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Life Goes On

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Summary: After the end of Buffy Xander and Faith pick up their lives and move on - x with X-men - back to actively updating this month (April 2006)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > General(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151335,0381693100,64126 Aug 0525 Oct 06Yes


Disclaimer: The Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are owned by others, the X-men/Logan characters are owned by Marvel. Stargate is owned by others not me; no copyright infringement is intended with this story
Rating: Mature Audience
Warnings: Some violence and language are present, everything is post Chosen.
Main characters: Ensemble, Logan (Wolverine), Eventually SG1
Setting: This takes places after the series ends, Xander is the main character though some chapters will be devoted to others.
Pairings: F/L, everything else unknown
Classification: Angel-Buffy Crossover, Action-Adventure, Angst,
Alternate Universe (Comic Marvel Universe not Movie)
Notes: This is a work in progress and I may make revisions to previous chapters as I realize I forgot stuff.

Xander sat in the back of the bus watching the sinkhole that had been Sunnydale get smaller and smaller. He felt numb as he listened to the sounds around him, crying, laughing, grieving. They all had their own way of dealing with what had happened. He turned his head, his one eye watching the others from the back. Buffy was sitting with the weight of what she had done beating against her defenses, but so far the magnitude of what she had done still not registering. If you listened carefully she was mumuring over and over. "We beat the First, it is over." Xander shook his head. So many things had changed since the day he meet her, and his infatuation had definitely disappeared. Faith took care of Robin showing a brisk gentleness that he had never seen before. A touch of sorrow at the chance they had lost, but it was long ago and the memory of her trying to strangle him could not compete with the wounds Caleb and Buffy had delivered so exactingly. Willow cuddled with Kennedy and basked in the attention. The magnitude of what she had done with the slayers still had not hit her and as they rode Xander wondered more and more how much damage they had done with changing the path of the slayers. A half shrug. It was done... what ifs were useless now they just had to deal with the fallout if there was any. Giles drove, grimly focused, not yet ready to truely deal with a world full of slayers and no council to offer their dubious support.

A deep breath. They lived, for the moment that was enough. Turning back he looked out the window. The sinkhole was barely visible. All that was left of Anya and Spike. Anya.. he loved her, enough to not marry her. The risk had been too great, and he had not trusted Anya enough, that she would not allow him to become like his father. Her need for love and approval was too great. But oh how he regretted hurting her. She gave her life to save people. A wry smile touched his lips and he was glad he was looking out the back. How many vengance demons could say they had died for others. Who knew, he might see her again. His life was just weird enough for that. Spike, he hated him, envied him, resented and wanted to be him. In the end Spike had been more than what he could ever hope to be, he stood firm and gave the ultimate sacrifice for others. Angel had not been willing to even risk dying to save Buffy... Spike willingly died to save them all. How odd to respect and grieve for someone he had wanted to kill so often. A mental nod in his head. "Thanks Spike, hope they hold a place for you in your favorite bar."

One more deep sigh fighting back the tears the welled in his eyes for all that they had lost, ignoring the holes ripped in his soul by his friends and those who might have been. He turned and looked at the people gathered and saw strangers in familar bodies, seeing how much they had changed from who they were, and he wondered. "Who am I? The Zeppo? Xander? Someone, something else? What do I want do now."

Unaware that similar themes were echoing through almost everyones mind. "What do we do now."
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