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The Distance to You

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Summary: Dawn finally meets Angel's son when he visits the Watcher's Council, and she starts having issues because she can't decide if she wants to kill him or kiss him.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawnechoFR1848,8351198,00115 Sep 0526 Oct 05No


part: 4 - Bedded
rating: 18 (this part earns its rating)
AN: Written at the request of shenaux for the_fund.


She murmured something when he put her on her bed. he wasn't exactly sure. Something about bananas and quesadillas? Strange. Connor frown at her sweater and jeans. That wouldn't be comfortable at all for sleeping. Maybe he could just...

No, her sister would tear body parts off.

But she looked so... fully-clothed lying there on the bed like that. It couldn't be comfortable. He was most fond of sleeping in just his boxer shorts unless it was just really chilly.

Connor sat on the end of the bed and lifted her to a seated position. She wobbled a bit like a giant ragdoll. Dawn murmured again and nuzzled her cheek sleepily against his shoulder. Connor sat stock still for a moment with wide eyes. She smelled even better up close. He grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head quickly. Amazingly, she didn't wake. The sweater created some static with her hair. It stuck up and crackled just a bit. Connor grinned. It was too cute. Too NORMAL. Damn, he loved when things got normal with him lately. Ordinary things, like static electricity in a girl's hair, they were great. He savored them.

He also savored the fact that she had a fairly tight white tee shirt under her sweater that was so thin he could see her blue bra through it. Connor gently laid her back against her pillows. She gave a little whimper of protest when he attempted to move away, but a soft kiss to her forehead put a sleeping smile on her face. Connor grinned himself and moved to her sneakers. Those definitely had to go. He took off her thick socks too, rubbing her feet a bit before moving to the button of her jeans. Dangerous territory here. Definitely moving into an are where body parts could be ripped off to be used as weapons.

Connor unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then carefully maneuvered them over her hips. He was extra careful not to take her panties with them... much as he might have liked that. He snickered when he saw them. They were the cutest girlish panties ever. Pink cotton with a Hello Kitty on the crotch part. It was strangely sexy to him. Very sexy. He'd have liked nothing better that to nuzzle that cat.

Just then she gave a little shiver, and her eyes flew open as she sucked in air sharply through her nose. Connor's eyes got wide.

"What are you doing?"


"Did you just take my pants off?" She shivered and noticed her upper body as well. "And my sweater?"


"What was coming of next? Your pants?"

"Hadn't thought of that." He said almost in a daze. He really hadn't. He'd just been enjoying the view. He had not planned on dressing to match her. Connor liked his arms and legs attached to his body, thanks.

Dawn glared and folded her arms across her chest.

"Honest. I wasn't. Your sister warned me. I was about to cover you up, and go to my own bed. Seriously." He shifted a bit awkwardly. "I just wanted to... look first."

"At my Hello Kitty panties?"

"Well... yeah."

Her grinning sort of disrupted her glaring then. She moved suddenly. Connor shouted in alarm when she grabbed his own sweater and yanked it over his head. He was not wearing anything under his. Dawn giggled.

"What?" He said defensively looking down at his bare chest.

"Your hair's all static-y." Then she leaned towards him and ruffled his hair.

He tried to stop her from touching his hair. A bit of grappling ensued. They were both giggling, and somehow ended up holding one another with their faces mere inches apart. They both stopped laughing abruptly.

Dawn made the mistake, if you want to call it that, of looking away from Connor's eyes and to his pink lips. That was pretty much when he started kissing her. In the very very back of her mind, Dawn was thinking she ought to shove him away and slap the crap out of him. She just didn't really want to. He kind of tasted too good for that.

When he started crawling over her, Dawn was pleased to note that he'd kicked his shoes off at some point. Very considerate.

"This is so trouble." He murmured against her neck. "And I so don't care."


"Your sister and Spike might kill me for this."

"I can handle them. You let me worry about them. Less talk-y, more kiss-y."

"If you say so."

She made quick work of the fly on his jeans and somehow used her feet to shove his jeans down his legs.

"What are you..."

Dawn quirked an eyebrow. "You don't get to keep your pants on if I don't."

"Spike said you were fair."

They were lying on her bed together in their underwear. Should have been weird or awkward. Dawn was thinking it was the best thing ever. He'd done something to her. Nothing bad, per se. It's just that since the last guy she made out with had turned out to be wearing spelled clothing and the one before that had been a vampire, she'd built some walls. Someone had a wrecking ball though.

"What else did Spike say?"

"You wanna talk about that... NOW? I thought you said less talking?"

"Well, upon coherent though, I really don't think we should do much else... even though I'd like to."


"You know, for someone who's been all flirty since you got here, you sure are insecure about it now that you've got me where you want me."

"Well, you're not quite where I'd like you."

Dawn made a face.

"And hell yes, I'm nervous. Spike so says I'm not in your league."

She traced a finger along his jaw. "You are. Fat lot he knows."

Connor smiled. They were lying on their sides facing one another. Their heads were currently sharing the same pillow. It was lovely. It was something along the lines of what he had started dreaming about when he'd first started not being able to get her out of his head. This was all Spike's doing really. If he didn't tell her so well, but Connor liked to think he'd have liked Dawn anyhow. She was bitchy at times, but he liked that. There was something infinitely likable about Dawn Summers.

"Actually, Spike knows a whole hell of a lot about you. Likes to talk too. I know all about you. I know things about you that'd probably make you blush."

Her eyes got wide.

"But I don't think we ought to talk about that."

