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Teal'c's Wish

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Summary: When Teal'c makes a wish the ramifications are widespread, and lead to Xander and Faith joining the SGC. WARNING: This fic has MAJOR spoilers for season 9/10 of SG1.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151487,169172353374,75113 Sep 055 Apr 06Yes
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Graduation Exercise

Authors Notes: I have taken liberties with how Cheyenne Mountain is constructed. Just flow with it. I use the term airmen for both male and female personnel. Not betaed as I know it has been a long time coming, yell if I made any major errors. You know my email. - thanks to jrabbit who found a sentence I forgot.. oops.

Faith and Xander met each other in the cafeteria, wide awake anxious, and a lot jazzed. Today was graduation day, and they were by turned elated and terrified. Xander could always eat, attacking the sausage on his plate, and inhaling a cup of coffee. A few minutes later Cameron waltzed into the cafeteria, arrogance and humor radiating from him. “Hello fodder, really to be chewed up and spit out?”

Faith narrowed her eyes and put on a sweet smile “Don’t be too sure of that flyboy, what happens if we kick your asses?”

A superior smirk crossed Cameron’s face. “If you win, I will take you on a ride in one of the 302’s around the solar system. But, if you lose, you both have scrub all the paint marks off the wall on the entire base.”

Faith and Xander looked at each other for a long moment considering, then they both looked at him “Deal.”

Cameron grinned “Suckers you will never get out of here with out us nailing you so dead.”

“Maybe.” Xander shrugged with a slight smile. “When is the briefing?”

Cameron glanced at the clock on the wall, currently it was 0630. “Briefing is at 0730 and the exercise begins almost immediately after it.”

“Cool, we will be there ready to kick your asses.” Jibed Faith, with a big grin as she ate some more.

Cameron sighed watching her put the food away. “Damn girl, wish I could eat like you do, if I did that I would not fit into a flight suit in very short order.”

“Slayer metabolism does have some compensations.” Faith grinned at him with a smile as she ate another piece of sausage.

“Yes, but in this case wisdom will triumph over youth.” Retorted Cameron, looking glumly at his whole-wheat muffin and oatmeal.

Daniel and Teal’c walked in together at this point, catching Cameron’s last remark. “You talking about me again Mitchell, last time I checked I was the only bit of wisdom around.”

Teal’c’s lips twitched a tiny bit as he went to survey the food choices.

“Hey, I resemble that remark” replied Cameron, stealing a piece of bacon from Xander, but almost dropping it at the feral snarl that emerged from Xander’s lips.

“Don’t touch the meat.” Growled out Xander, stealing the piece of bacon back, then grinning and tossing it in his mouth.

Cameron blinked “Okay gotcha, no stealing food from Xander’s plate, so noted.”

Faith meanwhile was choking with laughter. “You think that is bad, try to get between him and a Twinkie, you are risking your life.”

“Hey… NO ONE messes with my Twinkies.” Xander nodded sagely still eating.

Teal’c had walked back at that point. “Question, what exactly is a Twinkie?”

Xander froze in horror, turning an aghast look at the other two. “You mean you have never introduced him to a Twinkie???”

Daniel shrugged “Don’t look at me, that would have been Jack’s arena, and I think he prefers Ho-Ho’s.”

Xander shook his head sadly and reached out patting Teal’c gently on the arm “Don’t worry big guy, as soon as this exercise is over I will show you the wonder that is a Twinkie.”

Teal’c arched an eyebrow. “I shall look forward to that then.”

Mitchell just shrugged “Okay lady and gent, we shall meet you in the briefing room shortly.” He finished his breakfast, bussed his tray and headed out. Daniel followed with a shrug, thinking this was going to be rather unfair to these two, after all SG1 knew the base and had more years of experience on them.

Xander waited until everyone had left then turned to Faith. “You ready to see if we can surprise them a bit?”

Faith, stuck the last piece of bacon in her mouth, fighting a wicked grin. “Five by Five.”

They slipped out, heading back to Xanders' quarters first, where he picked up a couple of mini discs, Willow had mailed to him. Then they swung by Faith quarters and she grabbed a thing super strong nylon rope, a knife, and a flashlight, then they both made sure their necklaces were on. Faith took a moment to french braid her hair back in a tight braid, and secure it with a hair band. Faith tested the necklace by whispering softly “Alfred – Xander can you hear me.”

Xander heard the soft voice from his chest speak, and replied “Alfred – yes I can faith, read to go. Bruce.” The words Alfred activating two-way communication between them, and Bruce deactivation.

