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The Mirror Never Lies

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Summary: The Season One Scoobies meet the Season Seven Scoobies

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Chapter Five

Author's Note 1: My muse has finally deigned to turn her attention back to this story. I never intended to let things lapse for so long before getting back to this particular tale, but I will say that I have no intention of letting it happen again. So, enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think about it.

Author's Note 2: To make easier to keep track of the various characters, I will outline the Season Seven Scooby Gang's new identities as follows:

Buffy is Anne Elizabeth Summers;
Dawn is Celeste Donita Summers;
Xander is now Alexander ('Alex') Harrison;
Willow is Michelle Willow Rosenblum;
Giles is Allen Giles Rothwood;
Faith is still Faith Lehane;
Kennedy is actually Kennedy Hannity;
Vi's full name is Violet Churchill;
Rona is known as Rona Maris;
Chao Ahn is Chang Chao-Ahn.


Sunnydale High School Library

Sunday, June 5, 1997
Late morning

"Uh, where's the younger crowd?" Anne Summers (formerly, the 'elder' version of Buffy Summers) asked as she entered the library and found only those of her fellow time travelers – those who had formed her core group of friends during 2003 –sitting in chairs around the room.

"I thought we were all meeting about what we were gonna tell the Council – y'know, about us ending up back here, the whole 'Back To The Future' dealie," Anne continued, as she gave the room's other occupants a wary evaluation.

"We are, Buffy, – uh, I mean, Anne," Celeste replied, giving her big sister a nervous look, which matched those on her companions' faces.

"We're meeting everyone else, later, that is," she quickly clarified her previous response. "But we kinda wanted to talk with you first, about everything that happened, back before we activated all the new Slayers and turned Sunnydale into California's version of the Grand Canyon."

Seeing the closed-off expression that instantly slid over the blonde's face upon hearing Celeste's words, Alex Harrison (the former Xander Harris) spoke up, as Michelle Rosenblum (once Willow Rosenberg) and Allen Rothwood (who had, in another timeline, been Rupert Giles) watched with concern clearly etched in their faces

"Look, Buffy – uh, I mean, Anne – damn, getting used to these new names is a real pain in the butt," Alex half-cursed as he got up from the library chair he'd been sitting on and approached the Slayer, his hand conciliatorily held out towards her. "We just wanted to tell you, we're sorry about the way everything went down between us all the other night, and that you felt like we were throwing you out of your own house that night."

The expression on Anne's face cleared a bit upon hearing that apology, but the half-smile that had started to form after hearing his words was replaced by a somewhat confused and annoyed expression, when Alex added, "Not that we're saying that now we think that your idea to just go back and attack Caleb and the Bringers in the vineyard all over again was a good one, mind you."

"Really? So exactly what does that mean?" the blonde then snapped, stepping forward with a frown.

"Exactly what it sounds like," Alex replied, not retreating even an inch in the face of the Eldest Slayer's obvious displeasure while his tone remained just as calm and even as it had been a moment earlier.

"We're all sorry that things got so bad between us that you felt like we were rejecting you and your leadership, but we're not sorry that we told you that we didn't like the way everything was going or the way you were handling things, then," Alex elaborated.

"Oh, really?" Anne snapped back. "Well, I don't recall hearing any of you people making any suggestions about how we should have been doing things!" she said angrily.

"Yeah, well, that's pretty much because you really weren't listening to anyone except Spike, anymore," Alex replied, a tinge of annoyance coloring his voice. "And he just kept mouthing off about how he was the only one who was supporting you, and the rest of us were a bunch of – what did he call us? 'Sad, ungrateful traitors'?"

Personally, he felt that the bleached vampire had just been saying anything he could think of to get back in Buffy’s panties.

"Just take a minute to think about everything that was going on, and then tell me that I'm wrong," Alex said frankly, before wincing at the not-entirely-unexpected expression of fury appearance on Anne's face.

