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A Bit of the Dark Sinister

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Summary: Draco and Ginny had a "moment" in the past that resulted in... another person. A person whose Malfoyishness was always mistaken for Weasley spunk. COMPLETE

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title: A Bit of the Dark Sinister
rating: adult (for sexual situations and language)
pairings: D/G, R/H
disclaimer: These characters and places aren't mine. They belong to a lady named Rowling. I just like to move them about to suit my own purposes while waiting patiently for the next book to come out.
summary: Draco and Ginny had a "moment" in the past that resulted in... another person, a person whose Malfoyishness was always mistaken for Weasley spunk.
note: The quotes at the beginning of every chapter are by Oscar Wilde, a man who was bloody brilliant at having something interesting to say.

NOTE2: I am WELL aware that Ginny's real name is Ginevra. This fic was written BEFORE that was made canon. Please take that into consideration before you get all snotty with me about it. Look at the dates on this fic. Thanks. I will hopefully go back and correct this in rewrites one day, but real life and other obligations do not allow time for fanfic these days.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

"It's good to see you again. Mr. Malfoy."

Draco smiled at his old potions professor. "It's good to be seen again, sir."

"Sir? Malfoy, I do believe you've earned the right to call me Severus."

"All right, but only if you dispense with the Malfoy and call me Draco then... sir."

Snape chuckled as the two of them fell into step with one another, looking much alike. Severe expressions, tons of black robes. While Snape's eyes and hair both glittered with dark depths of inky blackness, Draco's own hair still shown it's pale blonde color, his eyes their cold sterling silver, and in his gloved hands he carried a black case with silver lettering MALFOY upon it and one black cane with a silver serpent's head for the handle.

Severus had to appreciate how like yet unlike his father Draco was. He had the look of Lucius, but his character was far different. And the hair was much shorter.

They were greeted by Dumbledore.

"Mr. Malfoy, I do appreciate you taking over the Defense Against the Darks Arts class on such short notice and just before the holidays."

"Please, Professor Dumbledore, call me Draco."

"Very well then. Please feel free to call me Albus."

Draco smiled. As much as you could call it a smile. It was closer to a smirk. "And it was no trouble at all. I'm just glad I could be of some help. So what happened to the old teacher? Or dare I even ask?"

"The man brought a troll into class. It bludgeoned him near to death."

Draco spun around to see where that voice he'd almost forgotten had come from. He actually smiled rather sweetly at the woman he was looking at. "Professor McGonagall." He grabbed her offered hand and brought her knuckles to his lips.

Minerva McGonagall blushed and giggled like she was thirteen.

"It is very good to see you again, Madam Deputy Headmistress."

Snape snorted and rolled his eyes. McGonagall shot him a harsh glare.

"Well, no one need worry I'll be foolish enough to bring a bloody troll into the school." Draco said as he dropped McGonagall's hand.

"There he is." Fifth year Lorin 'Lori' Weasley said to her best friend and cousin at breakfast. "He arrived last night."

Alison Weasley chanced a glance at the teacher's table. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was chatting with Professor Snape. He was young. Younger than the last few DADA teachers had been. Handsome to boot, albeit a bit sinister looking. He was dressed almost exactly like Snape, for Merlin's sake.

"He looks shifty." Said their best friend Kelly Wood the Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team.

"He's talking to Snape, Kelly." Alison said with a flip of her bright red hair. "Of course he's shifty."

Kelly lifted her arms up over her head and stretched quite languidly before running her hand through her chin-length, sandy blonde hair. "Don't forget, you two, quidditch practice tonight. We play Slytherin in two weeks."

"How COULD we forget, Kelly. You've only been telling us every thirty minutes since we dragged ourselves out of bed this morning." Lori snapped.

"Well, excuse me if I want two of the team's best players informed." Kelly snapped as she grabbed her stuff and stormed off.

Alison sighed. "Lori, why did you have to do that? You know how Kelly's been lately. Her father's being all sorts of pressuring since she made captain. He's still bitter she wants to play chaser like her mum and not keeper like him."

"I know." Lori sighed. "But sometimes she gets WAY too serious about quidditch, Ali."

"It's her thing. Just like being a prefect know-it-all like Aunt Mione and your dad is your thing."

"Oh!" Lori swatted her cousin hard on the arm.

Alison retaliated by tackling the willowy brunette out of her chair and onto the floor. Lori squealed and tried to get Gryffindor's tiny little seeker off of her. The two of them were giggling and screeching like much younger girls.

