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A Bit of the Dark Sinister

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Summary: Draco and Ginny had a "moment" in the past that resulted in... another person. A person whose Malfoyishness was always mistaken for Weasley spunk. COMPLETE

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"I like men who have a future, and women who have a past."


A night in the past....

He was graduating from Hogwarts in a week. He was free of his father. The old bastard had disappeared when the dark lord had fallen. He who must be named. He who was defeated by a seventeen year old boy and a few of his friends and one enemy. He who was pasty-faced and not as powerful as he thought. He who was betrayed by the son of a loyal follower. He who was further betrayed by a servant who was really a spy. He who was rightly terrified of Albus Dumbledore.

Draco could have gone on. He didn't care to though. He was feeling a bit light tonight. Draco Malfoy had no friends, only enemies who looked at him with something akin to awe and confusion. He'd betrayed his father. No one had believed it. They all thought he was this super Death Eater, but he'd been schooled rather well in deception. By Snape. The two of them had infiltrated the ranks of the dark lord. The look on Lucius Malfoy's face when the tables had turned, that had been something to behold, and when the man had realized it was his own son and Severus Snape turning them, that had been priceless.

He was almost to the his new chambers, his hidden chambers, near Snape's rooms that Dumbledore had moved him into for his own safety when a voice stopped him.


He turned slowly. Ready for anything. It was Weasley's sister Ginny. "Yes?"

She crossed to him quickly. She moved so softly, so delicately. She seemed to be fighting something, and she was blushing darkly.

"Yes, Weasley?"


He looked at her, raising his eyebrows.


What in the hell was her problem?

"I... oh to hell with it, Ginny, just do it." She mumbled.

Now he was REALLY confused. Had the girl hit her head or something? Then she grabbed the side of his face, pushed herself up on her toes, and kissed him. What in the hell?

Draco pushed back. "What are you doing?"

"I... I had to. You'll be gone... and... and... I just... the once."

Draco blinked down at her. There was nothing in her brown eyes but wonder. No hatred, no malice. Just this purity. And he wanted it.

He closed the gap between them and kissed her again. Forcefully. With everything that he could have lost recently. With all the jealousy he'd always felt for Potter. With all the envy he'd ever felt for Granger's almost effortless brain. With all the resentment he'd ever felt because Weasley could have so little a be so happy with it. With all the hatred he felt for his father's years of control. With all the respect he felt for Severus Snape. With all the emotions running rampant in him.

But mostly with desire. Because he'd finally seen something worth existing for. That wonder in the depths of her big brown eyes. It was as if she saw past what everyone else saw. She didn't see evil. She just saw some wickedness. And it didn't bother her.

"Malfoy..." She was pulling away.

"Sorry." He stepped away.

She grabbed a handful of his robes and yanked him back. "No. I just needed to breathe."

Suddenly she was kissing him again, and the world was starting to fall away. He should not be touching her. At all. Let alone wanting to drown in her depths. Ron Weasley would KILL him.

And, oh, Draco didn't care.

He stumbled them into one of the empty dungeon classrooms. He locked the door and muttered a silencing charm out of the side of his mouth before tossing his wand onto a nearby desk.

He'd kissed other girls before. Certainly. But none of them made him forget himself the way Ginny Weasley was doing just now.

"I've been wanting this all year." She breathed.


Wasn't she head over heels for Potter? Hadn't she always been? Sure, he'd noticed, with the rest of the morons at Hogwarts, that she'd gotten really beautiful in the last year or so. How could you miss her? The mane of red hair that irritated him on all the Weasley boys was just made for her. It made her skin stand out bright and pale against it. With a soft sprinkle of freckles on her nose and large chocolate eyes and curves that were becoming more pronounced every day, Ginny Weasley was considered quite a catch.

"What what?" She breathed as his lips trailed along the slender column of her neck. "You think me still infatuated with Harry Potter? The boy who lived not to notice me even if I danced about him starkers?"

Draco leaned back and looked at her. This was certainly one of the oddest conversations he'd ever had. "Well... yes."

"I will admit that I did fancy Harry from before my first year up until the end of my fifth. But all this year, I have been quite obsessed with someone else."

She was joking.

"I'm serious. I have the most horrible crush on you, Malfoy."

