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Summary: based on a challenge by Mr Mysterius, This is an answer to the question, What would Xander keep if he dressed as...

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(A/N In respect to the Challenger this will have almost NO Willow in it, as Such she ran into Oz several weeks before this “At the Spring Dance at the end of Season 1” and was with him, thus missing the Kiddie Conscription.)

(A/N2 As Doomson had not been written about by this point I decided to make him the creation of Xander and Jesse as they made up there own Heroes and Villains for Superman to fight)


“Come on Xander this isn’t funny.” Buffy pouted as Xander looked through the racks of costumes the new store sported before looking back at the group.

“Hey Snyder said a heroic theme and we won the bet so I get to pick out your costume and Jesse gets to pick out Cordy’s.” He said triumphantly before turning back to the racks and trying to hide the smirk. Buying that two headed quarter was the best dollar fifty he had ever spent.

Finally finding one he wanted Xander looked some more before finding a suitable bargaining chip to make it work with. Turning to Buffy he held up the package and grinned. “See Buffy, it’s perfect for you.” He said as she just stared at the box with the well made costume inside.

Looking up at Xander as if he’d had one too many knocks to the head, Buffy opened her mouth to reply when he continued.

“Well it was either this or that Sailor Moon outfit over there.” He said pointing out the white school uniform with an obnoxiously large Bow.

Looking between the two for several seconds, Buffy finally grabbed the package out of his hands. “I’m going to make you pay for this you know.” She growled before taking the costume to the front while grumbling about the fairness of the universe.

Turning back to the racks Xander looked through them again this time with an eye towards his own costume.

“Batman, too depressing. Logan, bad haircut. Cyclops, too stuck up.” Slowly he went through the line, discarding each as he passed.

As a last resort before heading towards ‘Party Town’ Xander walked through the ’Monster’ isle. He was almost to the end before something grabbed his attention.

Pulling the rock grey foam rubber suit out of the rack, Xander looked it over as a plan started to form. //And ooh such a wonderful plan it shall be.// he thought with a smirk as he started to gather up the other items he needed to finish the costume before tomorrow night.


As Xander glued the last piece on he thought back to the British guy complaining when Xander said he was going to take the rock monster costume apart. //Why did he feel the need to take it into the back anyway.// Xander wondered before shaking the feeling off and looking at himself in the mirror.

The huge rubber ‘Hulk’ costume had taken a LOT of spray paint to make the majority of it roughly flesh colored, leaving him to glue bony rock growths on the joints. He had even glued them to his face. Then dyed his hair white and glued rock colored ‘Spikes’ to his knuckles before throwing a black leather vest over it to complete the look of the most fearsome Superhero ever.

After all, if the Villain could kill the man of steel who could stand against him as a hero,

“Doomsday lives.”


Joyce opened the door and stared in shock at the hulking figure of Xander for several moments before shaking off the feeling and stepping back to allow him in.

“Xander, who are you dressed as?” she asked as he walked in and tried not to brush anything with his bone protrusions.

“Well, I’m sort of dressed as a modified version of a true villain.” He said as he moved into the living room to wait for the others. “I’m dressed as a clone of Doomsday, who’s been given a slightly higher intelligence and managed to become a good guy.” He said before looking at the floor. “Well… sort of a good guy.” He admitted more to himself then her.

“And umm… who is ‘Doomsday’?” Joyce asked as she tried to think back on any heroes of that name.

Fifteen minutes later Xander was still talking about his character when the doorbell called Joyce away from the conversation. Shaking her head at him, she went to answer the door to a much more familiar costume.


Xander looked up as Jesse walked into the room and grinned. “Red pants, blue shirt and a leather jacket? Let me guess… you’re the boy of Aluminum, SuperBrat himself.” He said with a grin as Jesse looked over Xander’s costume and grinned.

“What’s wrong Dumbsday, scared I’ll kick your…” he trailed off as Joyce walked back into the room.

“Buffy should be down any minute.” She said before looking at their costumes and thinking of Buffy’s. “Is there some sort of theme tonight?” she said as Buffy finally came walking down the stairs.

Xander and Jesse turned towards the stairs as Buffy stood on the landing.

Red boots and cape with a blue shirt and mini-skirt trimmed in gold made the two stare and trail off from their explanation in shock.


Fifteen minutes later after several pictures Kara Zor-El ‘SuperGirl’, Conner “Kon-El” Kent ‘SuperBoy’ and Doomsday (Mk 2) left the Summers home for a challenge greater then fighting the first Doomsday.

Dealing with hyperactive Sugar-charged children out past their bedtimes.


(Final A/N) I Do not own Xander, Buffy, Willow, Doomsday, Doomsboy, Superboy, Supergirl, Oz, Anya, Joyce, Snider, Sunnydale, Ethan, 'The Hulk', or any character you may (Or may not) Notice.

i do write this only as a 'FAN-FICTION' and as such no money is gained.
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