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To Succeed Go beyond the tweed

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Summary: Leaping into Giles Sam finds himself trying to stop a murderer with super human power...and to make things intersting he has less than four days to stop him.

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Television > Quantum Leap(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1552,638073,75911 Sep 0528 Jan 07No

A leap far tweedier than imagined

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of Quantum Leap or of Buffy or their respective companies (mutant enemy and such…)

I’m not making any profit on this story…I’m just having fun
Ok so I got that outta the way yes?

Distribution: It’s just here but I’m so willing to share just tell me where and all that good stuff as always email is in the profile but incase you feel like that’s too much to do (

Quantum leap and BTVS
Background info you might want… For Buffy it’s season two after Angel turns back into Angelus but before Jenny dies ( I’m sorry I can’t remember the episode titles, but when this is completed I’ll fix it…) As For Quantum leap this could be just about any time, any leap, from any season…why…because, I said so.(Insert evil laugh here)

I know it’s random but you should now [these guys here brackets] are gunna be used for thoughts instead of say italics because I’m dumb and I can’t italicize anything posted on here, but I’m not complaining…so On with the show!________________________________________________________________________

Sam is leaped into Giles to save Jenny…so we come in during the act of leaping.
[As always there is a blue flash of light then…the quick moment of just me in the quiet, but that can never last…]

“Giles, hello earth to G-Man!” Xander shouted across the large wooden table littered with note books, papers and cups full of cold tea.

Giles didn’t respond he did look in a different direction (away from his books) but not where the two teens on the other side of the table intended.

This time the girl spoke, and with less of a warm tone than the boy had.

“Hell-o Tweed man. Anyone home?” Cordelia Chase waved a manicured hand in front of the man’s face.

He looked down at himself [Oh, This is an awful lot of tweed for any one person to wear.]

Only seconds after Cordelia assaulted Sam a man in a spectacularly loud suit came through a blue door like square that was not there before. “Sam, Hello Sam you in there?” He asked as it closed behind him.

“Yes.” Sam answered unsure of who he was actually answering.

“Glad we got that clarified. Now Xander and I were saying we needed to get something from the uh, closet down the hall…” Cordelia said as she sprang up from her chair tugging at the teenager called “Xander”

“We’re, just gunna go, over there…you know.” Xander said as he was dragged by the surprisingly strong (and always persistent) Cordelia.

“Um ok.” Was all Sam could find in his vocabulary that seemed to fit. Yet before he got to the okay part they were out the door. “Oh Boy.”
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