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Summary: A little girl with the sight is hidden where no one would ever think to find her- with a watcher and his slayer

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Title: Darkness

Author: Karie


Summary: A little girl with the sight is hidden where no one would think to look- with a watcher and his slayer

Disclaimer: Nothing and no one is mine except Sera/Cassie

Pairings: nothing is set in stone except W/S =D

Spoilers: anything in BTVS is game, and HP up to Goblet of Fire to be safe

Feedback: Please, please, please! This is my first time posting, so please be nice ;)

Author's Notes: I changed dates and ages to suit the story. In the BTVS verse, Buffy and company were fourteen when she moved to Sunnydale and the changes to storyline are only to include Sera in the events. In the HP verse, Harry was three when he defeated Voldemort for the first time, again to match the ages.




"They're coming," the small, dark haired little girl whispered from the doorway of her mother's room. Her eyes were bright with tears as she held onto the doorframe for dear life. "M-momma, they're coming." The figure in the bed turned over to look at her, light blue eyes meeting their match.

"Come here, Cassie," the woman smiled, opening her arms to the small child. "There's no one coming, dearest."

"No, Momma. They're coming. They saw you at the pub yesterday and they're coming."

The woman's eyebrows crinkled and she sat up, throwing her legs over the side. "Come here, Cassie, sweetheart. It was just a bad dream." The little girl shook her head violently, her dark curls flying around her tiny face. She was only five, but she knew the difference between dream and reality. And the sick feeling in her tummy was telling her that the bad people were coming for her and her Momma. They knew Cassie knew what they were. They knew her Momma was going to help the good guys.

"N-no, Momma. We need to go," Cassie whimpered, her words clear of any of the childhood imperfections. She was a very, very smart little girl- very much a prodigy. But she was very scared. "They know."

"They know what, Cassie," her mother got up and crossed to kneel in front of her, taking her small hands in hers. She reached up to wipe away the tears falling down her little girl's pale cheeks.

"They know what the shadows tell me," Cassie whispered, her lower lip trembling. "Momma, they know that you're gonna take me t-to the P-pro... the school man. They don't want me to help."

Cassie's mother's eyes widened in surprise and fear before she finally sprang into action. She ran to pull a pair of jeans over her panties and pulled the nightshirt over her head, reaching for a sweater. "Cassie, go get your shoes, luv, and grab a sweater. And hurry, baby."

Cassie ran to obey, slipping her tennis shoes on over her bare feet. She grabbed a pink sweatshirt off her chair in the corner and ran back into her mother's bedroom. She stood, her eyes big in her face as her mother pulled out something she only pulled out when they were really in trouble. A long thin black stick. Her wand.

A couple more things went into the big bag her mother always carried with them, then they were out the door and running for the muggle car. They had been living as muggles since Cassie was a small baby. She knew she was different from the other little girls. She knew she was special, and that was why she wasn't allowed to see her daddy, or her nanna and poppa.

She buckled herself into the backseat, hugging her pink stuffed bunny while her mother turned on the car. She was scared, but she knew her mother could get them somewhere safe. She had to believe that, even though the shadows whispering her in head were telling her that the bad men were coming. They were whispering awful, naughty things. Saying that these bad men were going to hurt her mother and take her away. They were going to hurt her and make her to bad things. They were going to make her tell them things... Things that they didn't want her to tell the man from the school. Things the man from the school didn't want her to tell them.

The sick feeling in her tummy got worse as they drove away, out of the city and toward a place Cassie remembered well. It was where the man from the school had met her and her mother a couple of weeks ago. She'd liked him a lot. His beard had looked soft and fluffy, and he had laughed when she'd asked if she could touch it. He had pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. She had felt safe with him, like he could protect her from the bad men.

She hugged her pink bunny closer and tried not to cry as they sped away towards that safe place. She wanted to go to the man from the school and hide behind his robes. She started to cry when her mother cursed and the car swerved. Her tummy hurt so bad now she felt like she was going to throw up. They were here. The bad men were here to get her.