Faith grinned. “Bruce.” Then she headed out the door with Xander to the conference room, nothing on their faces, giving any of their secrets away.

They meet in the room, there were two groups of people there, SG13 and SG1. Dr Lam and Walter, as well as General Landry were there; they were the last two to enter and quietly took the seats near the front.

“Good morning people. I assume most of us know this is a soft live fire exercise, with Xander and Faith as our ‘enemies’ and the rest of us to prevent them from gaining access to the surface. In this drill, we will be using the paint ball guns, so please try to make chest kills. A shot anywhere on the body is regarded as a Zat shot, so you will be regarded as unconscious, two hits you are dead. For the purpose of this exercise, all labs, the medical offices, and personal quarters are off limits. I know in a real scenario they would not be, but I don’t want to explain to any of the scientists why their experiment is covered in paint.” There were general snickers at that comment. “We are starting with Faith and Xander having control of the gate room. They will start with two paint pistols, and have access to anything the guards or ‘victims’ drop. Any questions?”

Cameron raised his hand, and then spoke at the Generals nod “What is the time limit?”

“They have 8 hours to hit the surface, in that time we could easily get a nuke here to seal the place, so that is your mission and timeline. Anything else?” Landry looked around the room, catching the curiously blank faces of Xander and Faith and nodded to himself, starting to wish he had allowed betting on this endeavor. “Okay, the drill starts in 20 minutes, I will be on the surface acting as situation commander, everyone else, please get to your assigned stations. Dr. Lam will be staying in the medical wing, which is off limits unless someone is actually hurt. I know that if this was a real incident these rules would not apply, however I am not authorized to replace entire labs for drills, so please follow the rules, or I will be paying for new equipment out of the offenders paychecks.” There was a general chuckle over that and people nodding. “Okay everyone head out, and lets see what both sides can do.”

Everyone got up and headed out, Faith and Xander moving to the gate room, both ready to see if they could surprise people. They quickly got their pistols and two “MP Cards”, and went into the gate room, and watched the door slide shut. Both of them were counting the time; Xander was focusing on the computer as they waited, while Faith headed to the door, checking her gun and knife.

An alarm blared through the air, and Faith positioned herself next to the door, out of sight of the control room above the gate, and Xander moved to the computer. He inserted the first of the disks, and hit run. The computer whirled and buzzed for a torturous 2 minutes then popped up on the screen “Override Complete – select action.” There was a list of five options, Xander quickly tabbed to badges, and then entered the numbers off the back of both of them, and then waited. “Override complete, all badges disabled, badges with numbers” it listed the numbers for the two badges entered “granted full access to all areas. Please make next choice.”

“Faith, do we want the lights out or not?” Xander asked

“Not yet, let’s leave it for a bit, you get the schematics for the ventilation?” Asked Faith, as she finished tying the rope from one side of the door opening to the other, listening to the footsteps coming down the hall. “Here they come.”

“Okay, I’m ready.” Xander replied, pulling the disk out of the computer, and shutting it off. “They trying the door?” As he got in position behind the ramp, one pistol aimed and ready.

“Yep, hear confusion as their badges don’t open it.” Faith got ready at the side of the door, with her pistol in hand.

“K, open it for them.” Xander crouched, ready for the game to begin.

Faith reached over, sliding her badge through the card reader; the door pulled open, as she tucked in deep, hiding in the corner. The men came in slowly guns at the ready, and instantly tripped over the rope stretched across the door, the men behind them tripped over the men in front.

Xander popped up and with deadly efficiently shot each man in the helmet, each one relaxing instantly as they felt the hit. “We clear?” He asked in a clear voice as he slowly came forward.

“Yep, alarm still sounding but no one else coming this way.” She replied, keeping a look out.

“Good. Sorry guys.” With that Xander shot each of them again ‘killing them’, then stripped their weapons from them, keeping one ‘rifle’ for himself, the others he tossed to Faith. “Here empty them, and give me your pistol.”

Faith tossed her pistol to him, and quickly emptied out the reservoirs of paint balls, dumping all of them carefully in one of her pockets. “K, ready.”

Xander repositioned everything, and nodded, they headed out the corridor quickly, the shoes they were wearing making almost no noise.

“Coming.” Faith whispered and they ducked into a doorway. Her superior hearing was warning them far in advance, allowing Xander to pop out and nail two more guards. He then stood and ‘killed’ them also, taking their firearms.