"There now. Cut that out."

The girls were separated by two strong hands lifting them off their feet.

"Hello, Hagrid." Alison said sweetly.

"Whas all this 'bout then?"

"Just some friendly disagreeing. As per usual."

Hagrid regarded them both seriously. "Friendly disagreein', indeed. A prefect tusslin' about on the ground. Fer shame, Lori."

"I still maintain someone was toking the muggle crack pipe when they made me prefect, Hagrid. And besides, she started it."

Hagrid set both of them on their feet. "Get ter class you two. An' no more trouble."

The two girls grabbed their books and ran off giggling loudly. Hagrid had such a soft spot for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy had been eyeing the scene with some interest.

"The two girls..."

"Ah." Snape said. "I see you can still spot your Weasleys." There was an odd glimmer in his eyes though.


"The curly-headed brunette is a Gryffindor prefect. Percy Weasley's eldest daughter to be exact. Lorin. Though how she made prefect is beyond me. The girl's a born troublemaker with that cousin of hers and Kelly Wood."


"Yes. Oliver Wood's insufferable daughter. She's an annoyingly good chaser just like that mother of hers. You might remember Katie Bell. Yes, Kelly Wood is just as hellish with the quaffle in her hands. Then again so is Lorin Weasley. And when you add in Alison Weasley's abilities as a seeker, well, Gryffindor has been pretty much unbeatable for the past two years."

"And Alison is the little redhead, I presume. Which weasel does she belong to?"


A muscle in his jaw twitched at the name. "Really. How old is the girl?"

"She's a fifth year."

Draco began doing the math very quickly in his head. Ginny Weasley was not old enough to have a daughter that age. Unless...

Oh fuck all. It couldn't be. He would have heard. Surely someone, somewhere would have said something.

The whole school was a'buzz about the new teacher by the time Alison, Lori, and Kelly got to DADA that afternoon. Word in the corridors was he was damn good. He knew his stuff. Nothing at all like Professor Boonyfetter.

And although she KNEW it wasn't nice, Alison still got the giggles when she thought about that troll attacking him. She had no clue where such viciousness in her character came from.

The professor was standing with his back to them looking out the window. His hands were clasped behind him. He whirled around suddenly right as Alison was about to take her seat.

"Good afternoon, class. My name is Draco Malfoy."

Alison missed her chair completely as she landed hard on the floor. Several people snickered. Draco raised an eyebrow at the girl with her straight red hair and freckled nose that looked so very much like Virginia Weasley it was beyond frightening.

"Well?" He snapped harshly. "Don't just sit there. Manage to actually FIND your seat, Miss Weasley."

But she didn't move. Alison's jaw was just opening and closing in shock. And only Lori and Kelly knew why. They were staring at him with the same expression. They knew the new professor was a Malfoy. They just hadn't known it was DRACO Malfoy.

Draco swooped down on the startled girl with a swirling of robes that would have rivaled Snape on his best day. "Perhaps you need assistance." He grabbed her arm harshly to pull her to her feet when her eyes locked with his.

He very nearly dropped her.

Eyes exactly like his own were staring right back at him. That same silvery gray. With every thing else of Ginny on her. Surely Snape had realized whose eyes this girl had the first time he'd ever seen her. Why had he not... or better yet, why had Miss Virginia Weasley not...

"Class dismissed."

No one moved.

"OUT! NOW!" He roared.

There was a scramble for the door. Only Lori and Kelly seemed to linger. Draco still had not moved from his crouched position of holding Alison's arm. She was just as frozen. His eyes had not left hers. Hers were still very much glued to his.

"I said go." He whispered.

"But-" Lori started until Professor Malfoy glared at her.

Kelly grabbed the brunette's arm and yanked her out of the class at a hasty pace.

It was silent for several minutes.

"So... we meet at last...." Alison said then quirked her eyebrow at him. "...Father."

Draco Malfoy threw back his head and laughed. This was too insane. She was... him. She just WAS. It was all there in her facial expressions and attitude.

"You didn't know." She said in awe.

"Don't you think I would have cropped up before now if I had?"

"You know, right now I'm not really sure what to think."

"That makes the both of us.... Alison, is it?"

"It is."

"That's a lovely name."

She smirked at him, and he nearly dropped her again. That was HIS bloody smirk on her little face! Then he remembered what Snape had said earlier. She was a seeker. A seeker with his gray eyes and that smirk.

How in the blue blazes had no one ever realized this was HIS daughter?

Or did they just not want him to know?
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