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The Mirror Never Lies

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Summary: The Season One Scoobies meet the Season Seven Scoobies

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The Mirror Never Lies

Rating: Some violence and some language, but definitely not any worse than the show.

Disclaimer: They're not mine. They belong to Crack-Head Joss. Deal with it. I have.

Category: Response to Mike McD's challenge which went:

{{ Season 1 Scoobies Impressions of Season 7 Scoobies (Msg 96414 of XanderZone from Mike McD)

{{ Imagine if Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles from season 1 ended up meeting themselves in season 7. Imagine them living in Buffy's house with all the SiTs, patrolling with their season 7 selves, seeing what they ended up becoming.

{{ Of all of the season 1 Scoobies, it would be a close call between Buffy and Willow who would be the most traumatized.

{{ Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if season 1 Buffy decided to kill her older self.

{{ Willow would either spend most of her time in a fetal position in a room somewhere, or looking for something to slash her wrists with.

{{ Giles would kick his season 7 self in the ass for not keeping Buffy in check.

{{ But how would season 1 Xander take it? How would season 7 Xander react to seeing what he used to be? }}

Summery: The Season One Scoobies meet the Season Seven Scoobies.

Time Frame: After the series conclusion 'Chosen.'

Spoilers: Probably general spoilers for the entire series.

Character Bashing: None. Really. Maybe later if you're good...

Feedback: Of course! Flames, however, will either be ignored or to used to toast marshmallows

Author's Notes 1: This is just one of a couple ideas I've had blossoming in my brain after reading Mike's comments/challenge. This will NOT be a long story, probably only several chapters.

Author's Notes 2: Andrew managed to help kill a Turok-Han by not running fast enough to escape it and thereby delaying it long enough as it drained him that Vi decapitated it as she led the other surviving mini-Slayers out of the school's basement.

Author's Notes 3: Wood died in the lounge while battling the Bringers and Turok-Han.


Title: The Mirror Never Lies

Part 1

May 20, 2003

As the bus raced down Sunnydale's main street with Faith at the wheel. Buffy Summers sprinted across the rooftops of the deserted buildings lining the street, running for all she was worth, slowly gaining on the bus carrying the last survivors of the Hellmouth's final battle as it headed toward the city limits. In their wake, the buildings seemed to sequentially collapse as the town was slowly sucked into the chaos swirling behind them. Just as the roof of the warehouse beneath her feet collapsed into rubble, Buffy sprang forward, flying through the air to land on the next roof, never pausing in her headlong flight from rampant entropy

Looking out the back window of the bus, Dawn spotted her sister just as the petite blonde made one last desperate super-human leap off the edge of the last building and into the air, sailing through the dust and smoke thrown up by the cascading destruction, to land hard atop the bus' roof. In the front of the bus, Faith leaned over and swung open the hinged front doors and Buffy scrambled along the thin-gage metal roof to swing down inside the speeding vehicle.

As the bus shot away from the town that has been their home for the past seven years, everyone stared out the back windows to watch as the entire city disappeared into the still-growing chasm, leaving nothing but a vast gaping hole in its place. They watched with mounting apprehension as the destructive radius seemed to pursue them, the light emanating from the ever-growing crater behind them becoming brighter and brighter until it seemed as though the sun itself were outside the bus's windows.

In another moment, the glare was quite literally blinding and the refugee vehicle swerved wildly across the road before being lost to sight in the unearthly brilliance, had anyone been present to see their plight.


Sunnydale High Library
June 2, 1997

Standing on the roof of the school, the Master looked down through the skylight and clapped his hands idly.

"Yes. Come forth, my child. Come into my world," he intoned pompously as he watched a single green tentacle push its way up through the flooring of the library, unnoticed by any to the mortals gathered inside it.

"I don't think it's yours, just yet," a voice behind him said, and he turned to look over his shoulder to see who would dare to disagree.

"You're dead! I killed you," he exclaimed in surprise at seeing the petite Slayer he had fought only a few minutes before standing there, facing him

"I may be dead, but I'm still pretty," she said, her hands on her hips as she spoke to him. "Which is more than I can say for you."

"You were destined to die! It was written!"

"What can I say? I flunked the written," she quipped, an instant before she swung a hard punch to his mouth and knocked him down.

As he tried to get back up to his feet, Buffy snapped a roundhouse kick out that connected solidly with the left side of his jaw. He swiped at her and she jerked back, but his claw-like fingernails sliced through the skin just below her collarbone, drawing blood. As she drove a vicious hook into his kidney, the Master punched her in the jaw, then leaned back to let a second hook to his face slip by.