"Please, Bu – uh, Anne," he said, his voice softening and the expression in his remaining eye as earnest as the others had ever seen, "we really don't want to argue with you about what happened, or play the blame game, either.

"I swear, we're not looking to fight with you for the way things worked out, because I think most, if not all of us, would've ended up dead a long time ago, if you hadn't been around to save our butts," he said simply.

"All of us, and I do mean *all* of us, have made all kinds of mistakes, and some of them started long before the First ever showed up," Alex went on, "and all we really want to do is just try to talk to you, so you can understand how we saw things, and why we did and said the things we did, and so we can understand why *you* did all the things you've done over the past six months or so.

"Please, Anne," Alex said, almost pleadingly. "We've all gotten a second chance to live our lives here, and we all really want you to be a part of those lives. So will you please sit down and talk to us, without it ending up as a shouting match or insult contest, so we can all try and understand why everything happened the way it did?"

Anne's immediate impulse was to swear at him, and then get up and leave. But a quick glance at the others present showed how they were all watching the interaction between the two one-time best friends with the deepest of interest, with their hope of her agreement evident on their faces.

"Okay," Anne nodded, biting her lower lip and trying not to let her annoyance regarding this... semi-intervention show on her face.

"I'm willing to talk if you are."


Sunnydale High School Library
June 6, 1997

Giles' office

"Okay, then. All of your flight and hotel reservations are locked in, your credit cards have all been activated and are ready to use, so I'd say you guys are good to go, now," Celeste declared with a smile as she looked up from her laptop.

"Your flight takes off at 8:17, tomorrow morning, at Sunnydale Airport," the gorgeous brunette reminded her compatriots as she glanced over her shoulder at the two other people currently helping crowd the librarian's office.

"I've got all of the names and phone numbers of all the people you need to see at the Department of Children and Family Services programmed into your cell phone, so you don’t need to worry about anything like that, either, Faith," the younger woman promised her companion.

"And be sure not to lose it, okay? 'Cause it'll cost about eight hundred dollars to replace it, and I don't want a lot of high value items being charged against the cards Willow and I have set up," Celeste said grouchily as Faith gasped in shock, before she spun around to look at the younger brunette, and then down at the phone in her hand.

"Well, at least, not right away," the one-time Key immediately qualified her prior statement. "After they've been used for a little while and the new ID’s settle a bit, then it'll be fine."

"How much did you just say this thing cost, D?" Faith gasped in shock, as she spun to look, first, at the younger brunette and then down at the phone in her hand. "Uh, I mean, Celeste," the second-oldest Slayer immediately corrected herself.

"It's still the Nineties here, remember? And when you add up all the taxes and the various service fees the phone companies charge? About eight hundred, maybe eight hundred and fifty dollars," Celeste shrugged somewhat indifferently at the former Bostonian's wide-eyed question. "Do you think that maybe some of the top execs at these companies might really be bloodsucking demons, Gi – I mean, Allen?

"Anyway, the biggest part of the cost is 'cause that phone's a Motorola StarTAC," Celeste explained, getting back to the main topic of discussion, "and it's the best phone you can possibly get in the entire country, at this particular time.

"Anyway, like I was saying yesterday," the brunette continued her semi-briefing, "we figure it shouldn't take more than a week, at most, to file all the preliminary paperwork for you to get custody of your younger self. So, the rest of us guys will meet you and Allen at the Boston Hyatt Regency Tuesday afternoon, on the sixteenth.

"Does that all sound okay to you?" Celeste checked with the second eldest Slayer in the world.

"Yeah, that all sound goods to me, Li'l– I mean, Celeste," Faith nodded before immediately correcting herself, again, with an annoyed expression on her face.

If their plans were going to have any real chance of success, she again reminded herself (just like the rest of the time travelers had been doing), then she *had* to start thinking of her teammates by their new names, or their enemies might possibly be able to figure out who they really were.

