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Human Evolution

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Summary: Xander discovers he's the next step in the evolution of human, and may hold the key to the Asgard cloning problems.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilynannabelleFR151125,000789108,4407 Sep 0530 Mar 06No

Human Evolution

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I merely borrowed the characters from their creators for your amusement.

Authors note: This is my first attempt at a fan-fic. Please give me feed back. And now for chapter one.

Xander’s eye watched the girls as they moved about the new sparring room. Willow had recently “felt” a potential become a full slayer, and she had turned out to be the heiress to an oil empire in Turkey. Her family was more than willing to do all they could to aid their daughter’s training, including financing a state of the art training facility which Faith would use to heavily combat train the girls. The building consisted of several rooms. In one room, a sparring mat was set up for hand-to-hand training, mostly for fighting demons and vampires. One room was lined with targets along one wall, and various projectile weapons along another. A third room was set up for fencing, as Andrew had felt that at the very least, the footwork would improve the slayers’ ability to evade blows. There were also weight rooms. The new Watcher’s Council had employed first rate experts to help Faith in the training. There were retired military strategists, karate gurus, wizards and even some balance demons with a lot of strength for sparring. Xander was proud of what they had managed to accomplish in so little time.

Sighing, he turned to Andrew and tried to stamp down the anger. He knew it wasn’t Andrew’s fault Anya had died, despite Andrew’s insistence she had died saving him. But he couldn’t help feeling it should have been Andrew. “I’m leaving soon, Xander. My slayer and I are being stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, where she is from. It’s one of the European hell mouths, as well. As per the new guidelines, there will be three slayers per hell mouth, so we’re coordinating to see who else will go.”

“Well, Gerta will want Sabrina if she’s willing. They’ve gotten close, and her watcher speaks German I believe. Ask Faith who else is trained up enough to take on a hell mouth. I’ll be leaving for a few days to take care of some business that’s come up. Oh, and talk to Willow, she keeps tabs on the mystical bad going on around each of the ‘mouths. That could influence who goes.” Xander turned and walked towards his room. This whole place used to be a private school, long ago, and the dorms had been modified for the slayers and their teachers. Xander’s role was no longer needed, and he had other things to do now.

When the Sunnydale hell mouth had collapsed, leaving a giant crater in California, the Scoobies had taken the newly activated slayers to the Cleveland hell mouth to regroup. Money had been really tight at first, and everyone had done what they could to survive. Xander had even taken to selling sperm for grocery money. Teenage girls had hearty appetites without being slayers, add in that metabolism, and you had some food hounds. Yesterday he’d received a letter from the military telling him that his DNA had been red-flagged, not for disease, but that he needed to come in for more information. Xander didn’t know what was going on, but he had contacted Riley and the military man had urged Xander to respond to the summons. So tonight, after saying goodbye to the girls, he was taking the redeye flight to Colorado.

'Willow?' Xander extended the thought to his oldest friend.

'Xander? What’s up?' Willow was in London helping restore the Watcher’s Council’s information store. She had scanned a lot of their extensive library when she’d come here to recover from her bout with the veiny black magicks.

'I’m leaving soon. I’m not needed here anymore, and something has come up. I’ll let you know more when I find out what’s going on. Andrew is going to ask you about the German hell mouth. Looks like he’s headed there.'

'He’s going to make a good watcher, huh? Are you sure you want to go to Colorado, Xan? I mean, it’s the military! I know Riley told you you should go, but I’m worried.' Willow bit her lip as tears gathered at her eyes. She had hacked the Air Force files and already knew what was coming, but thought it better that Xander find out on his own. Learning you were adopted less than a year after your parents were sucked into a giant hole in the ground was going to be tough on him.

'Don’t sweat it, Wills. I’ll be fine. It’ll be a little vacay from all this estrogen overload. If I get dragged into one more pajama party where I have to hear how gorgeous Orlando Bloom is, I’m going to puke! Not to mention watching those horrible chick flicks.' Xander chuckled to himself. He wasn’t fooling anybody, he loved those girls.

Willow smiled. Wesley glanced up from the database and grinned at his fiancée. “What are you smiling at?”

“I’m talking to Xander. He’s leaving for Colorado soon. He’s pretending to be all tired of the girly-girl life.” 'You take care of yourself Xander Harris. And if you need me to come kick some butt, let me know. I’ll portal in and Wicca them senseless! Or, you know, just send Buffy. Yeah, Buffy is way scarier now that I don’t go all vein-y.'

'I love you, Wills. And I’ll keep you updated. If I need any butt-kicking, you’re the first to know. Tell Wes hi for me.' Xander reluctantly closed the link. Willow trusted them to stay out of her mind, so she kept the link open so they could contact her whenever they needed. Xander respected that trust too much to listen in on her talk with the former watcher. He knew Willow had hacked the system and had some idea what was going to happen, but he also knew that she would have told him if she thought he needed to know in advance.
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