As Buffy followed up with a kick towards his stomach, he casually blocked it while simultaneously punching her in the face, sending her flying backward into the wall behind her.


Willow screamed as the huge, green, multi-headed and tentacled demon that had burst thorough the floor a moment ago wrapped a scaly limb around her ankle and began pulling her towards itself. Jenny Calendar grabbed hold of the terrified redhead and tried to pull her free, but only succeeded in gaining the creature's attention and having another tentacle wrap itself around her waist and drag her along in the direction of one of its slavering mouths along with the redheaded Scooby.

Hearing the frenzied cries of the two women, Giles grabbed hold of a battle axe from the weapons cage and began hacking at the Hellmouth monster's thickly-muscled limbs in an attempt to free them.

Off to one side, Angel fought to hold back four of the Master's minions while Xander sought to stave off the approach of another by confronting it with a cross, his other hand nervously grasping his stake while he prayed to any deity who might be listening and inclined to lend them a helping hand.

On the other side of the room, Cordy was slamming a large, metal bookstand against the arm of a vampire reaching for her through the broken window of the library's door.

Suddenly, a faintly glowing portal opened just above floor level next to the aperture through which the Hellmouth creature was looming and a group of disheveled-looking people stumbled through the opening to look around in bewilderment at the chaos surrounding them.


"What's going on? Where are we?" Buffy asked, a perplexed expression on her face as she looked around the extremely familiar hall they had somehow been dumped into.

One moment they were trying to escape the massive sinkhole Sunnydale was becoming while being blinded by whatever arcane process the amulet that Spike had been wearing had triggered, the next instant they were being dumped in some unknown chamber filled with mucho vamps.

"Angel? What are you doing here? Why aren't you in L.A.?" she asked in confusion upon seeing her former undead paramour fighting four other vampires. Reflexively, she rushed to help him.


"What the hell?! Didn't we just destroy this place? For the second time?" Xander asked as he looked around and recognized their location as the old library in their former high school - the one they'd blown up four years previously, before apparently re-enacting the devastation again just a few minutes previously at the climax of their battle with the First's army of Turok-Han.

"Cordy?" he exclaimed as he saw the brunette teenager struggling against the bleached blonde vampire who had forced her way into the library and was now holding her by the throat.

"Get the hell away from her, bitch!" the one-eyed Scooby snarled as he leaped forward to cross the distance separating them in three steps and yank the unwary vamp off his ex-girlfriend, before spinning it around and knocking the demon off-balance and dazing it with a solid right to its Adam's apple. Forgetting that it didn't need to breath, reflexive panic made the vamp release its victim and grasp at its crushed throat, giving the ex-carpenter ample opportunity to stake it.


"Jenny?" Dawn thought she heard Giles whisper, a bare moment before she saw him dart away and begin hewing away with an axe at a towering green monster holding a dark-haired woman and someone who looked just like her memories of a younger Willow, back before everything seemed to start going down the tubes for the Scooby Gang.

The expression she saw on the former librarian's face as he swung the axe would have terrified her if she hadn't known that the fury she saw there was directed at the creature holding the two women captive.

< Oh boy. Ripper's come out to play, > she realized with a wry twist to her lips. < Glad I'm not the one who's gonna have to deal with him when he's finished playing Conan. It's enough of a problem dealing with the demon blood from whatever that is they're fighting. That stuff's probably a real bitch to get out of jeans, > she reflected idly as she grasped her stake more firmly and looked around, surveying and evaluating their surroundings for both possible cover and enemies.


Looking around and sensing the groups of vampires outside who were trying to force their way into the library and to the embryonic Hellmouth that was just now beginning to open, Faith called out orders to the newly Awakened Slayers, who were staring around in confusion.

"Okay, kids, stake anything with yellow eyes and fangs. Compared to what we were just fighting, these suckers'll be a walk in the park," she commented as she surged forward towards a pair of bloodsuckers coming in through an open window. "But you still need to be careful!"

Catching sight of Angel fighting across the room as she casually staked both vamps, she added, "And leave the vamp in the black suit alone! He's on our side! Like Spike was! I'll explain later!"

How the hell her semi-mentor had gotten here - wherever the hell here was - was something they'd figure out later, once the dust cleared.

A set of completely unconscious grins lit up the mini-Slayers' faces as they heard Faith's orders and charged forward at the vamps staring at them in a rush reminiscent of the Indian hordes heading towards General Custer at the Little Big Horn, to wish him a warm and neighborly welcome.


