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Proof Wanted

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Summary: Btvs/Thunderbirds, Anya tells the leader of IR to open his eyes and see a certain blonde. Rated FR15 because of language and hints on something else.

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Television > ThunderbirdsLorencyFR151442021,15630 Aug 0530 Aug 05Yes
DISCLAIMER: I don't owe Thunderbirds or Buffy. Just writing for fun.

AUTHORS NOTE: Just responding to a 4 letter challenge. I got AJPW. Anya/Jeff, Proof Wanted. And the number 4. There of the 400 words drabble.

Jeff hardly believed his eyes when a red haired woman appeared in his office and told him to sit down, shut up and let her do the talking. Which wasn’t so hard, since he already was sitting in his chair behind his desk.

“You got this incredible blonde woman working for you, she so totally have the hots for you and she cries herself at sleep for you not making a move on her what is freaking wrong with you?” she yelled at him.

“What are you talking about?” he asked her confused.

She walked over to him and smacked him on the back of the head.

“You’re even worse then my Xander. He asks the dumb questions, but at least he gives me good orgasms to make it up afterwards.”

“I ask again, what are you talking about?” Jeff Tracy, the leader of International Rescue aka Thunderbirds asked patiently.

“Lady Penny. She is in love with you and wants to have orgasms with you. Since I’m the Vengeance demon for heart broken women, I’m here to for fill any of wishes that includes you. But since Xander told me I had to be more patient with you humans, I’ve decided to tell you to get your ass out of your chair and go give her orgasms!” Anya explained upset. She was doing what Xander had told her. She was helping this human. Why didn’t he listen to her?

Jeff stared in disbelief at her.

“Alright Gordon, Alan this is one prank I don’t appreciate.” He called out expecting his two youngest sons to come out and fess up.

“If you’re not going and getting yourself a healthy sex life mister, how the heck are you suppose to think that your 5 sons are getting one?” Anya asked pacing around in the room looking at the portraits of his sons he had hanging on the wall.

“Listen lady..” Jeff started but got interrupted.

“You want proof of what I’m telling you?”

Before he could respond the woman disappeared and in her place stood Penelope in a adorable pink dress. There were tears in her face and confusion started showing when she realised where she was.

“Jeff…what am I…”

She was cut off by Jeff’s lips on hers. Surprised she kissed him back and for several minutes they stood locked in that position.

Anya smiled. Thunderbirds were defintly a go.


I wrote this in 10 minutes. So I'm sorry for any sort of typing mistakes I might have done. And I'm a big fan of both Btvs and Thunderbirds. This story was only written as fun.

The End

You have reached the end of "Proof Wanted". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking