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Summary: The First wasn't the only evil... crossover with CSI. Faith/Nick

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Title: Desecrated

Author: Karen U


Category: BtVS/Angel/CSI

Pairings: Faith/Nick. Others currently undecided.

Disclaimer: All BtVS/Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon and others. CSI

characters belong to CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer, and a bunch of people that aren't me.

Distribution: Paris. Otherwise, ask.

Rating: 18/R

Spoilers: BtVS - post-Chosen. Angel - post-Orpheous, but Cordy was never a higher power, nor was she ever 'with' Connor. I haven't decided if Fred and Gunn are together or not yet. CSI - sometime during season 3. Not going to be too spoilery.

Summary: The First wasn't the only evil...

Notes: Just something I've been thinking about...


This was not the way it was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be simple now... Or simpler, anyway. The First was smushed and, as far as they had been able to tell, its followers long gone. All they had to do now was find all the new Slayers that had been activated, get them all nice and trained up, then everyone could join up and fight the good fight, concentrating on closing up the other Hellmouths across the world because now that it seemed that the one in Sunnydale was closed for good, the other ones were getting a lot more activity. Apparently Sunnydale had been the one that had been the closest to being opened, so now that it was gone, all the baddies were trying all the harder to open all the others.

Cleveland was next on the list of Hellmouths to attempt to close permanently. It seemed that America had the market cornered on the easiest-to-open Hellmouths. In fact, Cleveland was where she was supposed to be headed after this little assignment to track down two Slayers here in this little corner of the U S of A. But first, she had to survive.

She tossed a look back over her shoulder as she ran through the streets, ignoring the scream of an enraged homeless woman that she nearly tripped over. She could only hope that her pursuers wouldn't stop to have some fun with the poor old woman because then she'd have to stop and help her and... Well, that would probably lead to both of them getting killed, and she didn't want that. Dying was definitely not one her list of things to do in the near future, especially given what she'd been through over the past several years.


The expletive slipped from her lips as she fell to her knees, but she was back upon her feet quickly again, the cold breath of death chillingly close as she continued to run. Turning a corner, she paused for just an instant before she spotted a fire escape, and she jumped into the air to yank the ladder down. It clattered down loudly, causing her to flinch, but she didn't have time to worry about the sounds she was making, instead just clambering up the ladder, kicking off the hand that grasped her ankle as she did so.

Her heart was pounding wildly, and not in the way it usually did during a good fight, not in the way that meant she was sure she was going to win. This pounding was something a little closer to sheer terror... A concept she wasn't totally unused to, but something she found completely unpleasant.

The woman's hands shook a little as she climbed the rungs of the ladder, one hand nearly losing its grip, and she cursed herself for the way she was reacting. She was supposed to be good at battle situations; this was what she had trained for. So it had been a little while since she'd done any actual fighting, but so what? She was built to fight. Which maybe was the point. Right now she wasn't fighting... She was running. A quick look behind her told her that running was probably the better plan. Staying and fighting when she was outnumbered six to one and more or less weaponless... Not the best of ideas. Not that she was really known for being the 'best of ideas' girl.

Reaching the top of the fire escape, she managed to make it to her feet, glancing around the roof, part of her wishing she could find some sort of natural weapon there, but knowing deep down she wouldn't really find one. She could hear them clambering up the ladder behind her, and with one solid kick to the head, she sent the first one sprawling, an unearthly howl coming from its mouth as it fell to the ground. She cringed at the sound, falling to her knees and clamping her hands over her ears, tears actually springing to her eyes at the screech. She doubled over for the barest of moments, her head coming forward to touch the cold surface of the roof, and she hissed loudly when a clawed hand suddenly clamped in her hair, twisting violently. She felt a wrenching pain in her scalp, and she lifted her hand, grabbing the creature's wrist and bending it backwards, feeling only slightly satisfied when she heard the sound of the bones in the demon's - or whatever it was - wrist breaking.

Swearing violently, she clambered to her feet once more, stumbling slightly, her vision blurring just a bit with tears of pain. She felt a trickle of blood slipping down the side of her face from where the creature's claw had dug into her scalp, and she swiped at it angrily, looking for a means of escape. There were other buildings around, none of them close enough for her jump to; it didn't matter who she was. She had, in essence, treed herself.

"Another fine mess you've gotten yourself into," she muttered to herself, going to push her hair back from her face, then wincing at the pain when she hit the torn flesh the creature had gotten on her scalp. Angry now, she kicked out again, managing to get the creature in the face, but this one apparently saw it coming, because it grabbed onto her boot and held on. "Damn it!"

She swore loudly as she felt her other foot being pulled out from under her, her head slamming into the hard surface of the roof as she was yanked off her feet, her wrist twisting beneath her as she tried to break her fall. She kicked out wildly, fighting against the creatures, grasping for purchase as her other foot was captured, the creatures somehow managing to share the ladder enough so that two separate creatures were steadily dragging her to the edge of the roof, ripping her away from the solidness of the building and sending her falling through the air, the ground coming up way too quickly, taking no time at all to fall seven stories to the ground.

The last thing she heard was the sirens.
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