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The Distance to You

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Summary: Dawn finally meets Angel's son when he visits the Watcher's Council, and she starts having issues because she can't decide if she wants to kill him or kiss him.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawnechoFR1848,8351198,00115 Sep 0526 Oct 05No

Loud Mouth and Girl-mouth

part: 1 - Loud Mouth and Girl-mouth
disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to Joss Whedon.
AN: Written at the request of Shenaux for the_fund.


Buffy had been sitting on the table in the library that Dawn had all her books and research spread out on working on the current big bad type threat when it happened. The two of them were discussing Buffy's latest slay the night before. It was nice, that. They'd finally gotten into some sort of weird watcher/slayer pattern. Buffy had finally ceded that Dawn was old enough, and more importantly valuable and knowledgeable enough, to be part of the team, so they talked shop quite a lot. It wasn't quite like when Buffy talked shop to Giles either because Dawn giggled and added or agreed when Buffy when into one of her tangent asides about the clothes of the slay or what department store they happened to be near or if there was someone cute in attendance.

"Er... Buffy?"

Dawn and Buffy both looked up at Vi.

"Aren't you on patrol tonight?" Buffy asked.

"I was just on my way out, but something came up. You might want to come to the guest waiting room up front. Actually, you both might wanna see this one."


"There's some guy here looking for Spike."

Dawn bristled. Sometimes Spike brought an unsavory element with him. Especially since he was definitely all soul-having and so one of the good guys these days. He pissed people off. Well, he pissed the bad guys off. Especially since he used to be one of the biggest and baddest bad guys. Thank goodness Spike was out for the evening. Dawn didn't relish the idea of having her sister or any of the other slayers beat someone up in the waiting room again. Yes, they'd taken to putting cheap furniture and dollar store type knickknacks in there for just that reason, but Dawn didn't like having to clean up the rubble. That was never her favorite chore.

Yes, Dawn was glad Spike was out for the night. He'd taken off just as the sun set and Buffy had started talking to Dawn about the previous night's activities. Spike was currently staying with them while he was looking into some sort of demon-y thing. He HAD said if he didn't finish up with his little mission soon someone might come after him. But Spike had said it'd be a blue bird named Illyria. Dawn hadn't seen any blue birdies flying about, but she was always on the lookout. A talking bird that wasn't a parrot might be cool.

Buffy hopped off of the table and Dawn followed her.

Right before they entered the room this guy was waiting in, Buffy turned to her, likely to give her some sort of warning or to tell her Dawn to let her do the talking. "Dawnie-"

Dawn pushed past her. This was Spike. Spike may have incurred her wrath in the past, but they had since made their peace. He was her confidant, and she his little niblet again.

"Looking for Spike, are we?"

The guy turned. He couldn't have been much older than she was. He smirked at her. "You have got to be Dawn. He said you had the biggest blue eyes ever and a real loud mouth. I see that description wasn't far off."

She bristled.

"He also mentioned not to do anything that might warrant the 'wake up on fire' speech. Haven't done that, have I?"

"Oh Goddess! Angel's son. Hi." Willow had just entered with Faith.

News of visitors always spread fast in the reformed council's new headquarters.

"Willow." He grinned. "And Faith."

"What's up, Junior?"

"Just looking for Spike. Getting the cold shoulder and a bit of a grilling from Spike's favorite watcher. It's cool."

"So you remember me." Faith said, nodding. "I heard they did some mojo on you."

"They did. I kinda remember everything though." He looked at Willow with a semi-wounded expression. "Androgenous?"

"Well, I'm sorry." Willow said quickly. "You are. You have girl-mouth. I mean, you're still real pretty and all, but... girl-mouth."

Faith chuckled. "You know she's all gay, right? She likes chicks, so if she thinks you're all pretty and shit-"

Buffy interrupted. "Explanation. Anytime. Really."

"But... Buffy..." Willow said, looking awkward. "I told you about Angel's son... remember?"

"Not that." She turned to Connor. "Why do you need Spike?"

"I don't." He said with a very cheeky grin. "I mean, I don't specifically need him. Lyri does."

"Lyri?" Dawn questioned.


"She's not a blue bird?"