Everyone was working hard to get used to the new names which all of the time-displaced mystical warriors had decided upon, as they had to make certain that there wouldn't be any confusion – now or at any time in the future – when they needed to speak to each other in public. Whether it was during research or in the heat of battle, it made no difference, since lives could literally depend on making sure that everyone knew who was speaking, or being spoken to.

"Yeah, me and Jeeves oughta be able to have things nailed down by then," Faith went on, returning her attention to the matter currently at hand – i.e., her intended adoption of her younger self.

"So, we'll definitely be dropping by Diana's place, up near Harvard – assuming the Council's already sent her to Beantown. She never did tell me when she first arrived into the country, damn it," Faith noted parenthetically.

"And we'll check out if Kakistos has his headquarters set up, now, too," she added with a confident expression.

"And I gotta tell ya, kid, I'm *really* looking forward to seeing the expression on that ugly fucker's face when me and Anne and the mini-Slayers drop in, and he sees us dust all of his troops, right before we send him back to hell," the second oldest and second most experienced Slayer existent declared with a grim smile that promised abundant pain and suffering for the subject of her ire.

"Yeah, that's something that would definitely be good to see, Faith," Alex agreed as he joined the small group in Giles' office.

"I'm just wondering whether a vampire that old will actually wet his pants, once he sees all of you ladies doing that voodoo that you all do so well, or if he'll just run away and scream for his momma like a big undead baby," the one-eyed, temporally-displaced carpenter wondered aloud with a huge grin.

"Don't underestimate that sonofabitch, Alex," Faith shook her head, a haunted expression in her eyes as horrifying memories ran unbidden through her mind. "The undead bastard didn't get to be that old by being stupid. He may be an arrogant prick, but he's also pretty goddamn smart.

"Even if it didn't seem like it at the time, Kakistos was definitely one of the nastiest, most vicious bloodsucking pricks we ever went up against. Hell, the only reason we didn't end up with everyone in the old gang dead is because me and... Anne caught him by surprise, and he didn't expect for us to attack him the way we did," Faith said while shaking her head, as though to dispel the bad memories conjured up by their discussion.

"If we had done things the way the Council-trained Slayers used to do 'em, we woulda lost a whole lot more people before he finally got dusted," she declared with a faint shiver.

"You're right. I shouldn't joke about him – at least, not until after he's dust," Alex agreed, his expression instantly shifting to a much more serious one. Hopefully, Faith’s would-be future watcher would be able to legally buy the shotgun and Dragon’s Breath shells they wanted as backup. Massachusetts had some really restrictive gun laws, after all.

"But you also need to remember that when it comes down to who're the meanest and nastiest bastards on the block, that we're all still here, and all of the things that have tried to take us down over the past seven years – aren't," Alex noted encouragingly, clearly trying to lift the brunette's spirits.

"Probably 'cause we've always been able to cheat better than the Bad Guys can."


Sunnydale High School library
June 8, 1997

"Ohmigosh, did any of you guys hear about what happened?" Willow exclaimed breathlessly as she burst through the double doors of Slayer Central, her abrupt entrance making everyone seated inside the library look over at her questioningly.

"What's up, Wills?" Buffy asked idly in a semi-interested tone as she nonchalantly lounged back on the rear two legs of her chair, sipping from her extra-large double chocolate mocha espresso goodness and taking an enormous bite from the cherry Danish she was eating, while Giles paused in his study of the Darkanthian Codex, to look up and ascertain the cause of the redhead's excitement.

On the other side of the table, Alex glanced up from the 'The Death of Captain Marvel' graphic novel which had been occupying his attention and Celeste and Cordelia paused in their discussion regarding potential Internet investment schemes they had been evaluating, to look up expectantly at the excited redhead. Anne paused in the middle of the two sword kata she was demonstrating for Vi, Rona and Chao Ahn's further instruction in 'Intermediate Weapon Techniques of Slaying 101', as Celeste had smilingly referred to the training when it'd begun, and Xander put aside his copy of the U.S. Army field medic manual that he had been studying (at Alex's suggestion), to focus their attention on the clearly excited young woman.

