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Everybody Needs An Angel - Episode 2 - Conviction

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Summary: A disease is killing one of the Charmed Ones and there's nothing they can do.

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Charmed > GeneralPIPERANGELFR1558,483011,39027 Aug 0527 Aug 05Yes

Scene 5

Commercial Set
Dissolve back to Hyperion

SCENE OPENS – Hyperion foyer – night

Angel is still on the phone with Wesley who had just told him the situation with Piper.

WESLEY – Phoebe asked me to see if there is any other magical way that could save Piper and I got to thinking. I have read of demons that bring humans back to life. They’re called Isalak Demons. They have a price, not monetary mind, which varies from case to case. But I was thinking that if you asked them then…

ANGEL – Tell me where to find them.

CUT TO – Hospital waiting room – night

Wesley, Fred and Gunn are all sitting in the room, cotton on their inner-elbows from where their blood was taken.

FRED – Why won’t they let us see them? What can we possibly do?

WESLEY – They want to know how Piper survived and they don’t want anyone to intervene.

GUNN – What about those other people infected? That’s a consequence of using that spell on Piper, right?

WESLEY – I suppose it must be. But if the doctors can’t save Piper, Angel will.

FRED – How can you be so sure? What is the Isalak Demons don’t care about Piper living?

WESLEY – Isalak Demons are very close to the Powers that Be, they answer to them. And if the Powers want Piper alive, which I am hoping they do, her being a Charmed One and all, then they’ll let him help.

GUNN – And there is nothing Angel won’t do to save Piper.

WESLEY – I have a feeling there’s a new Buffy in town.

CUT TO – Underground – constant darkness

ANGEL – I know that you’re here. Isalak Demons love the darkness and, gotta admit, so do I. I would really love to stay and chat but I have an emergency on my hands and I need one of you flunkies right now.

There is a large screech from the left and a human-sized, scaly blue/gray demon jumps from the wall.

ISALAK DEMON – What is it you request, Champion?

ANGEL – I need your help. I have heard you can bring back the dead and I might be needing a little of that.

ISALAK DEMON – Ahhh…the witch who has stolen your heart. Yes, she is ill…very ill…shame…she was set to be so powerful…she had such a future with you…

ANGEL – Enough with the demony-psycho-babble-crap! Now, I know that you can help me and you’re going to do it.

Angel rushed the demon, grabbing its throat and slamming it into the wall.

ISALAK DEMON – Champion, there are some things…even I…cannot fix.

ANGEL – I know you can fix them, I know that there is a price. Name it.

ISALAK DEMON – No, no…there is only one way…no, no…I cannot do it…it will disrupt the balance…and we cannot stop it from there…no, no…you must let her die.

ANGEL – Like hell.

Angel rears back and drives a forceful punch into the demon’s skull. He rears again and repeats. Then he went back to holding the demon by the throat.

ANGEL – You have to save her, I don’t care what you want, I will give it to you.

ISALAK DEMON – Ahhh…the pain of a love that…may never blossom…a love that will surely rival the one with the…slayer…and if it succeeded…the outcome would be so…rewarding…for all…but it sadly cannot be.

ANGEL – It can’t be if you don’t do everything you can to save Piper. If you save her, the rewards you talked about can still happen.

ISALAK DEMON – But the consequences if we save her…may prove to be much…more damaging…for the world.

ANGEL – What are you talking about?

ISALAK DEMON – The only way I can save Piper…the only thing that will…cover the magic I must use…is to take you instead…Champion.

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

Phoebe and Prue are both holding Piper as they say the reversal to the Awakening Spell.

PRUE & PIPER – What was awakened from its sleep. Return at once to slumber deep. Return the disease from whence it came. So life can ease back to the same. What was awakened from its sleep. Return at once to slumber deep. Return the disease from whence it came. So life can ease back to the same.

Piper’s head falls forwards and she collapses onto the floor and she collapses. Phoebe kneels down with her while Prue rushes to the door.

PRUE – Help! Someone!

Dr. Gray and some nurses rush into the room and pick Piper up off the floor, laying her on the bed and hooking up the machines and monitors. Upon hearing Prue’s voice, Gunn, Wesley and Fred rush in from down the hall. They stop at the doorway.