"What?" Angel's son laughed out. "Well, she DOES have a blue tint to her. Not a flying bird though. Slang bird, yes. She's a person. Well, sort of. She's a she. Like a female type. No wings or feathers. She's got blue streaks in her hair, blue eyes, blue lips, and some blue patches of skin. She was like a hellgoddess or something. Now she's just one of us."

"Hellgoddess?" Dawn asked warily, thinking instantly of Glory.

"She used to be. had most of her power stripped though. It's this whole big long story. I'm not here to tell it though. I just need to find Spike and tell him to get himself home soon."

"Oh?" Buffy asked. "Trouble?"

"You could say that."

"End of the world trouble?"

"Oh no. It's just she's gotten oddly bitchy and sent me after him, and there was a bit more explanation to that, but it made me uncomfortable to hear it, so I sure am not repeating it. Just use your imagination. The pervert side of your imagination."

Faith made some sort of chuckling snort noise. "Spike's banging her, huh?"

Willow elbowed her. The guy shifted from foot to foot and went a bit pink in the face.

"Why didn't she come herself?" Dawn snapped. She didn't think she liked Angel's son. He seemed kinda smug.

"She likes to pretend I'm her errand boy. She wanted Spike fetched but didn't want to lower herself to do the actual fetching. She can be funny that way. Like I said, former hellgoddess. She's used to having minions and flying monkeys and stuff. I'm not much for being the messenger, but this time I didn't mind, and everyone else was busy. I wanted some fresh air and a little bit of adventure. They're strangely overly protective of me, so I don't get out much in an un-chaperoned capacity. Plus, Spike talks about you guys a lot. I wanted faces to go with the many, many nicknames he has for all of you."

Dawn bristled again. She could just imagine, and she was already going to have some words with Spike about saying she had a loud mouth.

"Well, we don't know where Spike is right now. He's still working on his demon problem" Buffy said. "But you can wait here, er... Angel's son. Um, Colin? Corbin? Corey?"


"Right. I knew that." Buffy offered him a sheepish smile. "I'm bad at names."

"I know."

Buffy raised her eyebrows.

"Angel's my dad, and I spend a lot of time with Spike. Your name's come up a few... HUNDRED times."

Willow giggled. "Going back to my meditation. Call me if anyone needs me."

Faith smirked. "Hey, B, wanna fight? I could use the practice. My turn to patrol tomorrow night and all. You game?"

Buffy cast a glance at Connor before looking at Faith. "Suddenly, I am."

"Sweet. I haven't got to smack you around in what seems like ages."

"Same here, and I strangely have the urge to hit something. A lot."

Before Dawn knew what was what, she was left alone with Connor. He looked at her and grinned. She gave him that patented Summers glare and folded her arms across her chest. She took a very haughty stance. They stood staring at one another for a while.

Finally Dawn couldn't take the quiet anymore. "Well, don't expect me to entertain you until Spike turns up."

"I don't. I know how to keep myself busy."

"Sometimes Spike stays away for days, you know. He gets obsessive about things."

"I know. Just point me to the kitchen, a bathroom I can use, the library, and a place I can crash for the night if I have to, and I'll be ok. I'll stay out of all that hair of yours."

Dawn bristled again. Was he... flirting with her? Because the hair thing seemed like it might have been a compliment, but she just wasn't exactly sure. This was Angel's son. That was a little weird.

"Ok, obviously I've offended you in some way. If you'd just show me to the places I mentioned, I'll get out of your way. Swear."

But something from earlier prickled in her head. "Faith mentioned mojo and you."

"And somehow I don't think you're referring to the Powerpuff Girls." Sometimes his fake life had its benefits. Like pop culture references. He hadn't gotten those much less been able to throw them about in his first life.

"Not really no."

He shrugged. "Angel, my dad, had this creepy sorcerer dude make me a fake life, but then this cube thing got smashed, so I remember my real life and my fake one. Like a fork in the road only instead of taking the one less traveled, my head thinks I've traveled both."

"You have fake memories."

"Oh! You do too, right? Energy and these monks-"

"Spike told you about THAT?!"

"It was a secret? Spike didn't act like it was a secret. He acted like everybody knew. Well, everybody with your group. Not like, EVERYBODY everybody, you know? He made it seem like it was no big deal."