"No, I think we should." She had that face on that Spike had warned him about.

Her brat face. The only things more dangerous were Buffy's I'll kick your ass face or Willow's resolve face. Or, this one he knew personally, Faith's 'break me off a switch, son' face.


"It's not fair." She said as she rolled off of the bed and began to pace... seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was still just in her panties, and thin tee shirt, and her bra. "You know, like, everything about me, and I barely know anything about you."

Connor was still stretched out on his side. He propped himself up on his elbow to watch her better. "Well, what do you want to know?"

She stopped and put her hands on her hips. "Everything." Then she shivered a bit.

"Come back into the bed. It's much warmer here."

Dawn looked down at herself and gasped. She tried to cover up.

"It's a bit late for that."

She scowled and moved tentatively to the bed. Connor pulled back the covers and got inside. He patted the place next to him. Dawn glared and his presumption, but climbed in anyhow. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. Dawn snuggled into his chest. He doubted she even realized she had done so. Her body seemed to trust his. That was flattering.

"Now what is it you want to know?"

"I told you... everything."

"All right. Any particular point I should start at?"

"What's the first thing you remember?"

"In which life of mine?"

Dawn blinked in surprise. She leaned up to look at his face. His expression was a bit weary and pained as well.

"We don't have to talk about it." She said. "Not right now. Not if you don't wanna."

"But you want to know."

"So tell me some good things. We'll do the bad little by little. Tell me something good."

"When I found out who my father really was, I was mad."

"I said good things."

"Let me finish."

"Ok, you were mad."

"Until the memory of why he had done it hit me. He's given up everything he ever really wanted just to make the world a tiny bit better. I think I'm proud of that. I hurt for him because of it, but at the same time, I love him for it."

"It's why he and Buffy could never... too noble. She gave up her life for mine once. I was gonna... but she did instead." Dawn trembled a bit as she remembered that. "What about Spike?"

"What about him?"

"How did you meet?"

"The first time I saw Spike he was in Wolfram and Hart and Illyria was giving him a real beating. Don't tell my dad this, but I think I liked him almost instantly. He can be bleeding out of every orifice and still be making snarky comments. Plus, he likes to talk. Not just that though, he's a good storyteller. I like hearing Spike tell tales."

"Tell me something random about you."

"Like what?"

"Like... what's your favorite cookie?"


"Oreos?" She giggled.


"Do you pry them apart to lick the icing first or just eat the whole thing."

His put his lips to the shell of her ear. "I pry them apart to lick..." He licked the edge of her ear. "The icing."

Dawn shivered.

The next thing she knew, he had nudged her face with his own somehow, and they were back to the kissing thing. Kissing under the blankets on her bed, and it felt more right than anything ever had. One of his legs came to rest between both of hers and Dawn gave a little whimper. His legs were sort of hairy and male. It was nice. Dawn gasped when he parted their bodies just long enough to yank her tee shirt up over her head and throw it away over his shoulder. Next went the front clasp of her bra with a little snap, and Connor's hand closed over one of her breasts while he lightly nipped at her pulse with his teeth.

Dawn moaned almost involuntarily and arched up against him.

"I knew it." He breathed against her collar.


"I knew it. I knew from the moment he started talking about you." Connor panted. "I knew you were the one. There couldn't be anyone else like you for me. I knew it. This is why I needed to come here. This is why I couldn't travel the distance to you quick enough."

She was strangely affected by the fact that Spike's tellings of her had made Connor want to seek her out. They rolled onto their sides and Dawn pressed herself as close to him as she could get. Their hands were everywhere it seemed. There was no hope of slowing or stopping. Too much heat. Too many feelings.

Dawn dipped her hand into the back of his boxer shorts to seek a butt cheek. He hissed in pleasure and began wiggling out of them. Which caused her to roll onto her back and yank her own underpants off. This was happening. She would not stop it. Did not want to.

When he settled himself between her thighs though, Dawn had a bit of a panic attack. "I never..."

His face took on a bit of sobriety. "I can stop."

"Can you?"

"Well... I could try to."

Dawn giggled at that.

"Oh hell."


"We need... er, I need... we need protection. For you. I already had a kid, see, and she turned out to be evil and all world-end-y."

"You have a kid!"


"Big talk later. Big, big talk." Then she rolled to the side and opened her night stand drawer.

Connor gaped at the condom she handed him. "I thought you never..."

"I haven't."

"Then why..."

"They're Faith's emergency stash."

"Does your sister know that Faith keeps her emergency stash of condoms in your room?"

"No, and nobody's gonna tell her either, or I'll tell how you know." Dawn smiled sheepishly. "Now can you please..."

"Oh. Right."

There was a bit of wriggling and looking under the covers on his part. Then he was kissing her again. Slowly, almost artfully. It was a far cry from the frenzy that had gotten them to this moment.

"What are you..." She asked between kisses.

"I think you might have cooled off a little. I'm just trying to warm you back up."

"Oh." She liked the sound of that.

Liked the feel of it too.

The actual sex part of sex was different than she had imagined it. It did hurt at first, yes. Then it felt all tingly. Things slid across other things and rubbed and touched. What she liked best was his breath in her ear, the little words of pleasure he whispered to her. She liked clutching at his back as he moved his body into hers. She liked the way sweat rose up on his brow and his upper lip. She liked how warm her body got.

What Dawn didn't like was Buffy and Faith bursting into the room right as Connor shouted with his orgasm.


end part 4

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Distance to You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Oct 05.

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