DR. GRAY (to Prue and Phoebe) - What the hell happened here? (To Piper) Miss Halliwell? Can you hear me? Assist in respiration, start CPR.
Prue and Phoebe start crying. Fred comes into the room and joins them. Gunn comes in and holds onto Phoebe and Wesley does the same with Prue.

CUT TO – Underground – constant darkness

ANGEL – What do you mean?

ISALAK DEMON – The only way…to save your witch…is to give yourself up…

ANGEL – What do you mean, stake myself?

ISALAK DEMON – No…to save the witch…I must remove the cause of her demise…and infect them into you…but a human disorder…will not affect you, Champion…you…must be infected with the magical equivalent…of what your witch possesses at this time…

ANGEL – Fine, I don’t care. Kill me, if you want. Just save Piper.

ISALAK DEMON – I will not kill you, vampire…though it is very likely this disease will…after I infect you…I can no longer help you…it is up to your friends…and the Charmed witches…to help you…but I must say…if anyone is to save you from this…it will be them…

ANGEL – What is it that I’m being infected with?

ISALAK DEMON – A poison called Maylea…it is one that you swallow…and it precedes to corrode your body…from the inside…it is a poison…that no one who has taken it…has been saved from…but they were not a Champion…nor did they have witches like yours to save them…

ANGEL – Give it to me.

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

Piper is still being given CPR. The rest of the group is watching, stunned.

DR. GRAY – She’s not responding to CPR. Come on, Miss Halliwell.

PHOEBE (crying) – Oh God!

PRUE (crying) – Piper…

FRED (crying) – This can’t be happening.

GUNN (tearful) – Come on, Angel, save her life.

CUT TO – Underground – constant darkness

Angel is lying down on a flat rock, the Isalak Demon above him with a small, black vile. He looks above, as if being sent a message.

ISALAK DEMON – There is not a lot of time…your witch…is dying…if you want to take this poison…you must take it now.

ANGEL – What happens when I do?

ISALAK DEMON – The Maylea…before it begins poisoning your body…will take you to the witch’s spirit…on the plane…between life and death…there you must touch her hands…this will take the disease from her…and go into you…causing the Maylea to begin…then you will be transported back to earth…to the place you know you want to be when you die…and you will have to wait…are you sure…this is what you want…?

ANGEL – Positive.

Angel grabs the vile out of the Isalak Demon’s taloned hand and swallows it all in one.

ISALAK DEMON – I sincerely…hope your witches succeed…Champion…

Angel coughs as he ingests the poison...he feels it run through his body…then he feels his soul leave his body and go up.

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

Dr. Gray is still trying, unsuccessfully, to resuscitate Piper.

DR. GRAY (to nurse) – Give me the heart paddles.

The nurse hands Dr. Gray the heart paddles and they begin to shock her. With every shock, Phoebe, Prue and Fred let out a cry. By this time, even Wesley and Gunn have tears in their eyes.

DR. GRAY (to nurse) – Charge it to one-eighty.

The nurse turns the button on the paddle machine.

DR. GRAY – Clear!

CUT TO – the plane between life and death

Piper feels her spirit leave her body. She looks down and sees them working on her and she sees her sisters, but she keeps rising until she lands on a solid ground. There is nothing in her sight until she sees a huge, glowing yellow light. She begins to step toward it when a shadow appears. The light is now so bright that Piper has to shield her eyes. She can see the shadow coming towards her. When it does, she realizes who it is.

PIPER – Angel?

ANGEL – We don’t have a lot of time. Take my hands.

PIPER – Am I dead?

ANGEL – No, and you won’t be, not if you take my hands.

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

DR. GRAY – Clear!

NURSE – I’m not getting anything.

DR. GRAY – Again.

NURSE – Charging.

DR. GRAY – Clear!

CUT TO – the plane between life and death

Angel is about to take Piper’s hands.

ANGEL – I can’t lose you, Piper.

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

The heart monitor sounds with one, long, monotones beep and Piper is dead.

DR. GRAY – Time of death, nine-fifty pm.


PRUE – Oh God!

