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To Succeed Go beyond the tweed

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Summary: Leaping into Giles Sam finds himself trying to stop a murderer with super human power...and to make things intersting he has less than four days to stop him.

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Television > Quantum Leap(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1552,638073,75911 Sep 0528 Jan 07No

Chapter 5. Saved by Swiss Cheese

And We pick up where we left off...And go!

Buffy snorted. “In Sunnyhell? The highest mortality like anywhere.”

“Surely you’re joking.” Sam said relaxing slightly.

“Actually Sam she’s more than half right, I said that the mortality rate spikes but what I didn’t say was that it was already one of the highest in the country before Jenny’s death. “ Al said not looking up from his handle held communicator.

Sam’s eyes widened and returned to normal size. “Oh, well that means we should probably.”

“Rupert.” Jenny called loudly from the general lobby area.

“Not tell Jenny.” Sam said as he got up, and walked swiftly toward Jenny Buffy and Al at his heels.

“Hello Jenny.” Sam said nervously smiling.

“Hello Rupert. Buffy.” She nodded in her direction.

“Ms. Calendar, always a pleasure. So what brings you to the cavernous and dusty world of books?” Buffy said, wondering what in the world was going to happen next.

“Well Rupert told me to meet him back in half an hour so he could finish whatever he was hiding from me and make a fresh cup of tea.” Jenny said teasingly.

“He did he?” Buffy said her eyes open wide and filling with mirth. “Well that seems awfully British of you Giles. All stiff upper lippy and without affection. Is that how you are?”

Sam stuttered as he fumbled hopelessly for words.

Al grinned “oh, Sam she’s putting you through the ringer…” He chuckled slightly.

Buffy gave nothing away but she cast a confused glance in Al’s direction…she definitely sensed something. She’d ask the Dr. Bucket (or whatever) if he knew why there was a voice and cigar smoke hanging around him where ever he went.

“I um, well…” He paused and for a second Giles seemed to shove himself in and saved the day. “Jenny for you I would be anything you like…just don’t make me use one of those blasted computers.”

Buffy and Al tensed slightly…It was a Giles-ism, to be sure but was it enough to really fool this man’s lover?

Jenny smiled warmly, though she did give Giles a suspicious once over.
“Rupert dear when was the last time you slept?” Buffy and Al gave a collective sigh of relief. They were safe, for the moment.

Sam thought [I have no idea when I last slept…And as for Giles I bet he hasn’t gotten much sleep either as of late…]

“You know Miss. Calendar I can't recall the last time I had any restful sleep.” Sam replied.

“Well then I have an Idea.” Jenny returned

“You Do?” Sam and Al said in unison.

“Yes, I do. You are going to stretch out on that frumpy little couch in your office and since the library has to be open for another hour or so and Buffy can stand guard in case there are any wayward students thinking that they actually need books. Though I doubt it, and I can grade papers at one of tables here so there is actually faculty in the room in case Snyder comes to bother you.”

Sam smiled, [I see why he loves her…it’s hard not to.] “That’s really kind of you Jenny but.” Sam was about to say something along the lines of I couldn’t when she shushed him.

As Jenny put one long manicured finger over Sam’s lips she said “I will not take no for an answer. I want you to be well rested, for whatever comes our way.”

She stood there, holding her finger over his mouth for a second longer than she needed to. Giving him the knowing look that said now is the time to give in. Far be it from Sam to deny Jenny anything, besides she made him a bit nervous.

“All right then…I guess I could lie down for a short while. But then some one will have to..” Sam paused and then glanced over at Al for a hint, what was that name of what they were supposed to be fighting or something?

“I’ll do some thing of the researchy nature. Just give me the books in your office and I can read them at the front desk.” Buffy supplied easily. Buffy grabbed Sam’s arm and turned to drag him back to his office. After staring at Jenny for a second longer the rest of his body obeyed. Followed by one entertained Hologram.

I know it’s short but I’m a little blocked…I’ll write more soon…

The End?

You have reached the end of "To Succeed Go beyond the tweed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jan 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking