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Everybody Needs An Angel - Decisions

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Summary: Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell think that they have finally got a hang of this ‘witch’ business. Witches can save innocents and have lives, right? Wrong…oh, so wrong.

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Chapter One: Changing Plans.

DISCLAIMER – None of the characters are my own creation. The credit of them belongs to Joss Whedon and Constance Burge. As well as all the writers and creators of Charmed and Angel.

Everybody Needs An Angel

[B]Summary: Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell think that they have finally got a hang of this ‘witch’ business. Witches can save innocents and have lives, right? Wrong…oh, so wrong. After Andy’s death, Prue doesn’t ever want to use her magic again. And Piper and Angel’s relationship take a swift turn. Well, it does on Angel’s part. He’s never been good at expressing his feelings, and would die rather then tell Piper the truth about him. But when Phoebe finds out, she promises that she’ll keep it a secret. But how much longer can she lie from Piper? B]

[I]Set: Just after Andy died, but still in time frame of season one.

- Piper hasn’t got P3 yet.

- Piper and Angel kissed under the Truth Spell, so he doesn’t remember and Piper is now unsure what to do about it since she’s convinced he’s hiding something from her.

- Prue’s bosses at Buckland’s have been found out as demons and vanquished already but Prue still works there. [/I]

The second part of this series is called:


Chapter One: Changing Plans.

“Prue...Prue?” Piper called to her older sister through the door to her bedroom.

“Go away.” Prue mumbled back. She was in bed napping, head under the pillows and dead to the world.

“Come on, Prue, you can’t shut me out forever.” Piper said. “I know you feel bad about Andy but sleeping all morning? Come on, that’s not you. And I don’t think you can eat into anymore of your maternity leave at Buckland’s.”

Prue regrettably tossed her blankets aside and shuffled to her door, staring at Piper, who was dressed and ready to go.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Prue, come on. Shower, get dressed. I’ll take the day off from Quake and we can do something fun.” Piper offered.

“Piper-” Prue began.

“What? Give me a good reason for today, Prue, because the ‘I’m really not in the mood’ deal is getting old.” Piper said to her.

“What do you want me to say? I don’t want to go out; I don’t want to go to work. All I want to do is sleep.” Prue said.

“I know, but Prue you can’t wallow in self-pity for the rest of your life? Is that what Andy would want you to do?”

“I’ll never know what Andy wanted to do.” Prue shut the door in her sisters’ face, leaving Piper feeling as though she’d tried everything.

Phoebe was downstairs eating three-in-one-bowl of cereal and watching a children’s cartoon about living, talking farm machinery. She was giggling about it when Piper entered in a black button-up shirt and blue jeans.

“Oh, Phoebe, not Tractor Tim again.” Piper said, looking at the television. “I can’t believe you’re watching that.”

“I don’t care what you say, Piper, this show deals with important issues. Look…” Phoebe pointed to the television screen. “This motorbike, Pinky? She always says she’s too tired to play monsters with the other machinery but in fact, she’s really scared of monsters.”

“Right, and the issue there is?” asked Piper, eyebrows raised.

“Well, when the other machines find out they don’t play the game anymore.” Phoebe said. “Isn’t that sweet?”

“Yeh, precious.” Piper said. “Look, we have more important things to deal with right now then paranoid farm equipment.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe Miss Doom-and-Gloom upstairs, for a start? Nothing is getting her out of that room. Not clothes, not food, not magic…nothing.” Piper grabbed the coffee pot and poured herself a drink.

“Piper, we can’t force this on her. Andy was Prue’s rock. Her one pillar of normality in our otherwise Twilight Zone world.” Phoebe said. “She doesn’t know what to do now. She’s not like us, Piper.”

“I know, but…I guess I am so used to seeing her take charge, I just…I can’t stand to see her so upset.”

“Me neither.” Phoebe mumbled. “Hey, are you going to Quake today?”

“No, registered day-off.” Piper replied. “What are you up to?”

“I thought I’d head over to the Hyperion; see what Fred’s up to.”

“Oh…and maybe see what Gunn’s up to?” asked Piper, teasingly.

“No, no. I am going to see Fred, if Gunn happens to be there is it my fault?” Phoebe said innocently. “Hey, if you have a day off, you should come with. Angel might be there…it might be a good time to add a little coal to the fire?”

“What are you on about, Missy?” Piper asked, putting her hands on the desk and leaning forward.

“Come on, Piper, as if you don’t know.” Phoebe said to her sister. “You kissed him, he kissed you. Ergo, you should get together.”

“Ergo?” Piper raised her eyebrows.