"Yeah, Will, what's got ya so wound up?" Xander asked, a frown on his face as he looked over at his best friend.

"You didn't have a second cup of coffee this morning, did you?" Harris asked suspiciously, as he examined the almost visibly quivering redhead as she stood by the end of the research table.

"Uh-uh, Xand, I only had one, and I didn't even use the super-size mug you and Buffy got me for my birthday," Willow confirmed her abstention from the demon caffeine, before returning to the reason for her excitement.

"I can't believe you didn't hear about what happened! I mean, it's all over the news!" the hacker and future apprentice witch then resumed her previous exhortation, apparently not bothering to pause for breath before continuing with her announcement.

"Mayor Wilkins' house exploded a couple hours ago and it looks like he might have been killed in the blast 'cause the emergency crews found what they referred to as 'an extremely charred corpse which was missing significant portions of the torso and the majority of its limbs'," Willow babbled in a huge rush, apparently quoting from memory.

"And since the Mayor's lived alone since his wife died eighteen years ago and he doesn't have any children and he didn't have anyone staying over at his house that anyone knows about, everyone thinks that the body that the emergency teams found is his and that he's dead," she breathlessly concluded her news and stood there looking at her friends expectantly.

After looking at each other for a moment, virtually everyone present then turned their heads to all stare in Alex's direction.

"What?" Harrison demanded in a self-righteous voice as he calmly returned their stares.

"What are you people looking at me for?" he asked, the least bit indignantly. "Come on, you all know what houses in Sunnydale can be like. Pipes get corroded, leaks start and gas starts to accumulate. Then someone gets careless with a match, and BOOM!

"It's almost as dangerous as going out alone at night, into a dark alley," Alex declared, before ostentatiously returning his attention to his book.

The others in the room all continued to look at him for another moment before shrugging and then resuming their interrupted activities.

Relative calm reigned for a short while, until Alex finally closed his book and set it down on the table. He then looked over at the resident Watcher and announced, "Almost forgot; there's a bunch of stuff outside in a van I rented that you'll probably want to look over, Giles.

"And I could use some help with moving some of the heavy stuff I've got inside it," he added, looking over at Anne, Buffy and the newbie Slayers. "Hell, I thought I was gonna throw my back out trying to get some of that stuff loaded into it."

"Okay, pay up!" Celeste announced, loudly and cheerfully as she triumphantly held out her hand towards Cordy while a wide, elated smile lit up her face.

Ignoring the curious stares of the other Scoobies, Cordy frowned as she dug her wallet out of her purse and removed a twenty-dollar bill, which she then grudgingly placed in the Key's outstretched palm.

"Next time, maybe you'll know better than to bet against me," Celeste gibed jubilantly as she grinned at the scowling cheerleader.

"Whatever. You know, I'm still not completely convinced that he's the future version of Dweeb Boy," Cordelia grumbled. "The Xander I know, his idea of subtle would be to stand around and smack someone in the head with a baseball bat when they turn a corner.

"And he hasn't worn any of those god-awful shirts of his, either."

"Like I told you the last time you denounced my Classic Hawaiians, Cordy, everything I owned went down the tubes along with the rest of the town when we closed the Hellmouth and everything went bye-bye," Alex told her with a long-suffering sigh of annoyance. "Just like everyone else who ended up here with me."

"Well then, I guess it looks like God's on our side, after all," Cordy smirked, her comment eliciting an indignant "Hey!" from the two outraged males who were clearly the subjects of her observation.

{ It's comments like that which make me wonder whether I ought to tell her she eventually ended up becoming my girlfriend, } Alex thought nastily to himself, before calming down and redirecting his train of thought. There was no point going down that road where Cordelia was concerned, not only because of her family's financial situation – but also because it led to thoughts about Anya, and Alex did *not* want to imagine how the woman who had become the love of his life, was now out there somewhere, gleefully murdering unfaithful guys with a song in her heart.