"I just..." She just... what? Why did it seem to bother her that this guy knew everything about her and about all she knew of him was that he was Angel's son? Well, that and that he had fake memories too. She looked at him with a frown on her face. "I have to get back to the library."

That said, she spun on her heel and practically ran from the room. She didn't care if she was being unforgivably rude to a guest in their house, so to speak. Dawn felt the need to get away from him. Something about Angel's son put her off balance, it seemed. She didn't count on how fast Connor was though. He followed her right into the library. She didn't even know he was there until he moved past her table and started examining books.

"What... what are you doing?" Her voice came out a little shriek-y, and Dawn winced.

"Looking for a bit of light reading. Don't let me bother you. I told you I can entertain myself."


"You said you were going to the library, so I followed because it was one of the places I said I wanted to see. Is this a problem?"

Dawn didn't even bother answering that. She huffed indignantly and went back to her research. But she kept stealing glances at the figurative pebble in her shoe. He was tall like Angel. Thinner though. Wiry. His eyes weren't Angel's. Angel's eyes were dark and held darkness. Connor's were bright blue. Someone else's eyes, not his father's. He definitely needed a haircut, and there had been some stubble along his jaw. His clothes were wrinkled too, but she couldn't be sure how hard or how fast he had traveled to get there, so she shouldn't judge that. Yet, she was. He just seemed sort of... sloppy. And Willow was right. He had girl-mouth. She didn't really mind girl-mouth though. On the right guy it could be sort of sexy.

"You ok?"

She jerked in her chair. "Huh?"

"You were staring at me in a way that was starting to freak me out."

Dawn scowled at him and pulled a text up in front of her face. When she was sure he had turned back to the bookshelves, she lowered it just past her eyes. When she did that, she shrieked in surprise because he was not back at the bookshelves. Connor sitting in the chair right across from her. He moved just like a damned vampire. She hadn't even heard him.

"Sorry. Lots of the benefits of a vampire, none of the drawbacks."

"Don't DO that." Dawn hissed through her teeth as she snapped the book in her hands closed.

"Sorry." He tossed out again, not looking sorry in the least.

"I thought you said you could entertain yourself, stay out of all my hair, so... out."

"I'm just curious."


"Your blatant hostility."

Dawn glared. "Look, I have work to do, so if you don't mind..."

Connor held up his hands in surrender and got out of the chair. As he turned away, he mumbled to himself. "Dad will sure be glad that I finally have the hots for someone in my age bracket."


"Oh nothing. I'll just be... over here." He pointed. "You know, if you need to glare at someone or something."

Dawn narrowed her eyes at him and slammed a text open in front of her. She couldn't think with him in the room though. He was a distraction. She had too overactive of a brain, always had, and he brought up way to many questions for her. Dawn snatched her pen furiously and started scribbling notes. There was some dark wizard dude mucking around in this underground wizarding society. She was sure she could 'work the numbers' here and figure out how to dispose of him.

"Sorry, but if Spike doesn't turn up, and I have to stay the night, do you have any pajamas I can borrow? It's a bit cooler here than I'm used to, and even though Spike raves about it, I don't think I'd like sleeping naked."

Her pen skidded harshly across the page.

"I know I said I wouldn't bother you." He said, that grin in place, as he took the chair across from her again. "But I can't seem to help myself."


He chuckled. "You really are unpleasant."

"Well... you're bothering me."

"And you don't like to think about what all Spike might have told me about you."

Dawn ground her teeth. Why did he have to be so in-tune? Or was he just a good guesser? Because that was one of the main things about this whole situation that was bothering her.

"You should know Spike talks about you like you're his bratty little sister that he couldn't imagine being without, that though she annoys him, he cares for her. I have one of those... or I think I do, so I know what I'm talking about."

"I think we can find you some pajamas."

He grinned. "So you DO know how to be civilized."

"No. I just don't relish the thought of heading to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night and running into you on your way to the bathroom in nothing more than your birthday suit."

Connor blinked.

"Civilization has nothing to do with it, girlie lips." She quipped as she folded her arms across her chest. "It's all about preventing regurgitation."


end part 1
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