“Let’s go.” They headed straight to the elevators, passing rooms on the way, where you could hear people banging on the doors, yelling for attention. Reaching the elevator Xander swiped the badge, and heard it coming down, with people in it, he nodded to Faith and they slipped to either side of the elevator.

“Finally, wonder why it got stuck, come on, we need to go back up the gateroom.” Stated a airmen, moving out of the elevator with two others, they caught Xander and Faith moving out of the corner of their eyes, and went for their guns, but by that time all of them had paintball marks on their clothing. The airmen stood there with blank astonishment, as Xander ‘killed’ them all once they were ‘unconscious’ and collected the pistols.

“Good, I needed some more clips. Ready?” Looking at Faith and then grinning moving into the elevator. Inside his head a small voice was whispering out tactics and things to look for, while the hyena was all but cackling in glee and fun at the ‘death and destruction’.

Once inside hit the top button, but as soon as they were two floors up pulled the emergency button. “Up, lets go quick.” He lifted Faith up and she pushed open the hatch, and pulled herself up, then reached down to grab Xander and pulled him up also. “Okay, you go up as high as you can on the ladder, then slip in and hit the ventilation system, I will follow and clear the way to the surface elevator.” (Note I am taking liberties with the layout of Cheyenne Mountain as I don’t have the real schematics)

Faith nodded, and started to move up the ladder with a speed Xander could only envy. ~hey at least I get to watch her ass for a moment~ A wry smile appeared, then he started to move up the ladder also, moving much more slowly than the Slayer.

Sam had been moving slow as she had been in the middle of finishing some project notes when the alarm went off. She had missed the briefing, knowing for the most part she would have little to do, this was mostly a Cameron and Teal’c gig, but she wanted to see how they performed. So she quickly hit save when the alarm went off, and went to grab her paint pistol, she had grabbed it earlier when she realized she needed to miss the briefing, and her jacket and was about to head out the door, when every computer in her office flashed and a message appeared on the screen “Access Denied”.

“What the hell?” Suddenly worried this wasn’t part of the drill she grabbed a keyboard and typed in some commands. After she hit enter the computer thought for a few seconds then a message popped up “Sorry until this exercise is over, no one but Xander gets in.” A wave of relief that it was not a real problem washed over her, along with another wave of anger and confusion. Sam picked up the radio. “Sir, this is Colonel Carter.”

“Yes Colonel?” The General’s voice came back calmly, the alarms barely audible from where he was.

“We just lost access to the computer systems, and from the message Xander caused it, so while the computers aren’t ours anymore, I don’t think they have been damaged, though he might be when I get ahold of him.”

She could almost hear the General’s surprise as his voice filtered down the line, “I see. That was more resourceful than I expected, we will find out how in the briefing, for now see if you can get them back under our control.”

“Yes Sir.” Sam sat back down and started typing, quickly gaining respect for the protocols keeping her out of her own system.

Faith went up above the door she wanted, hanging with her legs wrapped around supports, pulling out three paint balls. She hung above the door, and carefully pulled it open, making barely any noise. She kept pulling until it had opened about three inches, then, not hearing anything, slowly lowered herself to look through the crack. There standing about 5 feet away, talking idly were two airmen talking idly, the whirring alarm having covered any noise she might have made.

“You think they will make it out of the gateroom?”

“Nah.. I mean we have guards all over the place, and we know this place better than anyone else, I just hope Faith isn’t too disappointed by losing.” Grinned a young male airman in reply.

“Yeah.. she is very hot.” Agreed the other airman.

Faith pulled open the door more, then “splat, splat!” Faith threw two paint balls hard and fast at the two airmen, hitting them solidly in the back. They both froze then looked at each other. “We just got shot didn’t we?”

“You sure did boys.” Replied Faith, pulling open the doors the rest of the way, and jumping in. She held two more paint balls in her hand and quickly ‘killed’ both of them. “But thanks for the compliment, and I won’t be too upset when I win.”

They both blushed and arranged their ‘dead’ bodies against the wall, waiting to see what would happen from here.

Faith slipped back into Slay mode and check out the hall, then turned a corner and disappeared from their view. Once she was out of their sight, she quickly found a vent cover, she jumped up, and pulled it off, then tied her rope to it, and jumping up grabbed the edge and pulled herself up, and as they had hoped found herself in industrial size HVAC system. Faith smiled wickedly, and pulled the vent cover back up after her, jamming it in place. ~hmm.. not perfect but unless someone is looking for it, they won’t see it.~ “Alfred – in place, moving towards the surface elevator, two dead at entry to your point”

Xander heard that as he was reaching the top of the shaft. Pausing he took a breath, ladder climbing for 15 stories was hard work. “Alfred – understood, moving in.”

