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Make Me

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Summary: Being determined isn’t always rewarded properly.

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Pansy ParkinsonJmariaFR181252011,16728 Aug 0528 Aug 05Yes
Title: Make Me

Rating: FR-18

Author: Jmaria

Disclaimer: Joss and JK own all

Pairings: Connor/Pansy Parkinson, Dawn Summers/Draco Malfoy

Summary: Being determined isn’t always rewarded properly.

A/N: Don’t know where this came from, but I think I like it. And it’s rated for the slight kinky-ness. Yay me, making with the innuendos.


Make Me

He cocked an eyebrow at the woman, not knowing how much he looked like his father in that moment. She sneered, knowing that she looked just like her mother and her former boyfriend wrapped up in one neat little package of piss and vinegar. She reached for the goblet, her thin fingers wrapping tightly around the thick gold stem. His breath caught, remembering where and what he’d last seen her clutch her fingers. She grinned, bringing the goblet to her lips. She fought to keep her nose from scrunching up in slight disgust. Couldn’t let him think she was a coward.

“Pansy, put it down.” Connor said evenly.

“Make me.” she spat, draining the goblet’s contents. Her eyes blurred and her throat burned as she coughed painfully. Connor bit his lip to stop from laughing at her reddened face. She glared at him.

“I warned you.”

“What was that?”

“Dawn grabbed the hot sauce instead of the chocolate syrup.” Connor laughed.

“That stuff is vile!” Pansy hissed, wiping her tongue off on a hand towel.

“Ew, what are you doing?” Dawn asked, her brow furrowing as she stared at her dish towel hanging from Pansy’s mouth. Draco burst out laughing as he followed Dawn into the room. Her eyes landed on the goblet. “Gross, you drank that milk?”

“I’m going to be sick.” Pansy said, fleeing from the room.

“I think I love that girl.” Connor said quietly.

“Great, now I think I’m gonna be sick.” Dawn rolled her eyes.

The End

You have reached the end of "Make Me". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking