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Charming Angels: 5. Check Everything Twice.

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Summary: Having a child and becoming a mother can be the most rewarding and thankless task a woman can take on. As for Paige Halliwell, that is intensified by the fact that her new baby son, Connor, is magical in some way, and she doesn’t know how. He could have

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Chapter 1: Trial and Error

DISCLAIMER – None of the characters are my own creation. The credit of them belongs to Joss Whedon and Constance Burge. As well as all the writers and creators of Charmed and Angel.

Charming Angels

By Katrina Pekin

Note: The character of Paige in this story was written as though she was Piper. I picture Holly Marie as I am writing for Paige. She is the middle sister in the family, or was until Prue died. I changed it because I thought Piper and Leo should be together and I didn't want to use her name in this fan fic.

Summary: Having a child and becoming a mother can be the most rewarding and thankless task a woman can take on. As for Paige Halliwell, that is intensified by the fact that her new baby son, Connor, is magical in some way, and she doesn’t know how. He could have magical powers, or be super-strong like Angel, she has no idea. Angel and Paige are completely clueless on how to care for their son, and constant know-it-all attitudes from Phoebe and Fred aren’t helping. As well as caring for this new life, the gang still has to fight all the evil hanging around that still want to steal baby Connor. Then Wesley does something undeniable, unforgivable and absolutely astounding that will cause Paige to lose another love of her life.

The fifth part of this series is called:

Check Everything Twice

Chapter 1: Trial and error.

“What else can I do? I’ve fed you, changed you, rocked you, sung to you, and bathed you. What more is there? I pick you up, you cry, I put you down you cry, little man just let me know what you want!” Paige Halliwell said to her son, Connor. He had been crying for almost an hour straight and she had no idea how to make him stop.

“Maybe we should take him for a walk?” said Angel, who was resting his head sleepily in his arms at the dining table in The Manor.

“Outside? At night? Angel, are you crazy? Evil is just waiting for that opportunity to try and grab him. He’s safer in the house.” Said Paige.

“Unfortunately, my ears aren’t.” said Phoebe Halliwell as she came down the stairs.

“Phoebe, I’m sorry, did we wake you?” asked Paige.

“Kinda, but I don’t mind because I love my little, itty-bitty, little, gorgeous nephew don’t I?” said Phoebe walking to her sister and taking Connor into her arms. She just began rocking him slowly and walked around the room and he calmed down.

“Wow, Phoebe, how did you do that?” asked Angel.

“Oh, I just have a way. Why don’t you two go to bed, I can stay up with him.”

“No, Phoebe, it’s too early in the morning for that. You go back to bed, you have to meet the contractors and the club, remember?”

“Wow, how long have you guys been up? It’s almost six; my alarm went off just after I got out of bed. Go to sleep!” She directed her sister and her boyfriend up to their rooms.

“Phoebe, wake us when you leave, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not meeting the contractors until eleven, I have plenty of time. Since the store Phoebe used to work at, Love & Light, burnt to the ground after a nasty demon attack, Phoebe and Paige had wondered what they were going to turn it into. The woman who owned the store, Leena, had perished in the fire and left the store to Phoebe. She and Paige were planning on turning it into a diner or café seeing as Paige was a great cook and loved food. But then Paige had another idea, she wanted to turn it into a club. A nightclub, her very own. With her own bar, own chairs and tables, everything. Phoebe knew that Paige had been trying for ages to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, career wise, and knew that this was it. Her absolute dream. So Phoebe agreed to it. It was actually a great idea. They were going to build a stage and try and get bands to come in and play for them. And everything would be there’s. Paige also decided on the name, P3. It stood for Phoebe, Paige and Prue, they are P3. The actual shell of the club is there, it was now like an empty slate. That’s why Phoebe was meeting with the contractors. They were helping her to put Paige’s dream in to action, and make sure they had no code violations. Paige was so busy with Connor at that moment; she couldn’t do a lot of the work herself. He was almost a month old now, and Paige couldn’t believe how much she loved him. And missed him. She found even when he was sleeping and she was downstairs, she would have this longing to be with him. Angel took it a step further. Whenever he felt like he wanted to see his son, he did. Though he hadn’t officially moved into The Manor, he hadn’t slept anywhere else since Connor was born. He now stayed in Gram’s old room and Paige was back in her room, with her new bed. Even though the nursery was all set for Connor, Paige didn’t like him being in there alone. So she kept the bassinet in her room still so he could be safe. Demons and Warlocks still wanted little Connor. He was still extremely powerful, even though he hadn’t shown any signs of it. When their mother had been pregnant with Phoebe, she had gotten a premonition. Paige was wondering how long it would take for her son to come into his magic. Though it was not long at all until Connor would be Wiccaned, so Phoebe had this theory that his powers may come after that. A Wiccaning is a magical form of Christening. A High Priestess, in the Halliwell’s case this would be Grams, performs a ceremony in which all the past and present relatives of the child are called on to welcome them to the family. This would include the sister’s mother, Patty, and their sister, Prue. They had not seen Prue since the day she died, and Paige knew that it would be hard on her and Phoebe to get through that day. But they were also so excited that they would be seeing their sister and that Connor would be welcomed by her into the family.

