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Summary: When you mess with the wrong people, a misunderstanding can cause much trouble, specially if the Magical Community is involved

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredTulipFR131117,58401317,7577 Sep 0527 Sep 05No

Finding answers


Chapter 11: Finding answers.

"Pride?" Draco asked.

"You could explain more you know" Ron said after ten minutes of silence.

"Maybe he forgot of the pensive, maybe he doesn't know about the use of a pensivee" I said. "So he thought we would never see that conversation"

"Could be, but I doubt it, they are very interested and updated in all of our mechanisms" Ron said.

"And how do you know that?" Draco asked questioning Ron inteligence. Ron glared at Draco. "Oh right! You live with Granger"

"Shut up ferret face" Ron said.

"Make me weasel" Draco challenged with a smirked plastered on his face.

"Could you two stop fighting for at least a day?" I snapped.

"Ok Potty boy, just for today"

"And stop calling me Potty boy!" I snapped again, making Draco smirk.

"As you wish Mr.Potter sir" Draco said in his best imitation of a house elf. Ron chuckled and I smiled.

"Maybe we should continue reading, we might find something" I said.

"I don't want to read" Ron whined.

"I suport the weasel"

"I'm warning you ferret"

"Oh I'm so scared"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled. "Enough!" I sighed with frustration. "You are acting like 5 year olds"

"He started" Draco mocked.

Buffy's PoV-

"I have a vault?" I said happily.

"Yes miss" The creature thingy said kind of tiredly, he had repeated the same about a million times.

"Why do I have one?" I said frowning. "No wizards in my family dad could be a wizard" I scratched my shin. "He was kind of weird"

"Miss?" The creature said from the counter.


"You are the Head of the Council... every Head of the Council has a vault"

"I forgot!" Giles said rubbing his temple. "Every head of the Council gets paid obviously, and the money goes to an account that's immediately open in Gringots"

"So Buffy here has money that has been collecting for what? 18 months?" Dawn asked.

"How much does a Head receive?" Willow asked.

"I don't know" Xander said. "But I hope it receives more than the legs" Xander started chuckling and Dawn gave Xander a what-a-bad-joke look.

"Slayers don't have vaults?" I asked changing the subject, maybe I would have two vaults! Two pretty vaults!

"No miss, slayers do not get paid... not that I know of" The thingy said.

"Oh, well we could do some tinny little rules changes while I'm a head, don't you think Giles?" I asked grinning innocently.

"You surely could, but first you would have to be in the Council and convince the higher members of the Council" Giles said thoughtfully.

"Thank you for exploding my happy bubble" I muttered.

"Miss would you like to use your account?"

"Actually I would like to uhm..."

"See it" My dear watcher complete it.

"I can see it?" I whispered to Giles.

"Of course you can"

"Gromp!"The creature yelled. Another creature came to us. "Take them to the vault 740"

"Alright" The creature said kinda grumpily. He started walking and after he was really far from us he seemed to understand we weren't following.

"Are you going to stare at my butt all day or are you planning on following me?" He said and we started walking.

"Someone has something on it's butt" Willows whispered.

"Totally" Dawn said. We kept walking in silence until we reached a place that was like a subway station... kind of. Some weird 'cars' were standing where the subway was supposed to be. They didn't look very save. The creature went into the car.

"FRUDGE!" He yelled.

"What?" Another creature near us yelled back.

"I need some one to take half of this lot" He pointed at us with his head.

"Alright" The other creature said. "Who's coming with me?"

"Take the kid and the old man"


"Old man!" They both whined at the same time.

"Yeah yeah whatever" The creature taking us said and we sat on the car thing. "Are you done?" He asked after ten minutes of watching us arranging ourselves to accomplish our comfort on this car thing.

"Yeah, go ahead" The creature touched something and the car speeded up.

"I'm going to throw up" Xander said when the car stopped.

"Couldn't you have gone slower?" Willow asked.

"No" The sarcastic creature said.

"What are you?" I asked. I have been wondering for hours what this creature was and I couldn't find him name.

"Excuse me?" The creature said indignantly.

