desk in the library looking through some parchments that he had got a hold of that had prophecies written on them. Prophecies that would determine the world’s outcome. Usually, he was able to decode them and the gang would stop them from happening. But this particular prophecy had him puzzled. “No, this is wrong. Wesley read it again.” He said to himself.
“You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of craziness.” Said Spike from across the room. “What’s got you all nuts anyway?”
“Nothing, nothing. It’s just…this prophecy. I must have decoded it wrong because it can’t be true. I mean, it just can’t. But if it is, we have a serious problem on our hands.”
“What kind of problem? What’s the prophecy say?”
“Well, you know how this particular batch of prophecies is supposed to be about Angel and his past and future and that?”
Spike nodded.
“Well, I found this particular sentence and…it just can’t be right.”
“Dammit, Wesley, what does it say?”
“The father will kill the son.”

The End

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