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Teal'c's Wish

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Summary: When Teal'c makes a wish the ramifications are widespread, and lead to Xander and Faith joining the SGC. WARNING: This fic has MAJOR spoilers for season 9/10 of SG1.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151487,169172353374,82013 Sep 055 Apr 06Yes
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SGC New Recruits?

It had been 3 weeks since Faith and Harris checked in, and Landry was beginning to wonder if his last bit of peace and quiet before they returned was gone. After giving them a through medical check-up, of which most of the tests were finally done running from the samples taken, they had been shipped off to a special training facility for SEAL and special programs. All of the recruits here were sent there, but most of them did not have notes in their files to try and wash them out or intimidate them with the physical and emotional requirements. Hank Landry had basically told the officer to put them through a close version of SEAL training, and maybe that would eliminate the possibility of them ever going through the gate except as support staff. He had mentioned it to Finn before the Major had gone back to his assigned duty post, and the Major had broken down and laughed at him.

“Sir, Faith will find the entire thing fun and want to know if she can go back. Xander… hell if I know, but I suspect he will surprise you, he is much more than what he seems. If you get a chance, I would love to see their evaluations after the fact.” With that Riley had saluted and headed back to his job in South America.

Well training was over, and they were due back in a day. From the last conversation with the CO of that training camp, Hank knew that Finn had been much more accurate in his guess, and that his own plan had failed most spectacularly. General Landry sat behind his desk looking at the two files in front of him. One was labeled “Alexander Harris, aka Xander” the other was labeled simply “Faith”. Nothing anyone had done had been able to get her last name out of her, and when the fingerprints and DNA scan came up negative they had given up. The General recalled one weird aspect during the last time they tried to get a last name out of her, after telling her the fingerprint scan came up empty, Xander had given her a strange look. Faith had replied, “What can I say, Angel with Wolfram and Hart do good work.” That accompanied with a wry grin had made Xander snort, but he said nothing. They had followed up on the Wolfram and Hart comment, and verified it was a lawyer firm, but the branch in California no longer existed. Angel was too vague for them to come up with anything, so for the most part they gave that up.

Landry shook his head remembering and slowly opened the files. He was not sure if he really wanted to know what they said.

(see the files separately loaded)
Faith's SEAL File
Xander's SEAL File

An hour later Landry didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He had thought he was getting two civilians who wouldn’t know how to handle a life or death situation, instead he had two people who put some of the highly trained men and women to shame in their skills.

Landry put down the files, and picked up his phone “Please have Mitchell report to me.”

He dropped the receiver back down and stared at the star map on his wall. “Next time Jack tells me something sarcastic about this job requiring me to be a ring master, counselor, mediator, and magician all at the same time. I am going to believe him and not think he is just being snide.” He sat there staring, wondering how he was going to incorporate two more people into SGC, and he really didn’t want to think about Vala right now, she was just a migraine on top of a headache. His sympathy was firmly on Dr. Jackson’s side on this one. How was he going to use Harris? Hank Landry winced for a moment and sighed. “Great, this job is getting to me already. I am thinking of people in terms of tools, and I am talking to myself out loud… just great.”

His intercom went off startling him, “Yes?’

“General it’s Mitchell, I am with Teal’c right now working out, you wanted to see me?” Came Colonel Mitchell’s voice over the intercom.

“Why don’t both of you come, might as well… ah hell call a conference for the SG1 team at 1330 hours, get Carter and Jackson too.”

“Do you want to include Vala, sir?”

“No!” Barked the General. Then more calmly “Ah.. no let her find this out by scuttlebutt like the rest of the base will.” A soft sigh from Landry.

A pause, “Umm… okay. Will do sir, Cameron out.” The intercom clicked off with a burst of static.

“Walter?” Landry called out.

“Yes sir?” Replied Walter walking into the room.

“Please make.. 5 copies of these, and no passing them out or mentioning their contents to other people, these files are going to be hot enough reading soon enough.” Handing Walter the files for Faith and Harris.

“Yes Sir.” Walter walked out and towards the copier flipping through the files, soon you heard soft snickering over the “shunsh, shunsh” of the copier making copies. Fighting to keep a straight face a few minutes later Walter handed the originals and the copies over to Landry. “Here you go sir.”

