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Summary: Last Scooby Standing Challenge

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Highlander > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersPaBurkeFR151267133,31729 Aug 0529 Aug 05Yes
Title: Candlelights

Author: PaBurke

Distribution: TtH

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.

Spoilers: Hasn’t everyone seen all of BtVS Season Seven? AU of the Episode Chosen.

Summary: See Challenge.



Challenge Issuer: Matthew #458

Challenge Name: Last Scooby Standing

Challenge Description: They're dead. All but one. The last Scooby reflects on his/her friends deaths and tries to go on with his/her life. Should include: how did they die? Angst. Should not include: resurrection Buffy as the last one.

Challenge Date: 2004-08-23



He stood at the edge of the lake.

It looked normal, much as the town had but its depths were so dark. The lake held a multitude of secrets and bodies. Riley had e-mailed him the official report. The MIA list contained a lot of familiar names, but more than names. That list had evoked feelings of loss.

Everything was lost.

Something big and bad happened here.

The Scoobies had not escaped the final grasp of the Hellmouth. It claimed them all in the end.

“Daniel, you ready to go?”

Oz stared down into the water looking for answers.

“Daniel, the Boy Scout got you on the next flight to Cleveland. You said that a girl would find us there. You don’t want to miss your flight.”

Oz looked at the Old Man. “You have a ticket too.”

Methos looked chagrined. “I’d hate to leave you in the translating mercies of MacLeod. He’d have you chasing every yahoo who dabbled in the dark magicks or lived next door to a demon.”

Oz knelt by the edge of the lake and with a lighter lit the five candles on the floating barge. He stood, pocketed the lighter and toed the barge on to the Sunnydale Lake. It floated away, the candlelights flickering, reflecting on the water.


The End

You have reached the end of "Candlelights". This story is complete.

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