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Everybody Needs An Angel - Decisions

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Summary: Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell think that they have finally got a hang of this ‘witch’ business. Witches can save innocents and have lives, right? Wrong…oh, so wrong.

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Chapter Two: The Past Always Comes Back To Haunt You.

Chapter Two: The Past Always Comes Back To Haunt You.

“I could go to the hotel, but Angel might not be there.” Piper said to herself, pacing around the kitchen, absentmindedly wiping a cloth over the already spotless countertops. “But that doesn’t matter if he’s not there. Cos Phoebe’s there.”
“What are you babbling about now?” Prue mumbled, slinking into the kitchen still in her pajamas.
“Hey.” Piper said, surprised. “You’re up. Do you want something, I can make you something? I’ll make you something.” Piper always relied on food.
“Coffee is fine.” Prue mumbled.
“Not fir you, you’re not eating right. If we’re not careful, you’ll turn into Calista Flockhart.”
“Piper, I’m not hungry.” Prue assured her.
“Fine, fine. But tonight you are eating everything I put in front of you.” Piper resolved.
“Where’s Phoebe?” asked Prue.
“At the hotel.” Piper told her.
“Oh, so that’s why you were babbling about Angel.”
“I wasn’t babbling. I was thinking…intensely…and aloud.”
“So, is this all-new, conscious Prue going anywhere?”
“I don’t know I was thinking the Living Room and then maybe back to bed.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. No dice.” Piper said, passing her sister her coffee.
“I’m not leaving the house until you at least have a shower. Look at your hair, please do something with it.”
“Hey, don’t Piper me just cos you’re older. Now, I am telling you what to do and you will do it…please.”
“Fine, just don’t get all Oprah on me.” Prue said with a small smile, standing and taking her coffee into the bathroom.
Feeling she’d done well for a day, Piper picked up her own coffee and continued her personal conversation. “Okay, I can go to the hotel and pretend I’m just picking up Phoebe…”

“You better explain to me what the hell is going on before I call Piper and Prue.” Phoebe said. She was sitting in the foyer of the Hyperion with Gunn, Wesley, Fred and Angel.
“Phoebe, I never wanted you to find out like this.” Angel assured her.
“Seems like you never wanted me to find out. Or Piper and Prue, for that matter.” Phoebe looked at the others. “So you all have a past that isn’t exactly normal?”
“It’s a very, very long story.” Angel said.
“Extremely.” Wesley agreed.
Phoebe raised her eyebrows, crossed her arms and leaned back. She wasn’t going anywhere.
“It’s going to make you think differently of me.” Angel told her.
“Angel? Just tell me.” Phoebe said.
“Okay, here goes. I was born in 1727 in Galway, Ireland. My birth name was Liam. My father was strict and I rebelled. When I was 26, after an argument with my father, I renounced my family and moved out. I was in a pun in a bar brawl when I was found by Darla. When she first approached me, I was easily seduced by her. I was drunk and stupid and I made a mistake. She was a vampire and she bit me. With her bite, I was granted eternal life as a vampire and sired into the historical lineage of The Order Of Aurelius. The head of this "family” was the Master; he was one of the most powerful vampires of the past millennium. He sired Darla when he discovered her in North America's Virginia Colony in 1608, dying from the syphilis she no doubt acquired through her profession as a prostitute. Since I was bitten and assumed dead, my body was laid to rest by my family. That night, I was resurrected and Darla was waiting for me by my tombstone. My first kill came moments after climbing out of the earth, it was the graveyard caretaker. I headed straight to my family home and killed my family. My little sister, Kathy, and both of my parents. For the next several years I was known as Angelus. Darla and I moved around Europe, maiming and murdering everyone I had ever known and cared for. With Darla, we created destruction through South Wales and Northern Ireland. Then, in 1760, Darla decided it was time for me to meet The Master.
When we got to his lair beneath London, I didn’t like him. I tried to intimidate Him and was disrespecting towards him and it insulted him. Then I gave Darla the invitation to continue living with me in the open air, rather than dwelling with him in a dank subterranean fortress. The Master permitted us freedom out of respect. We continued our violent conquest of Europe, and through Italy, but got stuck in France, in 1765. A vampire hunter named Holtz pursued us across the French countryside with his army. Darla and I hid in a barn and then Darla stole the only horse and left me to be killed, saying that if he made it past Holtz' militia, to meet her in Vienna. For the latter part of the 1700's, we became even more brutal and twisted in our barbarous onslaught. I even took to carving a Christian cross in the left cheek of my victims as a trademark. It was during this period that I sired a man named Penn, who emulated his creator and turned up in modern day as Los Angeles as "The Pope Killer.”
By 1860, I had returned to England with Darla. It was there that she introduced me to Drusilla, a young woman who was gifted with the ability to see the future, like you. I made her my toy, dismantling her sanity. I posed as a priest and told her that visions were the work of Satan, from whom she was spawned, and there was no hope for her soul but to give in to evil and fulfill the Lord's prophecy. Then I went to her home and slaughtered her entire family in front of her. She escaped to a convent and tried to become nun to cleanse her soul but I showed up the day she was to take the veil and killed every nun in the convent. Then I sired her. We went Budapest, among other places, and in 1880 found ourselves back in England butchering mortals in the streets of London. By this time, Drusilla began to thirst for the companionship that Darla and I had and so she found and sired a poet named William and he joined us as a vampire. He became William the Bloody and is known today as Spike.”
“He’s still alive?” asked Phoebe.
“Yes, in Sunnydale, California.” Wesley said.
“What’s there?” asked Phoebe.
“More like who.” Gunn mumbled.
“Huh?” Phoebe asked.
“It comes later in all this.” Angel said, continuing. “After becoming well acquainted with each other, we went to Yorkshire, where we hunted as a pack. Although I was the leader, Spike kept trying to gain notoriety and drew too much attention to the rest of us, and we were forced to move on. By 1898, we arrive in Borsa, Romania. It was on a night during that year that Darla gave me a young Gypsy girl to kill for my birthday. The girl turned out to be the favorite daughter of a Romany tribe called the Kalderash clan; she may have been some kind of princess. Either way, it enraged the tribe and they put a vengeance curse on me which restored my soul and forced me to live in torment over all the people I had killed as a vampire. Darla, Spike and Drusilla attacked the Gypsy camp and slaughtered them all as revenge for what they did to me, hoping it would reverse the curse, but it was too late. When I got my soul back, I ran away from the others.
Even though I no longer had the urge to kill people, I was still in love with Darla and I tracked her down in 1900 in China where she, Spike and Drusilla were feeding on the townspeople. When I met up with her, I hid the fact that I couldn’t kill innocents anymore to please her. I re-joined the others and we left China. It didn’t take long for Darla to realize that I was killing rats and stuff to survive, not people. And the people I had killed in front of her were murderers and the like. Darla wanted to test my love for her by bringing me a baby to feed on as babies are the personification of innocence and all that’s good. I couldn’t do it. I took the baby and jumped from the window, leaving Darla for good.
It was during 1910 that I came here and changed my name to Angel to get away from my past. I became isolated in a way, not wanting to socialize with people or my own kind. In 1920, I lived in Juarez where I met up with and apparently pissed off a demon named Boone. I’d apparently gotten to close to a girl he loved. We fought for three and a half hours and neither of us won.