The General looked up at the suspiciously straight face of Walter as he handed him the copies. Landry just looked at him and sighed. “Would you please ask Dr. Lam to attend the briefing at 1330 and ask her to bring the medical files on Harris and Faith with her.”

“Yes sir.” Walter turned and walked out and wondered how to start the betting pool on the first sparring match between Teal’c and Faith. This was going to be fun.

Dr. Carolyn Lam took the message with ill grace, and stalked around her office snarling out loud, though there was no one else in the room. She finished collecting her data on the two newest members of SGC. “I can’t believe he sent her to SEAL training, hell I can’t believe he sent either of them. I have worked with those men, they are going to chew up that poor girl and spit her out. Damn him, I am going to have her in my med center for the next month by the time she gets back. This is not a bloody movie with Demi Moore.” She just fumed as she got everything together, and then headed towards the meeting room in a huff, still very annoyed. “And that young man, there is no way he is in shape enough to pull that sort of load, everyone else on this base has been in the military for years and gone through training, and they have both eyes!” Service personnel looked at her warily as she stalked down the hall still muttering to out loud, not noticing the people moving out of her way and giving her lots of room.

Dr. Lam and Colonel Carter arrived at the same time. Teal’c, Daniel, and Colonel Mitchell were already there and seated. Moments later General Landry walked in and took a seat.

“I have copies of the evaluation files done by the SEALs' on Harris and Faith. I wanted to review them as a group, but first I wanted Dr. Lam to go over the results of the DNA scans and tests that were run on Harris and Faith prior to sending them to this evaluation session.”

Dr. Lam snorted “Evaluation session my ass, it was a flat out attempt to grind them up and spit them out and convince them that they should stay behind. I can’t believe you sent that girl there, hell even Sam never went through that training.” Nodding to Carter semi-apologetically as she stood up with her files in her hands. “Well I hope you will be happy when you have a confused and terrified young woman, with no military experience, return here after trained men have run her into the ground.” She snarled opening her files. She looked up and caught a funny look on her fathers’ face; it was something between choking and laughing. “What?”

“Nothing Dr. Lam, we will discuss the results after you present your information.” Replied the General, blinking rapidly as he fought with himself.

“I see.” She stated repressively, then she started presenting her information. “Alexander Harris, aka Xander. EEG is odd, maybe. I know that does not sound definitive, but occasionally there would be sudden changes in his EEG activity. Nothing we can track down, and his personality or ability to answer questions does not change at all. There is no sign of him being or ever having been a host for any of the alien races we are aware of. So far he has not volunteered any information as to the change in his readings but I believe he might know something. Genetics, doing a full detail took forever because of a few anomalies. All of us are different genetically, but he has some genetic patterns that look like they are taken from either fish or sharks. It makes no sense, but I can’t see that they are active or doing any changes to his system. Other than that, he is a slightly out of shape young man. Moderately intelligent, probably more intelligent that he gives himself credit for. Non-smoker, shows signs of small levels of alcohol abuse, but that is expected in any male his age. His eye.” She took a breath, this wound and what it implied bugged her. “The eye was crushed completely and then removed by surgeons, as there was nothing left to save. His optical nerves were cauterized to promote healing of the eye socket, the orbital bone was fractured in three places, and at the same time hair line fractures of his skull were caused. Most likely it they are due to the grip of the fingers that forced the thumb into his eye.” Several people in the room winced. “All in all he is as healthy as I could expect. At least he was when he left my care.” Another glare at the General, but this time he did not react at all.

