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Life Goes On

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Summary: After the end of Buffy Xander and Faith pick up their lives and move on - x with X-men - back to actively updating this month (April 2006)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > General(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151335,0381693100,64426 Aug 0525 Oct 06Yes

Cop out and wrap up

August 2004

Logan watched her dance, that is how he always thought of it, she was a dancing death, a strangely attractive thought at that. He was leaning against a tree watching her get rid of excess energy by dusting vamps. She actually enjoyed working with the younger slayers, now that everything was a bit formalized and she was regarded with awe, instead of disdain, but every so often she just needed to be alone and do some dusting. Both she and Xander had talked about what it was like before… and how much better it was now, but Logan still growled when he thought of how his deadly angel had been treated. Logan grinned as she did a totally unnecessary, but exotic looking, flip to stake the last vampire. She was beautiful, and hopefully his.

Faith came over face glowing with exertion. “That was great… I needed the steam blow off.” Launching into his arms, Logan catching her effortlessly.

“So Angel, where to now?”

Faith shrugged, kissing his neck for a moment then pulling back. “Food.. patrol is done and I am hungry.”

“Sounds good.. but.. you have a minute?” Logan asked a bit awkwardly, it had been a long time since he had done this, and the customs were completely different now.

A frown crossed Faith’s face, but she shrugged “Sure.. what up?”

Logan looked around, a crescent moon hung in the sky, the tall trees in the park rustled softly in the night wind, you could hear the crickets again, now that the sounds of the fight were over, it would do. He looked at her, dark eyes looking at him confused, and a touch of fear hidden in the back. He pulled the object out of his pocket and sank to one knee, pulling open the small box as he did so. “Faith, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Faith froze looking down at the man kneeling at her feet. Whatever she had thought, this wasn’t it. She looked at the object in the box and her heart started to shatter with emotion. There was a single ring, with an oval cut emerald greener than Willow’s eyes when she was other, set in red gold with delicate filigree around it. It was stunning, simple, and elegant all in one setting. Her head began to nod with out her conscious decision and she sank to her knees in front of him. “yes.. god yes Logan..”

A grin split his face and he removed the ring slipping it onto her trembling hand. “I want to spend a life together with you.” His rough voice whispered softly, and personally she thought she had never heard lovelier words.

They walked back to the hotel hand in hand, not talking much, both just lost in the wonder of this moment, their steps getting slower and slower as they approached the hotel. “You know everyone’s going to freak. Think I’m the first slayer I have ever heard of to get married.” A snort of amused wonder. “Hell most of us die before we lost our virginity.”

A low growl from Logan “Hate to tell you this angel, but I have plans to keep you around a damn long time, so get used to it.”

A bright grin from Faith “Oh I have no trouble getting use to that.. just people are going to make a HUGE deal out of this, and Buffy just might kill me.”

Logan frowned “Do you want to keep it quiet for a while.”

“Quiet? Oh hell no… I am looking forward to this,” low mischievous laughter rolling out of her. “I plan on flaunting this until people are ready to kill me.”

“Oh…” Logan swallowed a laugh “Well then I suppose I should let you know Xander knew I was gonna ask.”

A pout appeared on her face “He did? Dang… there goes that shocked look.” She pause and looked up at him and a slow smile crossed her face. “You asked his permission didn’t ya.”

“Yep… seemed to me.. he was the closest ya had.. so.. wanted to do it proper like.”

Faith leaned up and kissed him hard. “Good.. woulda hated to have to sneak around him.. he and his guests see too damn much.” Winking at bit as they walked into the hotel.

September 2005

“Fine, be a hot tempered idiot! You are going to get you and the baby killed!” Logan yelled.

“I am pregnant not helpless you egotistical moron! I can do my job just fine, I don’t need to sit here like a helpless child waiting for you.” Faith screamed back, anger, frustration and being 5 months pregnant all mixing to blowing this all out of proportion to the actual issue of Logan worrying about his wife.