"Oh hey, guys!" Alex subsequently called out as he paused in the library doorway and looked back at Celeste and Willow. "You might want to check out Wilkins' bank accounts and see how much money he's got squirreled away. I'll betcha he's got at least a dozen accounts, considering that he's been running this town for almost a century, and I'll bet most of them are in the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands.

"That money's not going to do him any good where he's ended up," the one-eyed man hypothesized, "but I'm sure we can find all sorts of good uses for it!"


Sunnydale High School
The Quad

June 9, 1997

"Hey, Jonathan! Hold up a minute, will ya?"

The short, nerdy-looking youth paused and looked over his shoulder in surprise at being hailed by Xander Harris. After all, despite the fact that Xander had intervened a few times in preceding years when Jonathan was being bullied by Percy or one of the other jerks who were on the sports teams, and had filled in as a GM for the school’s last BattleTech tournament, the two of them had never really hung out together very much. Especially during the past year, once he and Willow had started spending pretty much all of their free time with the hot new girl who'd transferred in from L.A., Buffy Summers.

Of course, he wasn't at all opposed to having more guy friends. Particularly if they had female friends as beautiful and as smart as Buffy and Willow.

"Yeah, Xander?" Jonathan said expectantly as the taller youth jogged over to join him. "What is it, you need my help for something?"

"Nah, Jono," Xander shook his head, and Jonathan grinned at hearing his sorta-friend's nickname for him, since it made him feel like the other guy actually liked him.

"Uh, well, maybe I do, actually," Harris corrected himself a moment later, an uncertain frown crossing his face.

"Uhm, what I mean is, if you've got some free time this afternoon, after classes finish, I'd appreciate it if you could meet up with me and the ladies in the library," Xander went on. "Because we got some things we'd like to talk to you about.

"And not just me and Buffy and Willow, but some other people, too," the taller youth tried to clarify his earlier words and failed. Jonathan simply nodded.

"You want me to meet you in the library after school, today?" the heavyset youth asked, somewhat uncertainly. "And Buffy and Willow and some other people want to meet with me there, too?"

"Exact-a-mundo!" Xander nodded, giving him a smile of satisfaction as he pointed directly at him with his index finger.

"Oh, and if you see Andrew Wells or Warren Mears around, could you ask them to meet up with us there, too?" Harris asked. "I've been looking for them, too, to ask them to meet up with us, but I haven't seen either of them around, yet."

"Uh, yeah, I could do that, Xand," Jonathan agreed with another uncertain nod. He knew where to find Andrew, but didn’t know Warren all that well, what with him being a year ahead of the rest of them.

"Okay, great, buddy," Xander grinned at him again.

"See ya then, okay? I got some other things I gotta do before class starts," Xander declared as he turned and started jogging away in the direction of the library, leaving behind a completely mystified, but vaguely pleased classmate.

{ Buffy and Willow want to meet with me, too? } Jonathan thought to himself as he turned back and resumed his trek into the school building

{ Well, even if they don't want me to help them with their homework or whatever, it's nice to know that they at least know who I am, } Levinson decided as he headed towards his locker.


"Uh, hey, Amy! Can you wait up a minute, please?"

Amy Madison looked around to see Willow Rosenberg calling to her, and she paused in the hallway just outside the classroom doorway to wait for the redhead to catch up with her.

"What's the matter, Willow? Is there something wrong?" the blonde daughter of a psychopathic witch asked, her forehead wrinkling a bit as she looked at her classmate with a mixture of concern and worry.

She and the redhead genius hadn't been all that close since junior high had started, and her only real interaction with her had been around six months ago, when her mother had stolen her body. And even then, she and Willow hadn't spent all that much time talking and renewing their friendship.

So, for the redhead to go out of her way to talk to her was probably an indication that things around here were not going well, at all.