"I mean, I'm human what are you? Because I simply can't find you in any place I remember I read"

"A goblin miss, I am a goblin"

"Oh... See I've never meet a goblin" I said cheerfully and the goblin glared at me. "So are we going to wait for Giles and Dawn?" I asked to the goblin.

"We are here" Dawn said with a sick voice. "Buffy it was horrible" Dawn whined. I passed an arm over her shoulders.

"Poor Dawnie got a little ickle sick because of the car?" I teased.

"Shut up" She muttered. "I'm going to throw up"

"I believe we have a group ladies and gentlemen" I said and Willow chuckled. Both, Dawn and Xander glared at me.

"Alright we should go to the vault, shouldn't we?" Giles said with the same sick tone Dawn applied before.

"Giles does the Council have any vaults of their own?"

"Yes of course, that's how they finance themselves" Giles explained.

"So who has access to that account?"

"The higher watchers", Giles said. "And the Head of the Council"

"So if I wanted I could go and grab some money"

"Yes and no, when the Council decided to open an account on Gringots, an account for the Council, they decided to avoid any chance of theft, that for the opening of this account that is found on the maximum security area, there would be the need of the presence of all the higher watchers with the Head of the Council"

"So they couldn't put any money out on this 18 months?"

"They didn't need it, the Council when they can't put any money out and they need it the higher watchers have the responsibility of giving part of their money which will be restored after they have access to their vault"

"You amaze me Giles" Xander said.

Harry PoV-

"Hermione?" I asked knocking her door.

"Come in" She said from behind the door. I opened and I found her reading some files. "May I help you?"

"Uhm...well 'Mione I wanted to apologize"

"No need Harry, we both said unpleasant things to the other"

"I wanted to apologize anyways"

"Well apologize accepted" She said with her eyes still on the paper.

"What are you doing?" I asked curiously.

"Trying to find a reason why Travers would pick Buffy as head of the Council"

"I thought that you weren't going to ..."

"It's my job Harry, Kingsley told me that I was there to help you, and I plan to" She said seriously.

"Ron, Draco and I were trying to find a reason for it too but we couldn't find it" I said sitting on one of the chairs in front of her desk.

"I might have a clue" She said grabbing some files.

"You do?"

"I might Harry might" She said smiling.

"Are you going to tell me?" She grinned.

"Read this" She gave the file she just grabbed. On the first page there was a picture of a girl. In her early teens. Under it there was a woman on her late 30's. There were two lines that caught my attention because they were written in red.

Lana Grey- 12/05/1988-Deceased- 11/22/2001

-Watcher: Luciana Potente 06/05/1962-Deceased- 11/22/2001

"Who are they?" Hermione stopped me from asking her anything else and she handle me another file. There was another picture of a different girl this one must have 15 or 16. The picture of a young man was under it. I read again only the red lines.

Maria Rodríguez- 04/15/1985-Deceased- 12/26/2001

-Watcher: Tomas Machado- 04/19/1950-Deceased- 12/26/2001

"I don't understand" I admitted. "Who are these people?"

"Potentials and their watchers" She said. She handle me more files. "To be more specific, dead potentials with their dead watchers"

"I still don't get you"

"Did you look at the dates?"


"Every potential and her watcher dies on the same day" She pointed .

"Yes I know"

"And all only four of them died before Buffy was called as the Head" She said. She saw my clueless face. "Maybe Travers, feeling himself unable to stop the deaths of potentials decided to give the guilt to another person"

"But those potentials could have died because of alternative reasons"

"No, Harry they died the same way, the watchers also died on the same way, the same day"

"So Travers wanted to blame Buffy for it"

"Maybe he knows more than we do... But something curious is that the potentials murders haven't been investigated and the Council tends to do that when some one dies in an uncommon way."

"How did they die?"

"Stabbed by daggers" She said.

"Then why if you know all this then why are you taking Buffy to the hearing?"

"Because is the only way to make the charges go away, I told you Harry and that way we will also have more resources to find what's wrong with this picture"

"What picture?" I asked.

"Never mind Harry" She said smiling.

"So you are not mad at me anymore?" I asked putting my puppy eyes.

"No... only a little" She grinned.

"Well we should take these files to the meeting room we might find something interesting on the files" She nodded.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Consequences" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Sep 05.

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