“Faith, no other name.” She paused and looked at them. “She is probably the most confusing. Scars and breaks from early childhood on imply abuse or life on the streets or both. Currently she is a healthy young woman with one large scar on her abdomen, most likely from a knife. EEG is standard, however her DNA is not.” She took a deep breath. “Most of us have flawed or mutated DNA. Where there is no healthy back up base pair, we suffer from that flaw encoded on that set. An example of a broken gene strand is why men can be color blind, while women almost never are, the back up copy would have been on the other leg of the X chromosome that they are missing. If you look at DNA strands you can see that certain people are pre-disposed to cancers or other diseases. All of us have some sort of flaw in our DNA; there while there is normally a back up set on the other chromosome often it is flawed or broken also. Faith has a healthy back up set for every flawed piece of DNA. There are no pre-dispositions, no mutated sections that will override the healthy base pair that we can see. I suppose it is technically possible, but it is as if she was optimized to be as physically perfect as possible. That explains her beauty, her physical shape, and probably the worst she had to suffer is acne, because that tends to be environmental. Teeth seem to be the only thing not perfect, and that is more because we have different standards than the body as to what teeth should look like. The other odd thing is she seems to have proteins that I have never seen active in a human before. DNA base pairs create amino acids, which create proteins. She has extremely complex proteins that are not familiar to me, and I have absolutely no idea what they will do. Of course, since I will probably be able to do an autopsy after the SEAL’s are done with her, I might find out.” Glaring at the General.

Dr. Lam sat down and looked at the group assimilating the information. There were various states of shock and Sam’s mind was whirling as she filtered the idea DNA with back up pieces through her head.

Then suddenly Sam spoke. “You realize we can never tell the Tok’ra or anyone else about the DNA aspect, right?”

Everyone looked at her quizzically, then Daniel and Teal’c both realized it at the same time, but Daniel spoke up. “Because there would be a war to own her as a host, even the most ethical Tok’ra could be tempted by the idea that there was a host with inherent genetic flaws. The symbiote only protects, it can not always repair genetic based problems.”

Sam nodded “It would be best if that was locked down and never discussed, I would not even tell her. Just say she is disgustingly healthy.”

There was a silence in the room; Landry broke it “Done. Dr. Lam, please remove all notes you may have entered about her DNA, someday in the future we can study it, but I would prefer to not put a target on her back.”

Dr. Lam nodded “Not a problem, but I would not swear as to how the symbiotes would react to these new proteins, it might make her immune or very susceptible.” and re-collated her notes and files.

“Thank you. Now on to the next step, I have back the evaluations of Harris and Faith, I would like you to look over them and let me know what you think.” He handed out the copies of the two files to everyone (Faith Xander) and then sat back and watched the faces and body language of the people reading the files, mentally evaluating each one.

Daniel Jackson: took the file, blinked as he read Faith’s results, with a soft muttered “oh my”, then he opened Xanders file and his jaw dropped and there was a “holy shit” as he kept reading.

Teal’c: Read the file on Faith and a small smile twitched at the corner of his mouth. Read Xanders file and the smile grew, nodding his head, closing the folder, and folding both hands, sat at the ready.

Cameron Mitchell: Flipped through Faiths fast, then paused went back and read the results again more slowly, face growing pale. Then hesitatingly picked up Xanders file and read it slowly, jaw dropping about the time he got to the Fire Arms training, then blinking and you could see him re-arranging team components.

Samantha Carter: She read Xanders first and shook her head in disbelief, re-reading the swimming times twice, eyes narrowing. Then picked up Faiths, and her jaw dropped, with a murmured “holy shit” as she read the hand-to-hand reports.

Carolyn Lam: First she picked up Xanders file and read through it, comparing his swim times to the minimum, then she read his shooting skills, and opened up her medical files going back and forth between the two, frown deepening on her forehead. Then slowly she picked up Faith’s file and opened it, first she went white and her jaw dropped, then she compared Faith’s medical file to the SEAL one, and slowly she turned red, a nice bright embarrassed red. She then closed all the files and slowly, still blushing turned to face the General.

The General smiled serenely at his daughter. “Any comments you would like to make?’

Her face very red Dr. Lam spoke slowly “I think I now have a very good idea as to what those proteins do, but it would take years of testing to even begin to replicate them, and I don’t know what patterns in her DNA helped to create those proteins, or if we could use them for anyone else. Obviou..” She paused and looked at the file again. “I think..” she restated “That the proteins probably affect how fast and strong she is, but we are talking years of research to understand the ramifications of proteins this complex. Not to mention mapping out the DNA sections each protein fragment is tied to.”

