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Everybody Needs An Angel - Episode 2 - Conviction

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Summary: A disease is killing one of the Charmed Ones and there's nothing they can do.

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Scene 1

DISCLAIMER – None of the characters are my own creation. The credit of them belongs to Joss Whedon and Constance Burge. As well as all the writers and creators of Charmed and Angel.

Holly Marie Combs Voiceover – Previously on Everybody Needs An Angel

Fred is talking with Wesley in a room in the Hyperion.

FRED - You really like them, don’t you? The Halliwell’s? I mean, you’ve basically thought the best of them from the beginning.

WESLEY - I guess I just like having new people around.

CUT TO - Phoebe walks into Angel’s room and sees him fighting another vampire.

PHOEBE - Angel? What’s going on?

Angel turned, Phoebe sees his face.

ANGEL - Phoebe.

Angel morphs back to his human face.

PHOEBE – Oh my God.

CUT TO - Angel and Gunn sitting in foyer of hotel

GUNN - Look, there is nothing in any prophecy or vampire-with-a-soul law that says you can’t go out with her.

ANGEL - I know, I know.

GUNN - Give it a shot, the worst that can happen is she never wants to see you again, right?

ANGEL - No, the worst thing that can happen is that she finds out that I’m a vampire and stakes me.

CUT TO - Piper and Angel sitting in the Manor alone. Piper is in a chair, Angel sitting across from her.

ANGEL – I like you. I like you a lot. And…that’s a problem for me.

PIPER – Why?

ANGEL – Because there is something about me that you don’t know and telling you will change everything.

PIPER – Angel, I don’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

ANGEL – I just…want to be with you.

PIPER – Then we have something in common.

They kiss.

DISSOLVE TO - Front door of the Manor opens, Phoebe Halliwell enters

PHOEBE - Anyone home?

PRUE - Yeh, Pheebs, in here!

Prue is sitting in sunroom. Phoebe hears her voice and goes into that room. She throws her bag on the floor and stares at her sister who has magazines all around her feet.

PHOEBE – Well, I see you’ve had a very productive day.

PRUE – Hey, I am newly unemployed and trying to enjoy it, thank you very


PHOEBE - So how is it?

PRUE - Boring as hell; I have no idea how you survived.

PHOEBE - Piper’s leftovers and daytime T.V.

Phoebe sits in a chair opposite to Prue.

PRUE - So, where were you all day?

PHOEBE - Enrolling.

Phoebe reaches into her bag on the floor and pulls out some forms, handing them to Prue.

PHOEBE - You are now looking at the newest member of the San Francisco Bay Community College campus.

PRUE - Wait, you enrolled? Phoebe, this is huge.

PHOEBE - I know, isn’t it great? And I can easily fit vanquishing evil around my classes.

PRUE - So, what are you taking?

PHOEBE - Anything to do with Psychology. Maybe it’ll help with getting into the minds of demons as a bonus.

Phoebe jumps up and grabs her bag, taking her forms back off Prue.

PRUE - Wait, where are you going now?

PHOEBE - To the hotel. I have to tell everyone about my newfound life.

PRUE - Including…Gunn?

PHOEBE - Hey, if he happens to be so thrilled with me going to college that he takes me in his arms, lays me on a bed and makes passionate love to me, I am not going to be that resilient.

Phoebe turns and heads down the hallway.

PRUE - Okay, be careful on your bike!

Prue sits back in her chair for a few minutes before jumping up, heading upstairs and eventually coming down them dressed. She heads out of the Manor to her car.

CUT TO – Quake - Day

Piper was frantically rushing around Quake. Prue came into the restaurant and sat at the bar across from her sister.

PRUE - Hey.

PIPER – Hey. (coughs into her hand) What are you doing here? I thought you were meant to be at home doing nothing?

PRUE - I was but…I’m finished.

PIPER - You can’t be finished doing nothing.

PRUE - Then how do you know when you’re done? So…do you need help…with anything?

Piper responds by coughing into her hand.

PRUE - Are you okay?

PIPER - Yeh, fine. Hey, did Phoebe tell you she enrolled in college?”

PRUE - Yeh, a little while ago. She’s at the hotel bragging to Gunn, but listen, honey, you should go home. You’re no use to anyone sick.

PIPER - I’m not sick, it’s just a little cough. I’ll be fine.

She takes a sip from the water resting beside her. Heads around the bar to Prue.

PIPER - But if you do want to help me you can…ah…you can…Prue…I think you’re right…

Piper falls to the ground.

PRUE - Piper? Piper!

Prue dropped to the ground beside her sister.

PRUE - Someone call an ambulance! Piper? Oh God, Piper, stay with me.”

End of teaser

Opening credits

Scene opens again to the Hyperion

Phoebe and Gunn are standing across from each other; he is holding her college forms.

GUNN - So, you are going to be a psychologist? I have to say, I am impressed.

Gunn hands Phoebe back her enrolment forms.

PHOEBE - Well, then my work here is done.

GUNN - When do you start?

PHOEBE - Next Monday.

GUNN - Oh…so you don’t plan on doing anything say…tomorrow at six o’clock?”

PHOEBE - Are you asking me out on a date, Charles?


GUNN - I most certainly am.

Fred comes running into the room from across the hall.

FRED - Phoebe! Fred came running into the room, phone in hand.

PHOEBE - What, what’s wrong?

FRED - It’s Piper.

CUT TO – General Hospital - midday

Piper awakens in a hospital bed. Looks around, notices how many machines she’s attached to. Prue walks over beside her bed.