"No, there's nothing wrong, Amy!" Willow declared emphatically, as she vigorously shook her head at the taller girl's question.

{ Maybe just a little too emphatically and vigorously, } Amy thought to herself as she waited to hear whatever Willow had to say.

"Really! There's nothing wrong," Willow repeated herself, a slight blush coloring her cheeks as she recognized Amy's somewhat skeptical expression upon hearing her denial.

"But, uh, there is something different that's going on, that we just found out about, and we'd really like you to come to a meeting we're having in the library after school, so that we can tell you about what it is, 'cause it could possibly affect you, too, but if you don't want to come, then that's okay and we could tell you about it later, if you want to hear what we have to say, and you really should hear about everything that's going on because it is really important," she babbled in a near-breathless declaration that left the other girl amazed that Willow hadn't passed out from a lack of oxygen.

"Okay, Willow, I got it," Amy held up her hand to halt any potential additional exposition from the slightly panting redhead. "I'll show up, so I can find out whatever it is you need to tell me.

"Is there anything else?" Ms. Madison then asked.

"Uhm," Willow paused for a moment, as though trying to decide about something, before then going on to say, "I just wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry that I didn't try and keep in touch more with you since that thing with your mother happened, Amy.

"And especially before that, too," Willow added as she looked the other girl straight in the eye. "I haven't been a very good friend for a long time, Amy, and I hope it's not too late for me to fix that."

Amy stared at the smaller girl for a long moment, totally shocked at the redhead's statement, before smiling down at her somewhat shorter friend and saying, "I'd like that, Willow.

"But I've got to get to Physics class, as in right now, 'cause Mrs. Drexler hates people coming in late," Amy noted as she turned and started heading towards her next class.

"See you this afternoon," Amy smiled, and she was pleased to see Willow smiling back as she headed down the other corridor.


Sunnydale High School Library

June 9, 1997
Late afternoon

Anne and Alex smiled with amusement at the surprised and thoroughly stunned expressions on the faces of the four teens staring at them, once they'd completed their admittedly general and vaguely-described outline of the future they and their fellow temporally-displaced refugees had experienced.

Now, it was simply a matter of their waiting for the shock of the knowledge imparted to mitigate sufficiently so that Amy, Jonathan, Andrew and Warren could absorb and integrate the information received, and then answer whatever questions which would be raised, before making any offers of cooperation and teamwork. Oh, and making sure Michelle didn't lose her temper and do something foolish where the quartet was concerned, of course.

Anne's expression devolved into a frown as Andrew Wells' eyes blinked several times and he shook his head twice – before the expression of shock on the nerd's face shifted to a broad, beaming, and slightly mad, smile which almost completely stretched from ear to ear.

"Great Maker!" the blond-haired geek exclaimed with an almost religious fervor echoing in his voice. "All of you are just like Kirk and Spock in the Star Trek episode, 'The City on the Edge of Forever'! You're trying to rectify mistakes made in the past which doomed humanity's future! Please! I beseech you! You have to let me help you in your endeavors to ensure a more perfect future for mankind!!"

As Anne reached into her jeans pocket and withdrew a ten dollar bill, she turned to Alex and said, "I hate you!" without any real rancor in her voice before she handed the money over to him.

"Come on, Anne. After all the time we spent listening to this guy while we were fighting the First? I still can't believe you bet against him being the first one to work through the shock and demand a chance to help us," the one-eyed man grinned at the petite blonde as he gleefully accepted the money and shoved it into his pocket

"I'll take care of Andrew, Anne," Alex assured the diminutive blonde, "and you can handle the other guys' questions, okay?"

Abandoning Anne to her fate and turning to face the almost visibly quivering teenager sitting in front of him, Alex shook his head as he said, "Okay, pal, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that, while there isn't actually any such thing as the Temporal Prime Directive, you still can't go around telling anyone what's the what. So, listen up as I explain the rules, Andrew – especially where your brother's concerned…"

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Mirror Never Lies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 13.

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