“I see Dr. Lam, I will keep that under advisement, but for now lets still keep all of this under wraps, especially until we have talked with her about this.” His face was absolutely straight except for the twitch at the corner of his mouth. “Are we all done people? As you can see both of them blew away what I was expecting. Which was two out of their elements civilians, who after that little dose of reality would have been happy sitting in the nice safe base. Well instead we have one fighter who is virtually untouchable, and another with unexpected skills and abilities. So how are we going to fit them into our current structures?”

“I think they should stay together, obviously they work well together, and probably know how each other thinks. If we mix them with Teal’c as a supplementary team for which ever SG group needs the help or their abilities for that mission, we might end up with a strong flexible team.” Spoke Cameron, thinking, and flipping back and forth through the files.

Landry nodded slowly, but looked at Colonel Carter as she shifted. “I think they are obviously physically talented, but I would like to do an assessment of their knowledge, skills, and personalities, before we start putting anything in cement.” She commented looking down. “While fighters are great, we need to know what else they can do prior to doing any field ops with them.”

“Agreed, Dr. Carter will you please work with Dr. Lam in setting that up, would be nice to know what other surprises they have up their sleeves.” Decided General Landry.

“I would like to throw in a few symbols and things, just to see if they are familiar at all with them.” Spoke up Daniel still flipping through the files.

“Okay everyone, you have your orders.” The General nodded at them as they stood up and headed out. Dr. Lam refusing to look at him as she left, still blushing occasionally, and now more than ready to keep her opinions to herself next time.

“Teal’c would you wait a moment please, I would like to talk to you.”

Teal’c arched a brow and nodded his head, stopping and waiting for the rest to leave.

Daniel left the room and was immediately accosted by Vala. “Well what did he say, did they pass? Is the chaos maker and his slayer coming back here?” She was almost bouncing with excitement, hair in two pigtails, granting her a disquieting innocent aura.

Daniel blinked a little taken back. “Umm…yes, mostly likely they are. Why are you so interested?” Confused, Vala normally cared about no one but herself.

A bright grin light up Vala’s face. “I like her, and he is sexy and might be good in bed, what is not to be excited about?” One last grin as she turned and strode on down the hall, humming to herself, bouncing her pony tails back and forth.

Daniel shuddered, then firmly ordered his mind to not go down that path. “I have to remember to warn Xander about Vala…. Not sure if I should warn Faith or just start running if I see them together.” He shook his head and headed down the hall.

In the conference room, Landry addressed Teal’c. “Please sit down Teal’c I just want to talk to you for a moment.” Waving his hand at a chair. Teal’c nodded and took a seat all of his attention on the General.

“Teal’c I know that you have been the subject of a great deal of scrutiny since Harris dropped in on us, be it fair or not. However the reports I have read on you, and your service here at the SGC have always been glowing, not to mention the work you are doing right now in dealing with the Jaffa. So I would like to know, personally, what do you think of this situation and this Harris person.”

Teal’c blinked, a bit surprised. He had not really gotten to know General Hank Landry the way he had known General Hammond, and so he was not expecting this, but he took it at face value and answered. “Xander was put here I believe through no desire of his own, we pointed out he had skills we desperately need, and he has since made the decision to leave his friends and family behind to help us. The character that speaks of, when we have not exactly been welcoming him with open arms, is impressive. I believe is he truly a warrior who will never break his code of honor even if it means his life. I suspect the… request I made would not have allowed for anything or anyone else to answer it. I look forward to fighting at his side.”

It was a long speech for Teal’c and the General looked at him in surprise. “I see, so you have no reservations about this.”

Teal’c shook his head. “No sir, I think they may be exactly what we need to fight the Ori and the remaining Goa’uld.”

“hmmm…” The General nodded “I am beginning to think so too Teal’c, thank you for your insight.”

“General.” Teal’c stood up and left.

Landry sat there in the room for a long moment, listening to the quiet. These two were definitely not the run of the mill people, but maybe they were made up of the same stuff that made Daniel, Teal’c, and Sam so good. They had a mix of loyalty, perseverance, and the un-definable quality that made some people heroes. Well he would know soon enough, for now he had other duties to tend to, whether Cameron knew it or not, these two were about to become his problem. With a decidedly evil grin Hank Landry walked out of the room and back to work.

author notes: I need to say thank you and throw myself at the feet of kim_cc for her help in hammering out the DNA aspects. Thank you again kim_cc
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