“Okay, little man.” Phoebe said to Connor. “What should we do now?” she looked down at her nephew and realized that he has fallen asleep.

“Aw, cute.” Phoebe’s Whitelighter husband. Leo, said as he entered the room, eyeing his wife and the baby. “Where are Angel and Paige?”

“In bed getting some well needed sleep.” Phoebe said leaning in to kiss her husband. “What are you up to today?”

“Well, the Elders think that there is a new evil guy after the baby so I’m going to go up there and see what information there is then bring back to you guys so we can figure out how to kill him off.”

Ever since Connor had been born, every demon in the world had tried to steal him away from the Halliwell’s. He is an extremely powerful being and since he is still a child, can be molded to either good or evil’s side. The gang had fought Bounty Hunters, Dealers, Vampires, and some things they just didn’t have time to figure out what they were. Usually, all it took was one flick of Paige’s exploding power and they were gone, although some did need a spell or potion. Either way, the whole gang was doing as much as they could to keep Connor safe.

“So, what time do you have to go? Will you be able to meet the contractors with me?” asked Phoebe to Leo as she lowered Connor into the car seat on the bench.

“It could take three minutes or it could take three hours. I’ll try to be back, I promise.” Said Leo.

Next to them, Connor gave a small cough and wriggled a bit before settling down.

“He really is adorable.” Said Leo. He looked at his wife. “Did you ever think about us having one?”

“Us? Having one of these?” said Phoebe.

Leo nodded.

“Well, do you want kids? I mean, growing up did you ever see yourself with kids of your own?”

“No, but growing up I didn’t see myself becoming a Whitelighter to sister witches and then marrying one, either.”

Connor stirred again. Phoebe took her husbands hand and led him in to the kitchen.

“Phoebe, wh-”

“Because I don’t want to wake him, he needs to sleep. Okay, Leo; I think that kids are wonderful and I do want to have some one day, but…I don’t know. Now is definitely not the right time. I mean, look how hard it is for all of us to look after one baby. And our kid would be half-witch/half-whitelighter and I don’t know how that would work. Either way, this isn’t something we can just decide.”

“Right, we have to talk about this properly.”

“Exactly.” Said Phoebe, letting herself be wrapped into her husband’s arms.

“PHOEBE!” called Paige’s voice from the lounge room. The room in which Phoebe had just left Connor. Phoebe pulled away from Leo and they both ran into the other room; in time to see Paige blow up two Bounty Hunters that were staring down at Connor in his car seat. Unaware of what had been going on around him, Connor was still sleeping soundly. Paige’s yell for her sister had also been heard by Angel, who came running down the stairs. Paige ran over to her son and tried to check him over without disturbing him. Then she motioned at Leo to watch the baby and grabbed Phoebe, pulling her back in to the kitchen.

“Phoebe, what the hell! Where were you? If I hadn’t come down the stairs, those bastards would have taken my son! What the hell were you doing that was so important that you risked your nephew’s life?” Paige yelled.

“Paige, I am so sorry. I was with him and then Leo came down and we started talking and I had just put Connor down and didn’t want to wake him so I brought Leo in here so he could sleep while we talked.” Phoebe said.

“Why couldn’t you have waited, Phoebe? Leo’s your husband; he lives in our house, sleeps in your bed. It’s not as though you wouldn’t have seen him again.”

“Paige, calm down a little.” Said Angel as he came into the kitchen, putting his hands on Paige’s shoulders.

“No, I won’t Angel.” Paige said, and then she looked at Phoebe. Her tone of voice somewhat calmer. “Look, Phoebe. I know that it’s hard. And I know that we don’t think sometimes. Even I do it. Remember, I went into the shower last week and thought that he’d be safe lying in the cot in my room. If I hadn’t forgotten my towel, that vampire would have got him. But we have to be really careful. He cannot ever be alone.”

“I know, Paige. And I am sorry.”

“I know you are. Look, I’ll take him up to my room with me. Just for a while, okay?”

Phoebe nodded. She hated that her sister didn’t think that she was competent enough to take care of her nephew. But even Phoebe knew that what she had done was stupid. Paige left the kitchen, gave Angel a thankful pat on his chest and went back into the living room to pick up her son.

“She just wants him to be safe, Phoebe.” said Angel. “We all do.”
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