“Well obviously you don’t need me here, so why don’t I just leave?” he yelled and stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Muttering as he walked down the side walk about stubborn pregnant women. He sighed, maybe bringing home some rocky road ice cream would help. He shook his head and headed towards the store, hoping both of them would have calmed down by the time he got back.

Faith grabbed a spare stake and began to methodically tear it into pieces shaking with frustration. Slowly she began to calm and rubbed her stomach. “What are you going to be like little one? With both of our tempers? Lord have mercy on us when you’re a teenager.”

She sighed and starting cleaning up the mess, she had been so volatile lately but hopefully once the baby was born she would go back to normal.

Faith did not worry when Logan did not come home that night, but when he was gone the next she started to worry and get upset, when he did not come home the next, she panicked and called Xander.

Xander was there quickly, getting all the details of what happened, concern and worry on his face. “Let’s call Willow and see if she can find him, he would never leave you.”

Willow headed over quickly, but every scrying she did for Logan came up empty. Exhausted she looked at both of them “I’m sorry, I can’t find Logan anywhere, it is like he is gone.”

“NO!” Faith screamed, “he can’t be dead I would know if he was dead.” She broke down sobbing, Xander picked her up and carried her to bed as she cried on his shoulder.

“Keep looking Wills, we have to find him.” She nodded and called on Gaia to help find the man Logan, loved by Faith. There was nothing. He was just not there.

January 2006

“I want Xander and I want him NOW!” the scream shook the hospital room as a panicked and in labor Faith waddled around the room, refusing to sit down no matter how much the nurse pleaded with her. Willow nodded and slipped out of the room and into a restroom locking the door behind her. “Gaia, aid me please bring Xander to where he is needed, bring him now!” Casting the most powerful teleportation spell she knew.

Xander at this point was in Africa trying desperately to finish up working with the Watchers over there, reassure the Slayers stationed in that area that everything was fine, and get home. Faith was due in 2 weeks and he promised her he would be there for the birth. Anger, worry, and frustration filled him every time he thought about the missing Logan. Where was that man? Nothing he knew of could have kept him for long and he believed Faith when she said she would know if Logan was dead, so where the hell was he??

Finishing up he turned, ready to get to the airport and out of Somalia. He rather liked Zaire and Egypt was wonderful but Somalia was just depressing.


Suddenly he felt a tugging crack and then he was laying on the floor of a restroom with Willow hovering over him. “Faith is in labor and she needs to have you there now!” opening the bathroom door and pushing him out. Xander followed the screams and slid into a room with a flustered nurse, terrified orderly, and a frantic Faith.

“XANDER!” with that she fell into his arms sobbing, he picked her up and laid her on the table. She sobbed brokenly “I thought he would be here, I really thought he would make it back for this.”

He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead “I know, I did too, but now you need to push, that baby can’t wait anymore for her daddy. Let's get little Landra into this world. Okay?”


Xander came home and flipped on the tv, some news, a cold beer, and then bed. Landra was exhausting, and the Slayer program and a new treaty with some demons were driving him nuts. “What did I do to make you hate me so much Giles, that you saddled me with running the place?” He snorted and flopped down in his chair watching the TV idly. News about mutants was on again, with a shot of one of the leading proponents of working with each other, a Professor Charles Xaiver. Xander just watched tuning out most of it, it worried him a bit, the girls weren’t technically mutants, but how did you explain demon spirit as part of them. The girls didn’t care, they judged by your having a soul or not, not much else phased them.

Suddenly Xander shot straight up in his chair, there next to the professor was Logan, in the flesh. Rage tore through Xander, and in 5 minutes, his clothes were changed and bag packed, he was out the door with a cell phone in his ear. “Will, I found him!”

Anger lacing each word he bit out. “I am on my way to New York, find out where Professor Charles Xavier lives, that is where he is. Call me when you find it, I will ‘yell’ if I need help.” He heard the echoing anger in her voice, Faith had missed him so much, and they never found anything to give a clue as to where he had gone.