Draco blinked. She was serious. And quite suddenly, she dropped her robes. She was standing before him in the chilly dungeon in her underthings.


"I want to be with you. Before you leave."

Draco blinked. He looked around. Surely this was some elaborate joke to give Weasley a real reason to pummel him.

Ginny closed the space between them. "Please." She whispered as she pulled his mouth to hers.

Dear Merlin he was just going to have to be pummeled.

Draco slid out of his robes and laid them across one of the dusty desks in the class. "It's not very romantic then, is it?"

"I don't want romance, Malfoy. I want you."

"I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted."

"Be flattered."

He grinned a bit wolfishly. His last encounter at Hogwarts would be with a girl he'd foolishly never considered touching until now. She was lithe and pale. She was also placing herself in his arms just now and kissing him like tomorrow would not dawn. Draco knew he'd think of this night for years to come, so he had better make it last.

He cupped her face, reveling in the craziness of the whole situation. She'd sought him out to have him. Just the once. He wondered if she'd even considered it going THIS far when she'd gotten it in her head. Because once he'd tasted those little pink lips there had been no question that this is how he'd wanted it to end.

He lifted her off her feet. Ginny's legs wrapped around his waist as he laid her back onto the desk he'd draped his robes on. She shoved his shirt off, ripping a few buttons away in the process.

Why had he never felt this sense of urgency with any of the other girls he'd boyishly groped? Perhaps it was that he knew he shouldn't want Ginny. Shouldn't be allowed to have her. And while he'd been thinking, she'd undone his pants and shoved them down his legs with her feet. Impatient little thing. It only made him want her more. How had it come to this moment in a matter of minutes? Slow. He'd needed to slow down. This was completely out of hand. Yet before he knew what was really going on, he was pushing inside, past things that should not have been there.

She'd never done this before. She whimpered as tears slid out of her eyes.

"Weasley?" He was panting.

"Don't. Just don't move for a minute." She said weakly. "And my name is Ginny."

He didn't move, but to begin kissing her face. Softly. Slowly. Like she had never expected from him. "Ginny." He murmured.

She shivered a bit.


"Hardly." She wiggled under him a bit.

He hissed through his teeth.


"If you don't want me to move, don't wiggle like that."

"What? Like this?" She moved again.

He left out a harsh huff of air. "Gin."

"Finish it then." She said a bit breathlessly. "Make me scream."

As they started to move again, he noticed she closed her eyes in a blissful manner. It was over, rather explosively, in a matter of minutes once they got going. He wasn't rightly sure if he had made her scream. Draco had been yelling a bit himself.

The second time was slower. The third almost languid, and the fourth had them falling asleep afterward.


Last day.

He was going off. Away. To be an auror of all things. His father would have had a fit if the old bastard was still alive. Snape on the other hand was very pleased. Very proud indeed. Made him promise to keep in touch actually. Like Draco was HIS son or something. That would have been a better deal. He'd ended up liking the harsh Severus Snape better than Lucius anyhow.

He was almost to his room to collect the very last of his things when a hand shot out from behind a tapestry and pulled him behind it. He was about to struggle when a familiar pair of lips met his own. One week of her. Like rabbits, they'd been. Even having sex in Snape's chambers once when Draco had known he'd be gone for a while at a staff meeting.

All other women would always be compared to what he knew of this girl. They hadn't spoke much. Not with words. There was always just the touching. Sometimes frenzy, sometimes slow agony. It was not practical for him to go falling for her. Not when he was going far away, and she was staying here. Not when he was who he was and she was who she was. A Malfoy and a Weasley. Even if they could make it work, the people around them would never allow it. They both knew this.

Didn't mean they both didn't want it anyway.

"Good-bye." She whispered quietly before she slipped out from behind the tapestry and took off running.

Draco stepped from behind the thing and watched her tear down the corridor. He sighed.


Draco didn't jump, but he REALLY wanted to. Snape needed to wear a bell.

"Not a word." Draco said in a clipped tone.

"I wasn't going to say anything, boy. I was merely remarking."

"One word tells an entire tale with you." Draco snapped.

Snape chuckled a bit hollowly. "Are you ready to go then?"

"No. But I'm going."
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