PRUE - Hey…You’re awake.

PIPER - Prue, what happened?

PRUE - You don’t remember?

PIPER - I-I remember you and me being at Quake, then not feeling great and then…I gotta admit, it’s a little fuzzy.

PRUE - Well, you collapsed and we called an ambulance.

PIPER - Oh…so what’s wrong with me?

PRUE - We don’t know yet, the doctors are running some more blood tests.

PIPER - I’m sure it’s nothing too exciting, probably something trendy like mono or Epstein Barr.

PRUE - Whatever it is, you are going to take the time to get better.

PIPER - Hey, where’s Phoebe?

CUT TO – Entrance of hospital

Fred, Gunn and Phoebe rush through the front doors and up to the reception desk, Fred and Phoebe holding hands.

PHOEBE - Excuse me. (she’s ignored) Hello? Nurse person!

A nurse turns around to face them

PHOEBE - Hi, my sister was admitted and I need to know where she is. Piper, Piper Halliwell.

The nurse looked down at an admittance form beside her.

NURSE - She is in room 58, your other sister is already with her.

FRED - Thank you.

Fred, Phoebe and Gunn head up to Piper’s room.

PHOEBE – Piper… (Phoebe almost smothers her sister in a hug) Are you okay? (to Prue) Is she okay? (to Piper) Are you okay?

PRUE - We’re waiting for the doctor. But, come to think of it that was thirty minutes ago. I’ll be back.

Prue turns and leaves the room, heading to the Nurse’s Station. She banged on the desk to get the attention of a nurse on the phone.

PRUE - Hello? Nurse-woman. I need Dr. Edwards because she said she would be back with my sister’s test results at one and it’s twenty passed one.

NURSE - What’s her name?

PRUE - Piper Halliwell, room 58.

Dr. Edwards comes out from a room to the left.

DR. EDWARDS – Ms Halliwell? I assume you want to know about you sister?

PRUE – Yes, what’s happening, what’s wrong with her?

DR. EDWARDS - I have you’re her test results, would you please follow me back to her room?

CUT TO – Hyperion hotel – early afternoon

Wesley pacing the foyer near the basement, the door opens and Angel comes out of the room.

WESLEY - Angel.

ANGEL - Hey, Wes.

Angel passes Wesley and falls onto the couch nearby in exhaustion.

WESLEY - Are you alright?

ANGEL - Yeh, why wouldn’t I…what happened?

Angel notices the worried expression on Wesley’s face that was not related to how he was feeling.

WESLEY - What?

Angel jumped to his feet and looked around

ANGEL - Something happened…something’s wrong. Where is everyone?

WESLEY - Angel…”

ANGEL - Oh my God, it’s Piper.

CUT TO – Piper’s hospital room – afternoon

Dr. Edwards is in the room with all three sisters, Fred and Gunn; Dr. Gray is there with three young interns.

DR. EDWARDS - Okay, Dr. Gray? Would you come in here please?

PRUE - Wait, wait. Who are they? (points to the interns)

DR. GRAY - They’re interns. They’re seeing over my rounds today. They’re studying the same field I am.

GUNN - Which is…?

DR. GRAY - I’m an infectious disease specialist.

He walks over to Piper’s bedside.

PRUE - Wait, specialist?

DR. GRAY (to Piper) - Hi Ms. Halliwell, I’m Dr. Gray.

PIPER - Where’s Dr. Edwards?

DR. EDWARDS - I’m here. Dr. Gray is going to keep me posted on your condition. I’ll check on you later.

Dr. Edwards pats Piper’s arm and then leaves the room.

PRUE (to Piper) - He’s a Specialist.

DR. GRAY - How are you feeling?

PIPER - Okay…a little hot.

DR. GRAY - Have you been out of the country recently? Africa? South America?

PIPER - No, I haven’t even been out of the city.

DR. GRAY - Well, you appear to have contracted a blood disease that’s rare in the United States. You have Arroyo Fever.

FRED - Wait, how is that possible? I thought it was transferred through a sand fly bite and the sand fly has to come from somewhere overseas.

DR. GRAY (to Fred) - That’s correct. (to Piper) Have you had anything imported or exported into your home recently?

PIPER - No, not at home, but…but we did at the restaurant. It was some weird fruit called Kewano.

DR. GRAY - That is a possible carrier. The fly sometimes survives through the flight and quarantine. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

PIPER - Wait, uh…I think…I think I have a bite on my shoulder.

Piper moves her gown off of her shoulder and shows the doctor. He examined it carefully.

DR. GRAY - When did you get this?

PIPER - Ah…this morning, after I started cutting that fruit.

Dr. Gray turns to one of the Interns.

DR. GRAY - Get me ten ccs of penildron.

INTERN 1 - Right away.

The intern turns and rushes out of the room.

PHOEBE - Wait, what does that do?

DR. GRAY (to Phoebe) - It’s a high-grade antibiotic. It should bring your fever down and make you more comfortable. (to Piper) I have to run some more tests, but I’ll be back, okay?

PIPER - Sure.

Dr. Gray heads out of the room and Phoebe follows.

PHOEBE - Wait! She’s going to be okay, right? I mean, it’s not life-threatening.

DR. GRAY - We’ll know more when we do some more tests.

Dr. Gray continues down the hall. Gunn cones out of the room to Phoebe.

GUNN - She’ll be okay. I mean, the doc didn’t seem too worried; just prescribed some antibiotics.

PHOEBE - Right, just to confirm his diagnosis.

GUNN - Exactly.

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