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To Succeed Go beyond the tweed

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Summary: Leaping into Giles Sam finds himself trying to stop a murderer with super human power...and to make things intersting he has less than four days to stop him.

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Television > Quantum Leap(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1552,638073,75911 Sep 0528 Jan 07No

Chapter 2

“You said it Sam, this leap is a big.” Al said. His head down intent on the communicator beeping and clicking in his hand.

“Ma-nish-ta-na ha-lie-lah –hazeh?” Sam asked running his hand through his hair.

“How many Passovers have you spent with Gooshie?” Al asked off handedly still not looking at him.

“A few. Not that I can remember them clearly.” Sam said.

“Well I’ll tell you why this leap is different. Ziggy thinks that this leap affects a chain of events that influence’s this whole town.” Al said puffing on his cigar.

“What do you mean?” Sam said.

“Talking to yourself again Rupert?” A beautiful dark haired woman walked into the library , an armful of paper work and a smile on her face.

“Oh wow, Sam she’s a looker. Reminds me of a science teacher I had back in high school.” Al said staring at Jenny as she sauntered into the room.

“Not now Al.” Sam said out of the corner of his mouth.

“Still?” Jenny said not missing a thing.
“Oh yeah, I guess, work just getting to me…” Sam said trying to improvise.

“Trying to figure out Angelus’s next move?” Jenny said pulling up a chair her smile now hidden.

“Oh yeah, I guess, work just getting to me…” Sam said trying to improvise.

“I guess.” Sam said not sure what he really should say.

“Rupert sweetie you’ve been at this all afternoon, how about you take a break?” Jenny said stroking his arm.

“I, um, well, that would be nice, but umm.” Sam said shooting up from his seat, he now began to pace near the table. “I should really keep working on this, Angelus is…tricky.” Sam said looking in Al’s direction for a little help.

“Sam, this is Jenny Calendar, the computer Science teacher and registered neo-pagan, looks to be you two are involved..” Al paused to think of what to tell the Lovely Miss Jenny Calendar. “Tell her you’re gunna have a fresh cup of tea in you office and you’ll see her in a half in hour.”

“Uh, well I’m going to have a fresh cup of tea, in my off-office and I’ll s-see you, in about a half-in hour.” Sam smiled weakly.

Jenny’s face fell slightly. “Oh, ok. In a half in hour.” She said quietly. As she came very close.. Jenny leaned and gave Sam a passionate kiss, that made confused him just a bit and left him stunned long after she had left the room.

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