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A Knight's Journey

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Summary: Xander's road trip just got really interesting.

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Star Wars > Xander-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
WillowfanFR15928,1731511780,99631 Aug 053 Apr 07No

Darkness and Light

A/N- So sorry for taking so long to update, and with a short chapter as well. But school has been kicking my butt. Thank goodness it is almost done!! I am working on this, and all of, my stories. I promise. Thank everyone for being so patient.

Willow held out the spoon again and tried to smile, but she was so tired. She had been trying to get Tara to eat more, but the blonde was having none of it. Dawn watched helplessly from the bed she was sitting on and frowned.

“It’s all my fault.” Dawn muttered softly.

Willow looked up and frowned. “It’s not. It’s Glory who did this, Glory who steals the sanity of people and uses the power to keep her own mind together.” She said. “Glory did this, not you.” She said, standing and taking the containers of half eaten food to the trash.

“If she had me, she wouldn’t hurt…” Dawn began and jumped when Willow slammed the containers into the sink.

“Glory doesn’t care!” Willow screamed. “If she has you or not, she doesn’t care about who she hurts or even who dies. Don’t you understand?” she turned to face Dawn. “If she gets her hands on the Key, the portals will open and the world, the universe, will tear itself apart.” Willow looked sadly at Tara. “She just doesn’t care.”

Dawn looked at Tara as well. She couldn’t argue with Willow, but she still felt a measure of guilt.

Tara was looking around the room erratically. She looked at Dawn and smiled for a moment. “Pretty…so green…so pretty…”

Dawn smiled softly. “Thank you.” She said sadly.

Tara suddenly jumped off of the bed. “No!” she yelled. “No, no, no, no, no…”

Willow rushed to Tara’s side. “Baby, what’s wrong?!”

Suddenly, the wall shattered and as the dust cleared they saw Glory standing there, smirking. “I came for my Key.”

Dawn screamed and Willow looked over at her. “Run!”

Glory smirked and reached for Dawn.

Tara screamed. [You have the power, use it!] the voice echoed in her shattered mind. Blue sparks danced over her fingertips. [Use it!!] Tara raised her hands and poured her rage into her fingertips, willing the Force through her hands. Lightning shot from her fingertips and poured over the Hellgoddess.

Glory screamed in pain. Never, in all of her existence on this plane, had she ever known such pain. It was almost as bad as when she was exiled.

As Glory writhed in agony, twisting on the floor and screaming, Dawn stared at Tara and Willow. She reached for the door handle and sprinted from the room.

Willow, reached out to take Tara’s arm and pull her to safety as well, but was tossed back by a telekinetic blast. “Tara!” she yelled, trying to get the blondes attention.

Tara snarled. [Yes, the power is yours. Fell the hatred flowing through you.] the voice in Tara’s shattered mind muttered. Tara tried to fight. No! This is the Dark Side, I can’t… she trailed off. The power of the Dark Side was allowing Dawn to run and incapacitating a Hellgod. [Good. GOOD!] the voice crowed. [Now, rebuild your mind and your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete.] Tara reached out in her mind and picked up the pieces of her fractured consciousness. She saw how to fix them and started to rebuild the pieces.

Willow stared in horror as Glorys skin started to sizzle and pop under the barrage of lightning. Her screams of pain and torment were now sobbing and broken, pathetic mewling sounds of pain slipping in as Tara redoubled the efforts. Willow sent a silent prayer to whoever was listening and held up her hand. “Quiesco!” she said, her voice echoing with power.

Tara felt her mind slow and looked at Willow. “No!” she screamed.

Willow poured more will into her spell. “QUIESCO!”

Tara slumped to the ground, asleep.

Willow looked at the smoking, blackened form of Glory. She wasn’t moving but Willow was not going to take any chances. She reached out to Tara and cast another spell. “Ortus.” She said softly. Tara rose off of the ground and floated after Willow. Buffy met them in the hallway, having been sent by Dawn.

“What happened?” Buffy asked, picking Tara up and heading for the exit.

“Glory met a pissed off Jedi.” Willow said, glancing at Tara. “I hope she doesn’t hate me for knocking her out.”

Buffy grinned. “I’m sure she’ll get over it.” She said and headed into the courtyard.

Dawn was sitting in the Jeep and the engine was running when Buffy and Willow got to the parking lot. “Finally, can we be gone now?”

Willow nodded and Buffy jumped into the car. Willow steered the vehicle towards Giles’ place. They needed to regroup.

Xander ducked under a rock and tried to catch his breath. His dark clone had been tracking him for almost a week now, and he was relentless. Every trap Xander had set, every trick he had in his arsenal and every time he tried to fight had met with utter failure. He had managed to put a little distance between himself and his evil twin and so he settled in for a little bit of rest. Reaching into his pack, he pulled the pieces he had found in the ancient hiding place. He studied the crystals and set them aside, picking up the holocrons. HE studied them, peering into their depths. When nothing happened, he smiled. “Not ready for that yet, I guess.” He said. He next picked up the data cubes. These were interesting. They worked like the holocrons, but they did not restrict his access. This one was by a Jedi Master named Ba’aell Torrin. He was a Twi’lek and very skilled in analyzing the psyches of other races. This was apparently a data cube that pooled his ideas in one place.

Xander concentrated and absorbed the data through the Force. He had trained this way with he Holocron with Master Yoda and it still gave him a headache. But as the data unspooled in his mind, he smiled. He felt the clone coming closer and he stood, turning to face the creature as it moved through the mists of the early morning. He knew now why the data cubes were with the cache and he nodded his thanks to Master Torrin. As the clone came into view, it glared at Xander, igniting it’s lightsabers.

Xander stood his ground. He made no movements, defensive or otherwise. The clone advanced towards Xander and stopped in front of him.

“You cannot hope to defeat me.” The clone snarled.

Xander nodded. “No, I cannot.” He said calmly. “You are a part of me, and I cannot defeat who I am.” He said calmly. “But that is all you are, a part of me.” He said. “And I do not need to defeat you. Just accept that you are there.”

The clone roared, lunging at Xander and fading to nothingness before he ever made contact. The Force had created him, a final test of a Jedi before reaching Knighthood.

Xander pulled his pack on and moved towards the plain on the other side of the forest and the Stargate. He was going home.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Knight's Journey" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Apr 07.

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