Faith nodded to herself. “Bruce” And then started moving forward, the industrial size letting her move quickly, though she quickly wished they had brought knee pads. Following voices, she moved down the hall to where she could easily hear the people talking. Carefully, using her strength, she bent the panel so she could pull it up, not dropping it down. She waited frozen, listening so carefully to see if there was any change in the talking patterns. But other than the occasional radio message of “all clear” it was silent. Carefully, she lowered her head peering down the hall. Four airmen were standing near the elevator, the only way to the surface, but they were scanning and the flashing red lights made it hard to see her head sticking out of the ceiling. She pulled her head back up and put the vent back, then moving slowly, she went down the vent to towards the elevator, stopping at the vent right above them.

Cursing slightly under her breath she backed up a bit. “Alfred – they’re in front of the doors, if you’re in position I can get the drop on them, but I risk getting nailed. Can you take advantage of my surprise?”

“Alfred – yea, gimme a minute and I can turn the corner and nail them when you distract them, come out fists flying and we should be good.”

“Got it.” Faith very carefully, pulling on the vent in time with the whining of the alarm, finally got it all out. She took a deep breath and positioned herself, so she could drop feet first and nail at least two of them in the first move and hope Xander got them before they could aim. “Ready.”

Xander had been moving down the vacant halls, still snickering when he heard someone pounding on a door. He got in a prone position, so that when he heard her hit, he could roll out and shoot them, being prone made targeting on him much harder for them. Taking a deep breath “go.” He waited focusing on the men talking at the end of the hall.

Faith heard the whispered go from the amulet, and jumped out feet first with a loud screech. The men jerked startled, but by that time her feet were hitting them. At the screech Xander rolled and aimed, hitting the first one as he was turning aiming his gun. The two Faith hit were down in surprise, she was not pulling any punches, and moving so fast they could barely register. The third airman was trying to get a message out on the radio moving away from Faith, but Xander hit him also, the dull thud on his chest causing him to pause and look down. Faith had one with the wind knocked out of him from her initial attack, and the other warding off her blows, scrambling backwards. Xander shot the one trying to get back up, then yelled out. “The others are all unconscious.” Faith lashed out, and shoved the airmen backwards and Xander shot him as soon as he was clear. In less than a minute the four were ‘unconscious’ and staring at them in surprise.

Faith grinned at them. “Hi guys… we will take the elevator key now.” Holding out her hand. The ranking airman sighed pulling the keys from around his neck.

“You two are scary, you know that right?” He asked with a sigh.

“Why thank you for the compliment.” Faith smiled, turning to Xander.

Xander grinned, the patch making more sinister than he probably intended to. “Sorry guys, but you are all dead.” And shot each of them again. They sighed and went over to the wall to sit down. Xander and Faith laughed and headed to the external elevator, getting in and letting the doors shut. Xander reached over and shut it off a moment later.

Xander leaned back against the door with a big sigh. “Well last hurdle ahead, think we can pull it off?”

Faith sighed and shrugged “Who knows, but if we die, we die well.”

Xander snorted, “Today is a good day to die?”

“Exactly!” Faith grinned at him in reply.

“Okay NEITHER of us are Worf, nor are we Klingons, and it is NEVER a good day to die.” Xander replied with a mock growl, “So lets win, and show them what two Scoobies can do.”

Faith blinked “You mean one Scoobie.”

“Nope… I mean two. You became a Scoobie that day in Sunnyhell. Welcome to the club Faith Revere.” Xander grinned and straightened up. “We have an invasion to win, so lets go up and out.

Laughing Faith jumped up, and they went up through the roof of the elevator again.

This elevator opened into a large open area, from which you walked out the tunnel to the outside. General Landry was stationed outside, and there were a large number of men between the opening of the elevator and that goal. However, without overwhelming numbers or a lot of cannon fodder to spend, that was not the best way to their goal. Instead they were taking the round about way out of the mountain. The air vents had to pull air in from the out side, as manufacturing air was still a difficult proposition. Their plan was to work up and out, while confusing people as much as possible.

Xander reached over and hit the button for the top floor, then walked over to the hatch. Faith reached down for Xander and pulled him up, as the car began to move. They closed and secured the hatch, trying to make it look like an empty car. They positioned themselves to either side of the car, where the two sets of ladders ran up the shaft. The second the car came to a halt, they were up the ladders and moving as quietly and quickly as they could, their goals the large vent at the top of the shaft.