Xander was just beginning to turn to confront the blonde blur he had glimpsed from the corner of his eye when he saw the vamp he was trying to hold off suddenly arc backwards, flying through the air to slam against the table they used for research. The golden blur resolved itself into a beautiful older woman who was about the same size as Buffy, but apparently much stronger, to judge by the distance the vamp she had hit had traveled.

Even as these details were percolating into his brain, Xander realized that his rescuer had immediately turned to attack two of the foursome that Angel had been barely managing to hold back and had almost carelessly staked one as she began kicking the snot out of the other.

As one of the two vamps attacking Angel lost his focus and stared in disbelief at the blonde's unexpected appearance, Xander took advantage of the demon's momentary lapse in attention and staked him in the back as Angel dusted his companion.


On the roof above, Buffy regained her feet, ducking below the Master's claws and snapping her right foot forward to shatter his left kneecap. As the demon dropped towards the roof's surface, she quickly rechambered her kick and then turned and blasted a devastating thrust kick into her opponent's chest, driving him backward in an unbalanced stagger that caused him to stagger and then fall backwards onto the glass skylight he had been looking down through only a moment before.

With a not-at-all unexpected crash, the Master fell through the skylight towards the floor some twenty feet below.


Willow stared around her at her surroundings with mixed surprise and disbelief for the briefest moment before her arcane sensitivity alerted her to the existence of another portal in their vicinity. She immediately focused her attention on it and, upon realizing exactly where the other end of the connection was located, concentrated the remainder of her arcane energies on closing it.


Cordy was certain she was a definite addition to the school newspaper's 'Missing/Obituaries' column when the life-challenged Madonna wannabe grabbed her by the neck and started leaning in to bite her.

< What an embarrassment - I'm getting bitten by a demon that thought 'Live to Tell' was great music, > she thought to herself, even as she struggled with the vamp's fingers locked around her throat.

Suddenly, she found herself falling to the floor as she was released when her would-be killer was spun around and knocked off balance by a bulky, shaggy-haired man wearing a red plaid shirt and an eyepatch.


As the Master crashed down through the skylight and landed on the floor in the middle of the room, all of the newcomers immediately turned to face him. Even as he was pushing himself up off the floor, all six of the Slayers present in the library threw one of their stakes at him even as they simultaneously began heading towards him.

While his reflexes were, admittedly, superhuman, so were those of his assailants. While he managed to block several of the incoming missiles, the three he didn't reduced him to a skeleton and a small cloud of dust before any of the girls got within striking distance.


With a shrill scream of agony, the green scaled monster menacing the humans that Giles had rushed to save collapsed to the floor of the library, cut in half by the abrupt disappearance of the portal through which it had been extended. As the partial remains of the hellmouth monster's body began to dissipate, both women it had been clutching fell to the floor and stared at their unexpected savior.


As Jenny lay on the floor, she was astonished at the almost palpable aura of power she could feel surrounding the witch who had just closed the portal the Master had opened as casually as someone closing a door, while the other women who had accompanied the witch had hit the assorted groups of vampires that had attacked the library like a pack of wolves running through a herd of sheep.

She noticed that both Giles and Angel were looking at the newcomers - two men, three women and five teenaged girls - with uncertain expressions on their faces - a combination of uncertainty, worry and respect for what was an unknown, and almost certainly superior, force who had quite literally appeared out of nowhere and destroyed a powerful enemy with a minimum of effort.

< Whoever these people are, they have a level of power that hasn't been seen here on earth in centuries, if that, > she thought to herself, staring at the redheaded, white fringed witch from across the room. < We need to treat these people *very* carefully. >


"You okay, Cor?" the stranger asked as he leaned down it offer her a hand up.

"Uh, thanks, mister," Cordy managed to say as she rubbed her throat. "How'd you know my name?"

Looking around and seeing the ease with which the abruptly appearing newcomers had handled the Apocalyptic-looking situation that had been facing them, she added, "And where'd you guys come from, anyway, huh?"


"Who are you people?" Buffy demanded as she dropped, much more gracefully, through the broken skylight to land next to the Master's skeleton.

"And what are you doing here?" she demanded, a suspicious expression on her face as she looked around the library at the semi-intruders who had just destroyed the Master with an ease she would have had difficulty equaling.


"Great," Xander commented as he released Cordy's hand, ignoring her question for the moment as he looked around again at the place where innumerable schemes to save the world had been developed, usually at the last minute. "We send the First Evil back to Hell, and he sends us back to high school.

"Think he'd want to swap destinations?"


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