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Dr. Xander, Relationship Expert

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Summary: While in Oxnard, Xander meets a woman, spends time with her, and she says another man’s name.

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Anime > Lupin IIIEdScottFR181741143,0217 Sep 057 Sep 05No
Title: Dr. Xander, Relationship Expert (1/?)

Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of

who are me.

Summary: While in Oxnard, Xander meets a woman, spends time with her, and she says another man’s name.

Warning: Lupin the 3rd

Rating: R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Xander had been stripping at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club for two weeks. He had been washing dishes for two months. Until one of the male dancers broke his ankle in a motorcycle accident. Xander had had many propositions for one night stands from many attractive women. And him being a hormonal eighteen year old male, he accepted many of the proposals. As long as they were human. No Slayers, vampires, Preying Mantis women or Life Sucking Incan Mummy Princesses in Oxnard. Xander had planned on going home to Sunnydale in two weeks, so he gave his notice. The owner wasn’t happy about it, but there was a high turnover rate in this business.

On Xander’s last day, there we two women who were total opposites, it was amazing. One was a drop dead gorgeous brunette who carried herself like she’s never had to do a day’s work in her life. The other was a tall blonde wearing a blue blouse and matching skirt that went all the way to the floor. She looked like she was uncomfortable being in a room with a bunch of screaming women and nearly naked men.

While counting his money, a keycard for the Oxnard Holiday Inn fell out with a post it note attached. ‘Room 2115 When you get out of work.’

“One last night of human sex before I go back to Sunnydale and become a demon magnet. At least no ugly women have approached me. And I think I just jinxed myself.”

After hailing a cab, Xander went to the Holiday Inn. The place was nearly dead for 12:30 in the morning.

“Hi, Xander. Where are you headed tonight?” The guy at the desk had seen Xander go to different rooms many times over the last month.

“Twenty one fifteen. This is my last night here. I’m going home tomorrow.”

“Are you out of your mind? You have been with many women, none of whom I would ignore, and the one you’re seeing tonight puts a spring in a man’s step. You are the luckiest bastard I’ve ever known.”

Xander held his head down as he walked to the elevator. It opened and he walked in and pushed the button.

“Why can’t I find a woman who’ll like me for me and not try to kill me in the process? I’m not asking for much, you understand.”

Xander walked to Room 2115 like a condemned man, not a guy who is about to get lucky. He got to the door, squared his shoulders and knocked. A heavenly voice answered.

“Come in.”

Xander used the card key and entered the suite. Relaxing on the couch was the brunette. She was posed like Princess Leia when Luke meets her for the first time in a low cut sheer white nightgown that left nothing to the imagination and nothing else. Her most striking feature are her breasts. Xander prayed they were real.

“Hello there, Alex. I’m Fujiko Mine. I saw you at the club tonight and I just _HAD_ to meet you.” She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. Crushing her chest to his. Xander inhaled her scent and it was classy. Whatever she was wearing wasn’t cheap. It reminded him of janitor’s closets, for some reason.

“So Ms. Mine, what do you want tonight?”

“First off, call me Fujiko.” Then the well built brunette stepped back and removed her nightgown. “I could use a massage.” The sway of her hips told Xander that she wanted more than a massage. Xander couldn’t help himself from looking at her shapely behind.

Xander’s pants were getting uncomfortable, so he took all his clothes off. Fujiko looked back at Xander and smiled at what she saw. Fujiko laid down on her stomach and awaited Xander to join her. He got on the side of her bed and started massaging her shoulders. His strong hands from fighting vampires has helped him out in regards to giving massages. Giving Buffy fully clothed massages after patrols were commonplace, when he wasn’t dating Cordelia.

Fujiko had been moaning in pleasure since the start of her massage. When Xander reached the small of her back, did she finally say something.

“Oh, Lupin. That feels so good.”

Xander stopped his massage when she said a guy’s name that sounded vaguely familiar. He had to ask.

“Who’s Lupin?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dr. Xander, Relationship Expert" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Sep 05.

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