In 1952, I came here, the Hyperion Hotel. The humans who lived her took a disliking to me and avoided me. While I was here, a Thesulac demon who feeds on paranoia turned the hotel residents into a bloodthirsty mob. They came after me and hung me from a rafter, not knowing I was a vampire and couldn’t be killed that way. I waited until they took off and climbed down, leaving the hotel and San Francisco. I lived in an alleyway in New York where I met a street demon named Whistler. The Powers that Be sent him to send me on a path to redemption. He convinced me to go to California, to Sunnydale, to help a Vampire Slayer named Buffy. We fell in love and then she found out I was a vampire and we realized we could never work. Darla came to Sunnydale wanting to take me back with her and made it look to Buffy like I’d attacker her mother. So she fought me, not believing I didn’t do it. To prove it to her, I killed Darla. Buffy realized that we couldn’t work out and she left this-” Angel opened his shirt and showed Phoebe a burn mark in the shape of a cross on his chest –“as a memento.
Buffy and I tried to stay apart but we were always around each other. We ended up sleeping together on her birthday. Unbeknownst to her and me at the time, the only way to undo the spell that gave me my soul was to experience a moment of pure happiness. That’s what happened with Buffy and me. Then I turned evil again, back to Angelus. Then I started to torture Buffy, killing one of her allies and attacking her friends. One of them, Willow, became a witch and was able to re-cast the gypsy spell and give me back my soul. Then, after I sent a demon after Buffy as Angelus, she had to send me to hell through a portal. The demon was to come out of the portal and it could only be opened and closed with my blood. I ended up being brought back from hell after a hundred of hell’s years, though I don’t know why, and Buffy helped me get back to how I was. Knowing that Buffy and I could never work, I came back to San Francisco, to the Hyperion. I’d been here a while before Wesley showed up on by doorstep. We knew each other from Sunnydale. He and I formed Angel Investigations. We found a new accomplice in Gunn when we saved his sister from vampires. He had already been fighting vampires for years. I met and we befriended Lorne, a anagogic green-skinned demon who runs The Caritas, which is a safe haven for demons. His ability to tell the future has helped us out of more than a few problems, and we still call on him sometimes.”
“He can see the future, like me?” asked Phoebe.
“No exactly, you sing karaoke to him and he can see your future.” Gunn spoke up.
“Lorne led us to his home land of Pylea.” Wesley said. “We not only saved a kingdom, but we came across Fred and brought her back with us.”
“You were trapped on another world?” asked Phoebe.
“Yeh.” Fred said.
“And that’s about it. Now we keep fighting evil from here.” Angel finished.
Phoebe nodded, resting a hand on her chin. She stayed that way for over two minutes before she spoke. She turned to Angel. “So…you’re still a vampire?”
“Yes. But a good vampire.” Angel assured her.
“But I thought vampires needed blood to live?” asked Phoebe.
“They do, I get pig’s blood from a butcher downtown.”
“What about, like, going outside? Does the sun burn you?”
“It can. I can die like any other vampire. A stake through the heart, direct sunlight, beheading. I get around during the day through water and sewer pipes.”
“Can-can you ever turn evil again?”
“If I experience another moment of pure happiness.”
Phoebe nodded, slowly. Then she turned to Gunn. “What’s your story, are you a demon, too?”
“I’m not a demon-” began Angel.
“You’ve talked enough!” Phoebe yelled at him.
“Well, I was, uh, actually in a sort of vampire killing gang for most of my life. My father took off when I was nine and my mum died in a car accident when I was sixteen and my sister Sarah was twelve. I knew that if we went with Social Services, they’d spilt us up. So we took the streets and met up with the vamp-hunting gang. That’s where I ran across Angel after he saved my sister.”
“Well, I’d like to meet her some time.” Phoebe said.
Gunn looked at his hands. “You can’t…she died three years ago. It wasn’t demon related. Living on the streets, you can get involved in things that aren’t about you. She got caught in the crossfire in a rival gang war.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay…well, it’s not, but it spurs me on, you know?”
Phoebe nodded. “What about you?” Phoebe asked Wesley. “Are you really from England?”
“Yes. I was a watcher for a Slayer named Faith.” Wesley said.
“There’s more than one Slayer?” asked Phoebe.
“Oh yes, there are many, all female. But there is always one who is the most powerful and that was Buffy. Then she ended up dying for a few minutes and Faith was called on. Then Buffy was revived and for a while there were two. I was her Watcher, like a guide.”
“What happened to her?” Phoebe asked, wondering why she felt a memory at the name Faith.
“She went a bit crazy and then got better and then went to prison to save Angel’s ass.” Gunn told Phoebe.
“Right.” Phoebe said, and then she looked at Fred and raised her eyebrows.
“Oh, me, alright…well. I was born in Texas with both of my parents and then I decided to move here to work on my science and stuff. I was in the library when I found this ancient book on old spells and incantations in a funny language. F.Y.I.? Don’t read aloud from a book you can’t understand. I wound up in Pylea, a demonic hell dimension, as a human slave to a race of mad, green demons. Then Angel saved me and now I work here.” Fred finished.
“Oohh-kayy.” Phoebe said slowly, rising to her feet. “I’m gonna…go home…and see Prue…um…yeh.” Phoebe turned and walked away.
Angel jumped up to follow her. “Phoebe, wait!”
She thought about not stopping, but thought better. “What?” she asked.
“I need to ask you a favour.” He said.
Phoebe chuckled. “Are you serious? Tell me you’re joking? You, the man--or vampire—whatever, just tells me that he used to be a mass-murdering demon that could at any moment turn back into that mass-murdering demon that has my sister has the hots for wants to ask me a favour?”
“Phoebe, please—Piper has the hots for me? Never mind, just please, can you not tell her?”
“You’re not going to tell Piper who you are? Really are?”
“I am, in time. I’d like to break it to her in my own time rather than how I had to explain it to you.”
“Phoebe, please. Can you just keep it a secret?” Fred asked, joining Angel at his side.
Phoebe looked at her then heaved a huge sigh. “Okay, okay.” She said. “I will do this for you.” She said to Fred. Then she turned to Angel. “You better stay away from Piper until you tell her who you are. And after that, leave her alone!” Phoebe yelled. She grabbed her purse, Piper’s purse rather, and stormed out of the hotel. It was only until she got to the corner of the street that she realized she had no ride home. She’d taken a bus to the Hyperion. She checked her watch; she’d missed the next one for forty-five minutes. And she wasn’t going to go back inside. She drew a breath, and started the hour-and-a-half walk back to the Manor.
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