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Summary: The First wasn't the only evil... crossover with CSI. Faith/Nick

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CSI > CSI Las VegasKarenUFR1855,52033911,06627 Aug 0526 Oct 05No

Part Four

***Since it took so long to update last time, I thought I'd be nice and post part three and four at the same time. Thanks to all the people that have reviewed so far.


Part Four

Catherine Willows stood silently outside of the young woman's hospital room, looking in through the window. She was amazed by the girl's survival; it was next to impossible to believe that she had survived being pulled or thrown or whatever off of a seven story building. The doctor had been stunned by the distance of the fall, saying over and over again that he just didn't understand how it was that she wasn't more injured. She had bruises over pretty much every part of her body, that much was for certain, and she had a concussion, but the multiple fractures that were to be expected in such a fall just weren't there. Her right shoulder had become dislocated, some of the small bones in her hand were cracked, as were a few ribs, but the doctor couldn't even say for sure if those had happened in the fall or in a fight beforehand. The girl's spine and neck were completely intact, which was more than a little amazing.

Catherine pushed herself away from the window as the doctor turned to leave the room, meeting the man at the door. "Can I speak to her now?" she wanted to know, and the doctor nodded.

"I don't see that it could hurt anything. She seems lucid, surprisingly so given what she's gone through. I can't guarantee that she'll be able to give you much information; she did take quite a blow to the head. A concussion can make things a bit... fuzzy. As I'm sure you know from dealing with other victims," the doctor said. "But all in all, once she's had time to heal, this young lady should be just fine."

The woman smiled at that. "That's wonderful to know. Thank you, doctor," Catherine said, nodding at the man before going to enter the room, pausing for a moment in the door.

The young woman was lying quietly in bed, seemingly staring at the ceiling, appearing very small and fragile in her hospital gown. The right side of her face was beginning to show the signs of mottled bruises, and Catherine knew that there were several cuts to her scalp, one of which that came complete with a claw that Sara had bagged and taken back to the lab for processing.

"Hello, Faith," the CSI said softly, not wanting to startle the girl. The only sign that Faith had heard her was the movement of the young woman's eyes. "I'm Catherine Willows. I'm with the crime lab here in Las Vegas-"

"You were there. At the... At the building," the girl forced out, and now that she was actually calm enough to really pay attention, Catherine thought she heard a Northeastern accent in the young woman's voice, possibly Boston.

"Yes, I was. And you gave us quite a surprise when you woke up for us," Catherine told her, moving closer to the bed. She could feel Faith's eyes on her as she took a seat near the bed. "A very good surprise, of course. We... We called your friends. The one that you had marked in your wallet with 'in case of emergency.' Rupert Giles and Angel.... I can't seem to recall a last name for him-"

Faith smiled slightly at that, a miracle given what she'd been through. "What did they say?"

"Well, I'm not the one that spoke to them. My colleague Warrick Brown spoke to the men, and Angel is on his way here," the woman said, and the girl nodded slightly, wincing from the pain that caused her.

"Been awhile since I saw him," the brunette replied, then frowned. "Warrick... That... He wasn't the guy at the building, was he?" the girl wanted to know, and it took Catherine a moment to realize what Faith was getting at.

"No, that wasn't Warrick. The man at that scene was Nick Stokes. He had to go to another scene," Catherine said, a small frown on her face. She knew that this wasn't exactly normal, but she also knew that in the fifteen seconds that Nick had spoken to the girl that night, he'd gotten personally involved in the case. "I'm sure he's been waiting to hear how you are, though. I wouldn't be surprised if he came by to see you himself."

Faith gave something that might have been a shrug. "It doesn't matter," the brunette said, though something about the way she was avoiding eye contact made Catherine think that it did matter to the girl. Maybe Nick had another admirer... And given how pretty Faith probably was without all the bruises, it wouldn't surprise her if the girl ended up with an admirer of her own.

"Well, be that as it may, I'm sure Nick was waiting to find out how you were. Sara, one of my other colleagues, went back to the lab, and I'm sure she told him you were awake-"

"Lot of colleagues you've got working on this one," Faith muttered, then looked over at Catherine, the movement causing pain to flash over her face. "I can't help you."

"Excuse me?"

"You're here to find out what I know, right? To find out what happened to me?" Faith questioned, her dark eyes pinning Catherine down. There was an intensity there that surprised the older woman. "It's what you do, right?"

"Well, yes, I suppose. I'm a criminalist. I get the evidence from crime scenes, I process it, and I try to help find who committed the crime. The evidence I find is sometimes what gets the criminal convicted. But it always helps to have a witness, Faith. To find out why-"

"I don't know why they were chasing me," Faith broke in, her gaze once more going to the ceiling. As she spoke, the young woman clenched and unclenched the unbroken fingers of her left hand. Even those fingers were damaged, the nails broken down to the quick, though the blood had been wiped away. "I don't know who they are, or what they wanted. All I saw were a bunch of guys in robes with claws and snouts."

"Masks and gloves," Catherine murmured, missing the ghost of a smile that touched Faith's lips at the words, also missing the words the young woman whispered in reply.

"Just keep telling yourself that."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Desecrated" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Oct 05.

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