“I heard Oprah say it.” Phoebe shrugged her shoulders. “Anyway, don’t change the subject.”

“Phoebe-” Piper began.

“What? What ‘Phoebe’? You like him right?” Phoebe said.

“It’s not that clear cut. Look, Angel was under a spell.”

“A Truth Spell. You asked him if he liked you and he said yes. What’s the worst that can happen if you ask him out?”

“The worst that can happen is he could say no, our fragile relationship could become even more awkward and I’d still have to see him every week.” asked Piper.

“Why would he say no?” Phoebe asked.

“I don’t know, maybe because liking someone isn’t cause to go out.” Piper told her. “And I feel a little weird around him.”

“Piper, Angel doesn’t remember you kissed; he doesn’t know anything is different.”

“I know, but…I don’t know.”

“Look, you want to go out with him, right?” pushed Phoebe.

“I…it…Phoebe, it doesn’t matter what I want.”

“Of course it does!”

“Look, my life is crazy enough; I don’t want to drag Angel down with me.”

“Look, Piper.” Phoebe took her sisters hands. “You cannot spend your life wondering about the future; that’s my job. Angel is here now, in the present. And that’s all the matters.”


“Just promise me that you’ll think about it?” Phoebe asked. “Please?”

Piper looked about to protest and then nodded instead.

“Ok. My work here is done.” Phoebe said, clapping her hands together as she got up. “I am going to get ready and while I do, convince yourself that you want to come with me to the hotel.”

Piper nodded again and waved her sister off.

* * *

Fred bustled into the front office of the Hyperion hotel with her arms spilling over with case files. She dumped them all onto her already overflowing desk of papers and straightened her light blue, summer dress. She blew a stray her from her eye and put her hands on her hips.

“Maybe Phoebe can help me with all this when she comes over.” Fred mumbled to herself.

“You know, talking to yourself can be seen as a sign of insanity, but I choose to see at as a sign of immense intelligence.” Wesley said from the doorway. He wore a pair of khaki trousers and a green and blue striped polo shirt.

Fred turned to face him. “I just don’t know how we got so swamped so fast.” Fred said, observing her messy desk.

“I know; my desk is the same. Maybe it was just the stress of welcoming new members to the team. Or it could be the fact that we basically spent all out time helping them for about two weeks.” Wesley offered.

“You really like them, don’t you? The Halliwell’s?” Fred realized. “I mean, you’ve basically thought the best of them from the beginning.”

“I guess I just like having new people around.” Wesley said. “And witches? Well, that kind of power will certainly come in handy. Especially the Power of Three.”

“Yeh, well, we may have to settle for the Power of Two for a while.” Fred told him. “When I was talking to Phoebe, she told me that Prue is still all messed up over Andy. As well she should be, but I think that since it’s magic that killed him, she blames herself, you know?”

“That’s understandable, but it wasn’t her fault.”

“Yeh, but try and tell Prue that.” Fred said, walking back behind her desk and sitting down.

“Maybe I should go and see her? I mean, we’ve all lost someone special, maybe I can help?” Wesley offered.

“Yeh, maybe.” Fred said, though distantly. She was already immersing herself in her files.

Wesley left her to it and headed to his office to begin his work. Gunn and Angel arrived back from a night of vampire hunting in the sewers and came up from the entry in the basement.

“Ok, are you gonna tell me what’s up?” Gunn asked Angel, tossing his stake on the desk.

“What?” Angel asked blankly, as though he’d been pulled out of deep thought.

“Don’t play that with me, man. You barely spoke all night, ‘sept when we was fighting.” Gunn told him.

“I didn’t?” Angel asked.

“No. And you know I’m not really the man for guy-on-guy feelings talk, but if it affects your work, it affects all of us.” Gunn told him.

“Yeh…I know, you’re right.” Angel said. “It’s just…complicated.”

“It’s Piper, isn’t it?” Gunn offered.

Angel looked at him, wondering if it was that obvious.

“Look, there is nothing in any prophecy or vampire-with-a-soul law that says you can’t go out with her.” Gunn said.

“I know, I know.” Angel replied.

“Give it a shot, the worst that can happen is she never wants to see you again, right?”

“No, the worst thing that can happen is that she finds out that I’m a vampire and stakes me.” Angel said.

“If your worried about that, tell her! She’s not going to turn you in to the Underworld Police.” Gunn said.

“I know…I will.” Angel said.