He found tickets for the next plane out to New York when he got to the airport and headed to the lounge, anger and impatience filling him. He wanted to ask Willow to get him there now, but he waited. A beep on his phone and he looked to see directions for a school, where Xavier resided. A nod and he blanked his mind, meditating, waiting for the confrontation he had wanted so badly for years.

Though the flight took only two hours, and the taxi ride 45 minutes, it felt like a century had passed before he was there at the doors of this school, or mansion or what ever it was. Anger burned as he knocked.

The door opened and a beautiful African woman with white hair opened the door. “Yes?” Soft accent to her voice as she looked at him.

“Hello, I need to see Logan please?” Xander tried very hard to keep his voice level and polite, but was not sure he succeeded.

“Logan?” a bit of confusion, but she stepped back opening the door “Please come in.” A quick shake of frustration at the dangerous habit but he walked in. “I will go get him.” She turned and walked into another room. Xander stood in the entryway and flexed his fists, setting his bag on the ground. Where was he? Where was the son of a bitch?

Then he heard his voice, Logan’s voice after so long. “To see me? You sure Oro?” Xander turned towards the voice moving softly anticipation wetting Hyena’s appetite, hunger, vengeance riding upwards.

Logan paused that scent he recognized that scent but from where? Happiness came with that smell, and he entered the entryway a little faster than normal.

A fist came smashing at him, so fast he could not react, then another one knocking him down. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Logan was on his knees, anger lashing out of him, and the metal claws came out, striking at the familiar presence. They were easily avoided, “I don’t think so, you don’t get rid of me that easily.” Another punch landed, Logan heard feet running towards him Oro yelling for help, but he was surrounded by that familiar yet strange scent as a hand yanked his head up, he found himself looking into a face, so very familiar, dark brown eye like the depths of hell, ~it should be warm and full of laughter~ the voice in his head shouted, a patch covering the other. “You left her! You left her alone!” such anger and grief in those words.

Logan stopped trying to fight, needing to know, something nagging at him. Blood dripping down his face, this man hit hard “Left who?” he got out, voices in his head clamoring.

The man paused, and looked at him hard, hand halting “Faith, your wife? The one pregnant with your child?” anger, sarcasm, and a hint of confusion in the voice.

Wife, child, the block in Logans’ mind shattered, and Faith exploded into the spaces, her laugh, sultry body, temper, stamina, all came rushing back and Logan screamed his heart ripping in two. “FAITH!!!!!” Unaware of anything else, except the memories.

Xander stepped back confused, something was going on, he did not know what, but for now he would wait to kill Logan, until he knew.

Jean came racing into the room, Professor X following as fast as he could. She took in the scene at a glance, a strange man standing over Logan, blood dripping from his hands, Logan on the ground screaming a name, and the man just watching. She reached out with her mind, to slip into this strangers mind, suddenly snarling teeth were in her mind, rending her defenses, shattering walls and clarity. She screamed, throwing her hands up to ward off what was in her mind, slamming against the wall screaming at the pain.

Xander turned and looked at her snarling, “Don’t you know not to stick your nose into things that don’t concern you, Hyena doesn’t like intruders into her domain.” He turned and looked at Logan completely focused on him.

Logan muttered over and over “They took her, they took her from me, even in my mind, I could not remember, she was gone.” Xander shuddered for a second, could he have been wrong? Could Logan not have known Faith was waiting for him? How could he forget her and the child they were both so excited about?

He turned and looked at gathered group, stunned responses, unsure how to react to the scene they were witnessing, he singled out the man in the wheelchair, Professor X. “You… tell me what happened to him.” It was an order, almost a compulsion to reply, his will was so strong.

The Professor paused looking at him, he was not going to attempt to reach into that mind, but the sheer willpower and incandescent rage were something he had never seen before, even Magento would not be able to touch this man. He obviously was from Logan’s past, so maybe truth was best. His voice even and calm “He was taken by a government project, years ago, they did experiments on him, and took his past, coated his bones with adamantium. You are the first person who has ever known him who was not involved in that project.”

