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Summary: When you mess with the wrong people, a misunderstanding can cause much trouble, specially if the Magical Community is involved

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredTulipFR131117,58401317,7457 Sep 0527 Sep 05No

Dealing with Ron

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss W and Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling......I won't repeat the disclaimer again.

In the Buffy The Vampire Slayer universe we are at end of season 6 and in the Harry Potter universe we are after the books. Every other adjustment or whatever will come with the development of the story. If there are any questions please leave them on a review and I would answer them if I can. Thank you ....





CHAPTER 1: Dealing with Ron

Harry's POV=>>

"So tomorrow then?" Ron asked me and I nodded. "Sure you won't let me alone with the git right?" I nodded again. "Because I would probably go insane if you let me with him... and you would stay without a sane best friend, are you sure you are going?" I nodded, quickly starting to get pissed. "As in I would bet my life and my friend's life on it kind of sure?"

"For Heavens sake Ron! Yes he is sure! He is the one in charge for Heavens sake he has to be there!" Hermione said coming from the kitchen. Ron glared at 'Mione and she just rolled her eyes. "Sometimes I can't understand what I see in you..." She said to herself.

"Well I'm charming, smart, I have a great sense of humor..."

"The freckles help too, don't they Granger?" Draco said, while he entered the house. 'Mione glared at Draco, and Draco just winked and smirked at her, making her angrier.

"What are you doing here? It's enough I have to deal with you at work. Now you come to bother me in my house?" Ron snapped...Oh boy! Here we go...

"Is your sister ready Ron?" Draco said smirking obviously enjoying himself. Ron showed a disgusted face.

"Ginny's tastes are getting worse everyday" Ron muttered loud enough for Draco to hear.

"Draco!" Ginny said coming from the stairs "There you are! I knew I had heard you!"

"Gin, do you really want to go out with him?" Ginny nodded happily and grabbed Draco's hand making her big brother even madder.

"Ron, please don't start" Ginny begged making her famous puppy eyes. Ron muttered something to himself and just glared one more time at Draco. "Can we go now?" Gin asked Draco. He nodded.

"I'll see you two in the morning" Draco said to Ron and me before he closed the door.

"Couldn't you two stick together?" Ron asked me "No!" He answered to himself. "You had to decide that she was like a sister to you... a sister my bloody arse!"

"Ron, don't curse" Mione snapped. "Remind me to break up with him after he stops talking to himself" I nodded grinning.

"I got to go Mione" I said looking at my watch. "Tell him I said goodbye" She nodded and kissed my cheek before following Ron to the living room. I disappeared and appeared at my house and left my cloak over the chair, next to my desk. I had to sleep all night ...I grabbed the dreamless potion I kept on my bedside table. I swallowed the potion and after laying down in my bed, I fell asleep. Tomorrow would be a long day I would have to deal with the case of Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers.




Buffy and Co. will appear in the next chapters obviously .I hope you like this, review and tell me your comments about it. Thanks a lot.
Even though there are some pairings set, none of them will be center of the story.



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