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Apocalyptic Times

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Summary: Short; Xander receives an early morning greeting from a black cat; Artwork included

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Television > Early Edition(Moderator)KaylaShayFR725140133,60822 Aug 0522 Aug 05Yes

Apocalyptic Times

Title: Apocalyptic Times

Author: Kayla Shay

Rating: FR7 (nothing more than what you would have seen in either show)

Type/Genre: Comedy Short; Early Edition Crossover

Setting: Post-Chosen; Any time in Early Edition

Note: This was a little plot bunny that popped in my head over lunch. Please enjoy the additional artwork in chapter 2.

Disclaimer: Do not own Buffy, Early Edition or any characters used.

Xander woke after hearing a thump followed by a cat's meow outside of his Chicago hotel room. Still groggy from the previous night's Demon Slaying 101 course for new slayers, he padded toward the door in his boxers, grabbing a cross on his way. One could never be too cautious.

Peering through the crack in the door, he saw a pair of green eyes attached to a solid black cat looking up at him. The cat moved aside, purring loudly, and revealed a newspaper that had been beneath it. Xander bent to pick up the newspaper and glanced over the headline with his one eye and nearly dropped it. He was staring at the front page of a newspaper titled Apocalyptic Times. As he took in the rest of the details, he noticed that the date was for tomorrow, not today, and splashed across the front page was a headliner stating Buffy Summers, Dead Again.

He skimmed the paragraphs talking about how Buffy would be killed when her current boyfriend, the Immortal, turned on her (an unidentified source was quoted as calling him a 'bloody wanker'). The details of exactly what took place were continued on page 8.

He looked up and down the hall trying to determine who was playing the joke on him. It had to either be Dawn or Andrew but he knew that both of them were in Rome with Buffy. He looked back at down at the purring cat who was currently engrossed in a bath. Even if this paper were true, (A) how did it get there (and what was with the cat), (B) what could he do to stop it, (C) hopefully it was all a dream and soon he would be dreaming about that great looking girl he met at that demon bar and then he would take her to bed and they would engage in the most..... Whoa there, he better start thinking about what to add on to option (B).

Just then his thought's derailed as he heard another loud thump followed by a meow.

Looking around, he saw an orange cat sitting across the hall. Xander kept staring as the door opened to reveal a man slightly older than him with sleep tousled hair and a robe over his boxers. He opened the door all the way, grumbled at the cat, then bent to pick up the paper. As he rose back up, he froze looking first at the black cat and then at Xander. After a few looks at him, the two cats and both papers he seemed to come to a conclusion. With a raised eyebrow and a questioning look, he asked, "You too?"

Xander ran his hand through his hair, looked at the man and then at the cats who had moved to sit next to each other. Then he looked back at the newspaper that held the story of Buffy's death, yet again, and for a brief moment channeled Giles. "Oh good Lord..."

The End
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