Xander flinched, of course, if Logan did not know Faith existed he could not have come back for her, god all the time they had lost. Xander sank down to his knees next to Logan. “She always believed you would come back, always.”

Logan looked up at him “Where is she, I have so much to apologize for, I loved her so much, I knew there was a hole in my heart but I could not figure out what went there. My history only extends to 2 years ago.”

Xander’s heart broke again, and he raged silently at governments that could not keep their noses to themselves. All the rage and anger directed at Logan drained out of him and he placed his hand on Logan’s shoulder. “Forgive me for doubting, I should have known Faith would never love someone who could leave her.” His eye closed mourning all they had lost in time and loved ones.

“Where is she, I need to talk to her, to explain, to hold her.” A growl of need in Logan’s voice looking at him. “Take me to her Xander. Now.”

Xander looked at him, pain and grief in his voice “I can’t, she died 7 years ago.”

Logan froze, the whiplash of memories and emotions, his mind remembered holding her as if it was yesterday, rubbing her stomach and teasing her. Locking down everything else he whispered “our child?”

A slow smile from Xander “Landra is fine, though she got both of your best and worst qualities. She got the bones and healing from you, and the attitude and Slayer calling from Faith. She was called a year ago. So far every child a Slayer has that is female has been called. But she also looks like Faith so that means men follow her around with their tongues on the ground.”

Logan growled softly at that news.

“Let’s go somewhere, we need to talk, then you need to meet your daughter. Willow, come here please.” Xander spoke out loud. There was a crack and a Willow, older than Logan remembered, but more at peace with the world, appeared.

“Logan, he found you. You are still alive so I suppose you had a good reason for abandoning Faith?” The words could have been cruel and vicious but instead they were kind almost loving as she reached out to him. Her eyes were pure green now, no iris’s left.

Oro looked at the figure that appeared stunned for a moment then collapsed to her knees. “Goddess.” She stammered out.

Willow turned and looked at her, eyes taking her in “Ah… one of my nature children, I had missed you. I am happy to see you well.”

Xander arched a brow “Channeling a little much?” amused.

Charles Xavier was stunned, this mind was so large he couldn’t bear to look at it with his mind, how had he never seen it before?

“Easy… normally I am everywhere.” Willow replied, and Gaia drained out of her flooding back into the earth, and there was simply a powerful woman, but nothing that would make you do a double take. The living avatar of Gaia smiled at everyone there. Then frowned looking at Jean, curled up on the floor sobbing. Scott was hovering over her frantic and worried.

“What happened to her?” Looking at Jean.

“Oh…” Xander looked a bit sheepish “She got a bit nosey and Alpha got pissed off and basically bit her…. Psychically.”

“Ah… you know you really shouldn’t enter minds with out permission.” She stated softly as she walked towards Jean. “You think Alpha is a bitch, you should see me when I get angry.” Willow kneeled and touched Jean, a green wave flowed over her and the pain stopped, washed away and her barriers healed. “Knock next time.” That was all Willow said as she walked back over to Xander. “Home and then reunion?”

“Yes I think so, you ready to go Logan?” Xander asked, not unkindly, simply sad at all they had both lost.

“Yeah..” Logan stood up shakily but the damage was already healing. “Chuck I will be back in a while, these are good people, don’t mess with them.” He nodded to Willow “Let’s go Red.”

Willow flinched then smiled “I haven’t heard that since Faith died, you have been missed Logan.” Her eyes flooded green, there was a crack and the three of them disappeared.

Jean was standing against the wall, Scott holding her, Professor X sitting in his chair stunned, Oro was still kneeling on the ground, tears leaking from her eyes. Various kids stood around all dumbstruck with amazement. Finally Scott spoke “What the HELL was that?”

There was a long slow pause as Oro stood “That was Gaia incarnate.”

A moment later Professor X spoke “I think Logan’s past has finally found him and they will never let him go.” A slow smile spread across his face, only love could create that much rage in the man Logan had called Xander.

The End

You have reached the end of "Life Goes On". This story is complete.

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