Gunn left the conversation and went upstairs to take a shower and get some sleep. Angel followed suit by heading to his room. It was like a little, self-contained apartment. It had a little kitchen and an ensuite. Angel could keep the pig’s blood that he lived on in the bar-fridge and out of the way of prying eyes in the downstairs kitchen. Angel poured himself a glass of blood and lay down on his bed. He wasn’t that tired physically, but he was mentally. Gunn was right; there was no seriously bad reason for him not to ask Piper out. That was not exactly the moment of absolute happiness that would turn him back into Angelus, but what if it escalated into something more? What if they fell in love? What if Angel felt happier than he ever had before and tried to kill Piper? He couldn’t control himself when he was evil. And he didn’t want to put Piper or her sisters in danger.

“Angel Investigations, we help the helpless, how can we help you?” Wesley said into his phone in his office. Not only was he already swamped with work that he’d left for too long, new calls from freaked out innocents needing a supernatural mayday.

“Yes…green slime? Coming from the walls…I see. I’ll send someone out as soon as I can.” Wesley hung up the phone, adding the callers name and address to the ever-growing list next to the phone.

“Knock, knock!” Phoebe said brightly from his doorway. She wore a pair of figure-hugging black pants that had found their way from Prue’s closet to hers, and a low-cut, silver polo shirt. She wore an expensive pair of heels and carried a small, silver clutch purse that she’d nicked from Piper’s cupboard.

“Phoebe, hello.” Wesley said back, only glancing at her for a second.

“What’s all this, fan-mail?” Phoebe asked, eying the piles and piles of files.

“No, cases.” Wesley said.


“We are a business, you know.”

“Oh…right. I just never thought there was this much evil going on in our little city.”

“Well, you would be surprised.” Wesley told her.

“I already am.” Phoebe said, picking up some of the files. “Spiders falling from roof? Ghosts in attic? These are all evil-magic related?”

“No, but as well as a detective agency, we seem to have becomes a point of call for those things that are relatively unexplainable to 911.” Wesley said.

“Need a hand?” Phoebe offered.

“Actually, Fred was hoping you’d give her a hand.” Wesley told her.

“Great, her office is across the hall, right?”

“Exactly.” Wesley said.

Phoebe smiled and left the room. As she walked along, she looked up at the floors of the hotel. She was so busy staring, when she brought her eyesight back to in front of her she almost walked into Gunn.

“Agh!” she yelped, playfully poking him. “Don’t do that!”

“Sorry…I thought I heard someone come in.” Gunn said to her.

“Yeh, I came to see Fred. Wow, you look tired.” She observed.

“Vampire hunting with Angel.” Gunn said to her.

“Right. You know, I’d really like to go on one of these hunts; they sound pretty interesting.”

“Yeh, well there’s a little more to it than that.” Gunn said.

“Well, due to my lack of an active power, I did take a self-defense class and I do Tae Bo three times a week.”

“Fighting is only the beginning. You gotta learn to sense them, know what they’re thinkin’.”

“You could teach me.”

“Love too, but with all the work backed up around here; I don’t know when we’ll be able to go hunting again.” Gunn said as the phone rang, yet again. “But you probably will need some kinda training.” He picked up the phone. “Angel Investigations…Yeh, we can help with that…I’ll send someone over ASAP…wait, can you hold?” Gunn asked as the other phone rang. He tossed the cordless in his hand to Phoebe. “Can you take that up to Angel? His room as at the end of the third floor.” He picked up the other phone. “Angel Investigations.”

Angel was lying on his bed, still thinking, when he sensed someone else in the room. He had a gift for being able to do that. Not wanting to scare of the intruder, Angel waited. He could sense it getting closer and closer until he knew it was looking down on him. Angel opened his eyes and saw a vampire looking back at him.

“Why do you always interrupt my sleep?” Angel asked, bringing his legs up and pushing the vampire away.

The vampire stumbled backwards, but did not fall. He instead ran at Angel, but Angel was ready now. He punched the vamp twice in the head, ducked underneath a weak punch and kecked him back. The vampire recovered and managed to sock a deep left hook into Angel’s jaw, causing him to stumble. Angel snapped back and morphed into vampire mode. This extra boost of energy caused him to plant two roundhouse kicks into the vampires jaw before knocking him to his feet with a punch to the face. Grabbing the stake that was still in his jacket pocket, Angel leant over the vampire and staked him. After a scream, all that was left of him was a dust pile.

“Angel?” Phoebe’s voice rang from the doorway, behind Angel’s back. “What is going on?”

Angel turned.

“Oh my God.” Phoebe whispered when she saw his face.

“Phoebe.” Angel said, morphing back to his human face.

“What are you?” Phoebe said, aiming the phone at him for a weapon. The caller had long since been hung up on.

Realizing there was no way for him to get out of this with a well-thought out lie, Angel came clean. “I’m a vampire.”
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