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Redemption...on both sides

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Summary: HBP Spoiler. After Book 6 and Season 7. When Anya died, the PTB didn't let her go to Heaven. Instead they gave her a task to complete, bring Draco Malfoy back to the Side of good.In response to a challenge that seems to have disappeared.

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Harry Potter > Anya-CenteredKyliaSkydancerFR1311,0220397925 Aug 0525 Aug 05No
Alright, first of all, I don't own Anya or anyone else from BTVS that may for some reason appear. Joss Whedon does. Nor do I own Draco or any of his fellow characters that are even more likely to appear. That distinction belongs to JK Rowling. Clear?

K, let's clear up some facts.

First of all, if you haven't read Half-Blood Prince you may want to click that pretty back button. Are you still here? Alright, proceed at your own risk. This takes place at the end of that book. After Dumbledore is *dead*!!! I did warn you peek-ahead people off, don't blame me that I just ruined the book for you.

Also, if you haven't seen till the end of Season 7, again with the possible clicking out. This takes place at the end of that. So, Anya is *dead*

Are we all corrupted and upto date now? Great!!

Moving along.

Main Characters: If you haven't figured it out, it's Anya and Draco.

Pairing: I haven't decided that yet. However it will *not* be Anya and Draco.

Anything I missed? This is my first fic on here hence the babbling. It was originally in response to Challenge # 998 but that seems to have been deleted. Ah well.

Oh and since this is all so long, i'll just keep it here and refer people back to it for the other chapters K?

~*~Fic starts here~*~

Swirling colours surrounded the demon, proof of a struggle going on. Anya, however, was unaware of this and so simply spent eternity stuck in a maelstrom that reminded her strangely of finger paint.


"She's a demon!!" screeched a being with white-blonde hair and eyes like ice. "I cannot believe you are even considering allowing her entry into one of the paradise dimensions. She's caused so much pain and suffdering and-"

Another, with curling golden horns and a patient face interupted her gently. "And she's repented, she's made up for her mistakes to the best of her ability"

"Oh yes, of her very marginal ability" spoke a pompous looking one who would have seemed so ordinary if it wasn't for his attitude.

"She did help save that world" piped up a shy looking child, or at least that's what she resembled.

The bickering continued, surging and slashing, until the group was finally called to order by the chief Elder. Looking around mildly he silenced all voices.

"Now then," he spoke when everyone was silent, "I propose a compromise. What if Anyanka was sent back to earth for a time in a non-corpreal form and given time to redeem herself? We could give her some sort of a charge she must fulfill. If she does so, she will be allowed through the gates of her personal heaven."

The council room erupted into discussion. Some time later a decision was formed.


Draco sat huddled in the corner of a grey stone room. He knew he didn't need to be there, he wasn't a prisoner after all but where else could he go? Home? Aurors would be waiting for him there if he even tried it. The school was definitely off limits to him now. So there he sat, in the room he had been grudgingly given by the other Death Eaters. It was an empty little affair, seeing as how Draco hadn't bothered to transfigure any furniture for it.

No one had paid attention to him once he had been installed there. No one had talked to him, he hadn't been summoned by the Dark Lord, nothing. He knew why. He hadn't killed Dumbledore. To be sure Dumbledore was dead but he hadn't killed him. Snape had had to do that.

He was so caught up in his own self-pity that when he heard the voice...


"Well, are you gonna just sit there all day? Impolite little thing aren't you?" The boy in the corner practically jumped out of his skin, Anya noted with an inner cackle. "I'd heard all you English were such perfect gentlemen," she continued, "You certainly aren't the best example"

The boy drew himself up into a haughty stance, a little too late in Anya's opinion since she'd just seen him looking so pathetic. "And what do we have here? A pathetic little ghost is it?" Anya just grinned at him. "Did you want something? He shifted uncomfortably when this didn't engender a response, obviously used to getting his way. "Begone then, stupid girl" He made a waving guesture. Anya snorted.

"Enough with the hoity-toity?" Anya smirked at the boy when his eyes narrowed. "Good, now then, I'm gonna introduce us. I'm - "

"And why should I care?" The boy sneered at her.

"Because." Anya sighed. "Because I can help." The boy raised an eyebrow. "Now then, as I was saying, My name is...Anya...and I used to be Vengeance demon. I already know you're Draco, you're also the reason I'm here. You did some pretty bad things I hear regret them, don't you? You didn't want to do them."

"This is absolutely ridiculous. What stupid idiot put you upto this? Do they think by forcing some sort of information that I'm regretful or unwilling they can gain favour from the Master? I'm loyal to the Dark Lord, I'm a Malfoy and the Dark Lord knows our kind have always been loyal to the Cause. So you can go back to whoever recruited you and tell them it was a dismal failure." Draco glared at her when she didn't run away cowering. "What're you waiting for? I said leave! Now before I report you to your superiors."

"Are you done yet?" Anya asked in a bored voice. "Good because I just went through a lot of junk and I could use some peace and quiet. Tell me when you're ready to listen." With that she floated to the other end of the room and curled up in the corner, murmuring about lack of furnishings.


Well, that was the first chapter. Was it as abysmal as I feared? Since it's my first I'd appreciate any input anyone could give me. Esp. character-wise. Any ideas or guesses as to where this should lead?

hope you like!!!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Redemption...on both sides" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Aug 05.

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