Cameron and Teal’c turned when the elevator door dinged, and everyone braced themselves, guns up and pointed as the doors slide open, to reveal an empty car. Cameron got on the radio. “Station two report.” No one responded. “Station Two report.” Again just silence. “All stations report in order.”

A long moment of silence then “Station Five here.” There was another long moment of silence. “Station eight here.” No one else responded. Cameron moved over to the map that showed the layout of the building.

“Look, the only two that reported are those that guarded side exits, all the ones in the main corridors or in front of elevators are silent. Station Two was guarding this elevator, and you have to come through this one or the freight one that Station Five is still guarding. So is the elevator a distraction? Suddenly I am very glad this is just an exercise and not real, having a bomb in that elevator would have hurt.”

Teal’c listened to this and nodded slowly, thinking through how he would act trying to infiltrate a base, but while he knew there was something more about that elevator, he did not have enough knowledge of Earth construction to figure it out.

Cameron froze then ran to the elevator, “Airmen with me.” By this time five minutes had passed. By the time he reach the elevator, got the hatch open and had someone boost him up to the top of the car, he could see and hear nothing in the shaft, except his own breathing. “Get me a Flashlight!”

“They’re coming.” Faith whispered, as she slid into the vent. It had taken her two precious minutes to get the cover open, minutes that Xander had used to get up next to her. This was the worst part of the timing, they could probably win from this point, but they would rather have no one know where they were at all.

“Okay. Move.” Moving fast and quietly Faith slipped into the vent, sliding back quickly so she was out of Xanders’ way. He moved in after her, and got the covering closed just as he heard someone climbing up through the hatch. He heard someone yell for a flashlight, but already they were moving back and up, towards the service. “We need to go quickly, if they figure it out, they might have soldiers waiting at the vent opening.”

“Got it.” Faith moved through the vent, leaving Xander behind, trying to crawl as fast as she could, face glowing with excitement. With in two minutes she was up at the top, and could see the daylight streaming through. She paused and listened carefully, but heard nothing. She pushed at the grate, but it was locked on, a slight nod to herself, and she braced herself in the sloping vent, using her arms to try and lock herself into place, almost upside down, her feet above her head. Taking a deep breath she kicked hard, at the corner of the grate where it was locked. It clanged noisily and she cringed but simply kicked again as hard as she could. Three times, and finally it gave before her strength. She swarmed up and through the opening, turning and scouring the area to see if anyone was there, waiting for them. The area was empty, so she waited until she heard Xander coming up, then reached down to pull him up.
“We good?” Was his first question. Faith nodded still looking around. “Good… lets go capture us a General.” Xander’s grin was wicked as they trotted off to find the General. Both of them were scraped and bloody from the climb up the shaft, but the glow of achievement radiated off of both of them.

The capture of the general was almost anti-climatic as every had their attention on the entrance to the mountain, so when Xander slipped up behind the General and whispered “Gotcha” in his ear, the shock caused some funny reactions.

After everyone was cleaned up, all the participants meet in the briefing room, the General looking at a stack of notes various officers had given him. Xander and Faith both took their seats, blushing and smirking at bit at the general teasing and compliments they were getting from the base personnel. Though Xander did notice Sam was not smiling and looked a bit pissed. He reached into his pocket and checked that the other CD was there and nodded, she might flay him alive… but he was pretty sure she would not kill him.

The general cleared his throat a bit and everyone settled down. “We obviously you two won the exercise, but I do have some questions and would like some clarifications. First, and I know Colonel Carter would like the answer to this question. What happened to the computers?.”

Xander stood up, this was the one area he had been worried about, but mentally shrugged ~any advantage is one you use in time of war~ his mind whispered to him. Xander place the small CD on the table in front of Colonel Carter. “I loaded this.” Then he placed the second CD on the table. “This is a full explanation of what it did and how. But basically I contacted a friend of mine and asked if a program could be created that would lock out all access to a system except by answering certain questions correctly, yet know nothing about the system that was being locked out. Took a month, but this is what was created. It basically surrounds the system in a bubble that nothing can get into, unless you answer the questions or have that disk.” Pointing to the one he laid down first. Xander paused and waited, knowing Colonel Carter was going to flay him open.

“Xander, I tried to get in and all I got were messages that stated something along the lines of I won’t talk to anyone but you. I never got any password requests.” Her voice was harsh yet filled with curiosity.

“Oh.. that… I .. um.. assume you were trying to hack in or get in the back door?” She nodded at that and Xander shrugged. “Most people know computers are not my thing, so it would never occur to me to try that, so anyone trying to get in that way was immediately locked out. If you had just hit enter twice a password request would have popped up.”

Sam sat back looking at Xander a bit amused, it had never occurred to her. “I see…. My next question is who wrote this, it is rather impressive since I built the system and could not get in.”

Xander swallowed “Well.. I was told to tell you that the name that use to be used in hacker circles was WredTree.” He wrote it out so they could see it.

Sam blinked in surprise. “You know WredTree? Damn in the early 90’s that hacker got into some places they were not suppose to go, but never did any damage just pulled info, no one ever seemed to know who they were and they were never caught to my knowledge, just reports of seeing their activity were less and less, finally disappearing about two years ago.”

“Yeah.. well that is why it took two weeks to write, apparently hackers skills need to be used or you lose them.” Xander shrugged, he had put his faith in Willow and she had come true. “Everything is back to where it was, and you won’t find any trace of the program, but there are your copies.”

“You do realize I will want to talk to this person once I finish going over this, if nothing else to figure out how to prevent anything like this from happening again.”

Xander paled but shrugged “If you really want to, but you might not like that visit.”

Sam nodded sharply then turned to the General and nodded. “Since there was no damage, nothing was accessed, and we told him he was the enemy I can’t really say he went outside the scope, we just never thought since he or Faith had skills like that the computers were at risk.”

“I see… well then there won’t be any repercussions this time, but try to not mess up the computers, people get upset.” Giving Xander and Faith an evil glare, though both of them personally thought it had nothing on Giles glares. “Moving on. Everyone was very impressed by how you moved through the base, and we are going to be adding more security to those passages to prevent anyone else from utilizing them. We are confused as to why you chose the method you did, and some of the shots that were made, our ballistics people tell us bullets don’t move like that.”

Xander smiled “Simple, everyone here knows Faith is an awful shot, but they never thought about the fact that paint balls can be thrown. They assumed they would have warning when she tried to hit them. But throwing them with her strength and speed allowed some non-traditional trajectories. Also her speed and strength is well known, and you counted on having to over come her strength with high staffing levels. We circumvented that with the computers, and locking all the doors. I am known to not be too computer literate, so it never occurred to anyone we would take out the computers. Bottom line SGC made assumptions about our abilities and we turned them on you.”

There was a soft snort of laughter from Daniel and Cameron, and a soft mutter about the computer system from Sam. The General tried not to smile, but it crept in. “Good job, and obviously we need to be a bit more adaptable when we think we know everything. There are a few more questions. When personnel were rallying on the lower levels, we noticed that everyone was ‘dead’. Why did you kill everyone you left behind?” The General was honestly a bit confused, as were some other people, however Xander saw a nod of approval from Teal’c and resigned understanding from Cameron. Daniel however was absolutely stoic in his appearance, the bit of humor on his face being wiped away.

Xander looked straight at the General. “Sir, we were in enemy territory, aiming for a goal. We had no escape, and if caught we would possibly be tortured or killed. We could not afford to have anyone behind us that might possibly hurt us, or give information away about our movements. The only enemy I can trust in the short term is a dead one. In a real situation I would have vaporized everyone we hit, because even the method in which we killed would give away information that we might not want our enemies to have. The scenario was an enemy based one, we would not proceed the same way in friendly or neutral territory, but I… we learned a long time ago, the dead can rise and kill you.” Xander explained all this in a simple but neutral tone, and Faith added my nodding fervently at the last bit.

“Xander is correct.” Teal’c spoke up unexpectedly. “A Gou’ald would never leave anyone alive behind, they did not intend to make a slave or use in some way. The Tau’ri have shown they are soft in how they leave so many living behind. It might be part of why the Jaffa counsel is not taking the Tau’ri seriously. After all, you allow your enemies to live.”

The General and Daniel both looked surprised at that, and Daniel suddenly very thoughtful. “I see.” Replied the General looking at his notes. “Overall your performance was impressive, if less violent than we were expecting, and that in itself is a nice surprise, as there were bets on how many bones Faith broke, no one had zero surprisingly enough.” Scattered laughter answered that and the meeting broke up, with everyone in a good mood.

Faith and Xander were waiting for Cameron outside his quarters. “So… when do we get our ride in a 302?” Faith asked with Xander standing behind her grinning as Cameron began to stammer remembering the bet, and wondering how he was going to talk Sam into this.

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