Phoebe collapses to the floor in tears, Prue wraps her arms around Wesley and Fred just stares at Piper’s body, tears in her eyes.

CUT TO – the plane between life and death

ANGEL – I love you, Piper.

PIPER – I-I never thought I’d get the chance....

CUT TO – Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s isolation room – night

Piper is still lying on the bed, but she is now healed of the disease. She begins to come back to life.

NURSE – Wait, I think she’s responding. There’s a heartbeat.

Piper begins to cough and slowly opens her eyes.

DR. GRAY – Piper? Oh my God, this is incredible.

PIPER – Angel…


Phoebe, Prue, Fred, Wesley and Gunn all go over to the bed and comfort her. She is still very weak, but alive.

FRED – Are you okay?

NURSE - B.P. 105 over 60. Pulse is strong. I don’t understand what happened?

DR. GRAY (looking at the sisters) – It’s a miracle.

CUT TO – the plane between life and death

Piper’s spirit has just left the plane and Angel can feel the effects of the poison. He doubles over in pain.

CUT TO – The attic of the Manor – early morning

Angel feels his body hit the floor. He opens his eyes and looks around, realizing that he’s in the attic at the Manor. He is still in tremendous pain, but lays his head down, hoping that they’ll find him.

CUT TO – Quake - morning.

After being discharged from hospital and going home to change, not checking the attic, all three sisters are at the restaurant helping Piper pack up some stuff. Fred, Gunn and Wesley all went home to sleep.

PRUE – Are you sure this is what you want to do?

PHOEBE – Yeh, maybe you’re still feeling the after effects of…whatever Angel did to save you.

PRUE – Maybe quitting is not the way to go.

PIPER – I have spent too long in a job I don’t like. I’m a chef, not a manager. I guess it just took me a while to learn that lesson.

PRUE – The hard way, unfortunately. Well, welcome to the life of unbelievably boring leisure.

PHOEBE – Wait a minute, how are we supposed to live? I’m at college and you two aren’t working.

PRUE – Don’t worry, I have a lot of money saved just for emergencies like this. Besides, Piper is going to follow her first love with cooking, and I’m going to do the same with mine, photography.

PHOEBE – Photography?

PIPER – Oh yeh, you used to love that. And then Grams made you go to college and get your history degree.

PHOEBE – Right, I guess because she didn’t want you to move away, seeing that we’re Charmed, and all.

PRUE – Yeh, well, I think now is the perfect time to pick it up again.

PIPER – Good for you, Prue.

PHOEBE – Hey, um, Piper? Do you know that when you were all…dead…and you came back, that you called Angel’s name?

PIPER – I did? I guess cos I saw him, not because of…anything.

PRUE – What did he do?

PIPER – He, ah, just said take his hands and I’d be okay.

PHOEBE – He was right. Anything else?

CUT TO – the plane between life and death – Piper’s memory

ANGEL – I love you, Piper.

CUT TO – Quake - morning.

PIPER – No, ah, nothing. But I should go over to the hotel later and thank him.

PRUE – I think we’ll all be doing that.

CUT TO – Hyperion - morning

Fred, Wesley and Gunn all enter the hotel after coming home from the hospital. They want to see Angel before they get some sleep.

FRED – Angel?

GUNN – Wonder where he is? I’d a thought he’d be dying to know what happened with Piper.

WESLEY – And I’m dying to know what happened with the Isalak Demons. Oh, but I suppose if he went to the Underworld it will take him longer to get back.

Fred goes over to the couch, falling onto her stomach.

FRED (mumbles) – Fred go sleep now.

GUNN (heading up the stairs) – Gunn, too.

WESLEY – Wesley will follow suit.

Wesley falls into a chair opposite Fred and falls asleep almost instantly. Gunn hits his pillows upstairs and falls asleep within minutes. And Fred? She was sleeping before she hit the couch.

CUT TO – Halliwell Manor – attic - day

Angel is lying on the floor, out of the sun, dying from the inside from the Maylea. He saved Piper. They didn’t know where he was, where to start looking for him or what to do when they found him. Angel knew this was the end, and he didn’t care, until:

PIPER – Angel!

The End

You have reached the end of "Everybody Needs An Angel - Episode 2 - Conviction". This story is complete.

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