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Let The Games Begin

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Summary: Rogue thinks back to a recent "situation" involving Logan and a bathroom counter.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Moderator)DemonaFR211672021,3812 Sep 052 Sep 05Yes

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TITLE: Let The Games Begin
AUTHOR: Demona
PAIRING: Rogue (Marie)/ Wolverine (Logan) & brief mention of Jean/Scott
SUMMARY: Rogue thinks back on a certain situation involving Logan and a bathroom counter.
RATING: Strong FR21 for mentioned sexual situations
SPOILER WARNING: AU after X-Men, the movie
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters unless stated otherwise. Please do not sue, you will only acquire my debts - which I have plenty.
NOTES: This was written in response to the following challenge issued by Lateo (on the wrbeta yahoo group): Write a story that begins with the line "Under her red velvet dress, she had bruises and no panties." Enjoy!


Let The Games Begin


Under her red velvet dress, she had bruises and no panties. Finger-shaped bruises splayed out across her hips. Her panties…they had seen better days…were tucked in her purse, which sat on the floor next to her left leg.

Just the thought of her panties gave her reason to blush. The color spreading over her cheeks was in odd contrast to her usual pale complexion. Flashes of the scene mere minutes prior appeared before her eyes. Brief seconds, moments frozen in time, in her mind of Logan and their activities.

Logan with his adamantium enhanced hands gripping her hips, fingers sinking – indenting – into the soft pale flesh, leaving blue hands identical to his own behind as a reminder.

Logan with his tongue buried deep inside her, face locked between two white creamy thighs.

Logan's hands stilling her rolling – thrashing – hips long enough to draw out the orgasm he had decided she deserved.

Logan rising to his feet, lips and chin glistening with her juices, smirking at her. His face looking much like that of a cat who ate the canary much to everyone's dismay and disbelief.

Logan tucking her ripped and torn panties in her purse and pulling her to her feet, off the counter, and onto shaky legs.

Logan opening the door to the ladies' bathroom and pushing her out and following close behind, ignoring the looks coming from the women headed into the bathroom.

Logan pressing her up against the wall right outside the bathroom, leaning in close to her face, but not touching her…teasing her.

His whispered, parting, words. "Take good notes for me. We wouldn't want the Professor to have been wrong to assign you to this job," he taunted her. Knowing how she was post-Logan induced orgasm.

The final smirk on his face as he walked away, whistling slightly to himself, leaving her leaning against the wall. Face flushed, dress crumpled, panties missing, hair tussled.

Yes, they were great moments. Well worth the bruises and the destroyed designer underwear. Which were in her purse, by her left leg. Which reminded her…

A sharp, bony, elbow jabbed into her ribs. She grunted and jumped, more out of surprise than pain, startled out of her memories.

"If you don't pay attention to this lecture, and stop projecting those memories, I'm not going to be able to keep accurate notes. Seeing as you haven't even bothered to try…I need to," Jean hissed at Rogue and shifted slightly in her seat.

Rogue looked over at her and noticed she looked antsy. And it was then that she chuckled, low enough not to disturb the lecture, but enough that the people around them turned and glared.

"You're just jealous that Scott didn't think to interrupt you," Rogue shot back and smirked at her. She shot her an attempt at a glare, but it failed miserably when she saw the twinkle in her eye.

A bump under the table caused her attention to be drawn to Jean's legs as did her neighbor off to her left.

"Leg cramp," Jean whispered to the woman, but just on the other side of the white linen falling down over the conference tables Rogue could see a slowly blinking red light.

Damn if Scott wasn't going to town on Jean in the middle of the conference. She was pissed and jealous that Logan hadn't thought about that. Then again, she didn't think that everyone in the conference would like to hear her scream as she came. Rogue knew that Scott had won this round of creativity and he wouldn't let Logan live it down for awhile.


The End

You have reached the end of "Let The Games Begin". This story is complete.

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