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Princess Willow of Arcadia

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Summary: AU. Another world, another adventure...SG-1 meets the unexpected.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)angelaaskFR1822,4120125,52411 Sep 0525 Sep 05No

New World

Title: Princess Willow of Arcadia

Author: angelaask

Pairing: Willow/Daniel

Summary: AU. Another world, another adventure…SG-1 meets the unexpected.

Disclaimer: The characters and places depicted on the show Stargate SG-1 are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret productions. All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I do not claim any of these characters as my own. I am only using them for entertainment purposes and no profit is being made by using them.

Distribution: Mind your manners and please ask before taking.

Feedback: Yes please.

Author Note: This is an Alternate Universe based on the Stargate Universe. Sunnydale and the Hellmouth do not exist and the characters from Buffy the Vampire are more than less human. This is my first Stargate crossover so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Big Thanks to Kristi for giving me the ideal in the first place and helping me with the plot.

Chapter 1: New World

The Stargate disengaged, leaving the four members of SG-1 standing alone on the platform in the middle of a grassy meadow surrounded by trees. P3X-645 was a flush woodsy planet with various forms of plant life and trees as far as the eye can see. Jack wiped the moisture from his sweaty brow and squinted at the blazing afternoon sun with disdain. Carter and Daniel seemed to be suffering under the heat as much as he was, but much to his dismay Teal’c looked cool as a cumber and it pissed him off. How the hell did the ex Jaffa managed to look so comfortable while they all suffered was beyond him and it did nothing to improve his mood. He was hot, sweaty and his knees hurt and oh did he mention it was hot.

“So why are we here again,” grumbled the Colonel as he placed his black sunglasses over his eyes to protect them from the bright rays of the sun.

Carter his second in command gave Jack an amused smile at the sour look on her superior’s face. The Colonel knew very well why they were here. He was at the same briefing meeting as she was, but she decided to indulge him anyway. Sometimes Jack acted more like a spoiled four year old than an U.S. Colonel with over 20 years of combat experience. “SG-21 reported that the local inhabitants of this planet suffered from no foreseeable illness and had extraordinary long life spans. Even though they seem somewhat primitive compare to earth they seem to process some advance medical knowledge that was worth investigating.”

“Like some super drug,” wondered Jack out loud.

“Well not exactly. The indigenous people are peaceful, but somewhat wary of strangers. They were reluctant to share too much information. However they did mention the existence of a medicine woman in the next village.”

“Oh great now we going to see some witch doctor,” he grumbled.

“Jaaack,” admonished Daniel. “The cultural connotations associated with witch doctors are not only superficial but bias. On earth the title of medicine woman or man refers to shamans or leaders of the tribe that possessed some sort of special skill or knowledge beneficial to the tribe. The term ‘witch doctor’-and here Daniel made quotations marks in the air-refers to Hollywood’s misrepresentation of these gifted and exceptional individuals in a negative light.”

Jack rolled his eyes at Daniel’s little speech. “Okay sorry. So we’re going to talk to this ‘medicine woman’ and then what?”

Daniel ignored Jack’s sarcastic tone. In his experience with the Colonel just getting the man to use the proper term was a huge victory that shouldn’t be taken likely. “Once we discern that the claims are true, General Hammond would like for us to open trade negotiations with these people.”

Jack nodded in understanding and took one last look at the sky. “Alright kiddies let move out before it gets any hotter.”


They made it over the ridge in less than half an hour. The trees parted to reveal a small quaint village nestled at the bottom of the hill. The dwellings weren’t anything remarkable. Small adobe like mud huts with thrash roofs dotted along the stream that ran through center of the village. The inhabitants looked human expected for their light grey eyes and pale skin. Their hair had bleached under the exposure of the sun making their overall appearance seemed washed out, lacking pigmentation.

An excited murmur rose in the crowd as SG-1 slowly made their way into the village. The people seemed to be especially curious with Tealc’s dark complexion. A group of small children with sun bleached blond hair ran up to the large black man and said something to him that sounded like gibberish. Daniel snorted out loud in amusement, even though the face on the small child was completely serious. Teal'c gave the amused archeologist an inquisitive look, which wasn’t much different from any other expression on his normally stoic face.

“He wants to know why your mother didn’t yell at you for playing in the mud. Apparently there aren’t too many people with your skin tone.”

The Jaffa raised a single eyebrow at Daniel and then turned his attention back to the small child in front of him. He crouched down so that he was almost at eye level with the boy and raised his hand to the child’s face. The young boy who looked no older than six grabbed his large hand with both of his own and inspected his hand thoroughly, flipping it back and forth. His eyes widen to the size of saucers in realization and began to shout excitedly in gibberish, motioning his friends to come and see. Soon Teal’c was surrounded by a swarm of small children, who all wanted to touch his skin.

An older man, who face was obscured by a heavy brown cloak, approached the group of small children and shooed them away. He raised his hand in greeting and bowed his head first to Teal’c and then to the rest of the group; then much to their surprise he began to speak to them in perfect English. “Greetings strangers, please forgive the children for their rudeness. We do not get many visitors from across the gate and the young are very curious.”

“Err…well yes,” Daniel stumbled in surprise then quickly recovered. “Greetings my name is Dr. Daniel Jackson, this is Colonel Jack O’Neil, the woman beside him is Major Samantha Carter and final Teal’c. We are peaceful explorers from the Stargate seeking knowledge.

The man removed his hood revealing a middle age man with sea green eyes and graying brown hair with a slight receding hair line. A pair of wired framed spectacles was perched delicately to the tip of his nose. His skin had tan to a golden brown contrast with the sea of white pale skin, marking him as different from the people of the village. “My name is Rupert Giles and I’m too am a traveler from the gate. As you may have guessed I’m not originally from this planet.”

“Where did you learn to speak English?”

“I’m some what of a scholar and I have traveled to many planets through the gate on a quest for knowledge. In my travels I have come across many languages. English is just one of the primary ones.”

“Oh great another Daniel,” mumbled Jack under his breath.

“Pardon?” asked Giles in confusion.

Daniel glared at Jack meanifully and Jack just smiled. “Nothing, would you be so kind as to tell us where we can find the medicine woman. We were told that she lived in this village.

The older man’s face broadened into a smile that seemed to melt years off his face. “Oh you must be talking about the princess. She is the only healer for miles around and her skills are truly remarkable. It is said that she is gifted by the gods themselves and no other healer can come close to her abilities. She is a very talented young lady. You’re in luck. I was hired to tutor her by the royal family and am honored to call her my student,” said Giles with fatherly pride.

“Can you take us to her?”

“Certainly, I’m sure that the princess would be thrilled to have visitors come so far to meet her. If you would follow me.”
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