"M-momma?" she whimpered as the car swerved again, then screamed as it flew off the road. The whispers in her head were getting louder, whispering for her to run away as soon as the car stopped. They were laughing, telling her that the bad men were going to get her. They were going to hurt her and her mother. She started to cry harder when her mother screamed as the car came to a lurching halt in the ditch.

Her mother said her name desperately as she scrambled to unbuckle and climb over the backseat to help Cassie with her seatbelt. "Listen to me, sweetie," her mother whispered, "We don't have time. I want you to run when we get out of the car. No matter what happens to me, I want you to run as fast as you can toward our safe place. It's not that far. Get to-" The car started rocking and Cassie could see shadows moving in the dim light outside the car windows. Her mother took a deep breath and smoothed her hair back away from her face, "You get to Dumbeldore, sweet. He'll keep you safe." She nodded, even though she was scared. She flinched as something hit the side of the car, making a loud metal bang.

"I love you, little girl," her mother whispered and kissed her forehead. "Now, remember, Cassie-girl. Run as soon as I open the door. I'll follow when I can. And don't worry, sweetheart. The man from the school will find you." Cassie was crying so hard she was hiccuping, but tried to calm down. Her mother was counting on her. Another loud bang against the side of the car and her mother kissed her again.

The little girl took a deep breath and clutched her small pink rabbit. "I love you, Momma." Her mother looked at her with tears in her eyes. Cassie wanted to wail and hold onto her. Her lip trembled as she watched her hand go to the door handle. She knew she wouldn't see her mother again.

Her stomach jumped as the door was pulled open and a man was standing there, wearing a black hooded robe and a white mask. Her mother pulled out her black wand and said something, then the man was flying back. She jumped out of the car and started throwing curses at the other bad men. Cassie froze for a second, watching as all the men started pointing their wands at her mother. She didn't want to leave her mother. She didn't want them to hurt her. But she remembered what she was supposed to do.

Biting her lip, she clutched her bunny tight to her side and slid out of the car. She took a deep breath and started running. She could hear shouting behind her, but didn't look. She just ran as fast as her little legs would let her. She heard her mother scream and her steps faltered just a little. But then she moved off the road and started running through the brush. She knew they would see her easier if she was in the road, but it made it harder for her to run.

She heard someone running behind her and she tried to run faster, but her little legs weren't a match for the longer legs of the adult behind her. She screamed as big, strong hands reached out and grabbed her. She kept screaming and started fighting, kicking out as hard as she could, biting and scratching as only a little kid could do.

"Shh, stop struggling, child," a deep voice ordered her, speaking right next to her ear as one of his arms pinned both of hers to her side. "I'm here to help you."

"B-but my momma," she whimered, "P-please, let me go. I- I- I need to g-get t-to." She was breathing so hard she couldn't speak except in huccups. "M-momma t-told m-me..."

"Just be quiet, girl, and I will take you to him," the man growled in her ear, tightening his grip on her to just this side of painful. She gasped and quit struggling. Once the blind terror eased, the whispers were telling her she could trust this man. They were telling her all sorts of things. That she was going to be okay, she just needed to relax and do what he told her. Trust him.

She fell quiet and relaxed against his hold. He muttered something and she wanted to scream again. Everything hurt and she found she couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't scream. She couldn't breathe, or blink. She wanted to scream so bad, it echoed in her head even though there was no sound.

She watched with fixed eyes as the other men in black robes and white masks came up around them. "What have you done," one of the other men snarled, grabbing her arm and jerking her out of his arms. Pain lanced through her arm as he held her just by the small limb. Then he grabbed her other arm and held her up so he could look into her face. Inside her mind, Cassie was shrinking away from the stark white mask and the ice blue eyes behind it. The eyes were scarier than the mask.

He snorted in disgust and then threw her little body down on the ground. "Well, she won't be talking to Dumbledore, in any case," the man who had held her drawled.

"But our Dark Lord wanted her alive. She was to be an important key to our success," another robed man said, his deep voice cutting through to where Cassie lay half on her side, half on her back. She wanted to move. She could see her pink bunny lying next to the man with the blue eyes, his black boots dangerously close to the bright ear. She wanted to scream out a warning, that he was going to step on her favoirte toy. Then her attention was back on what the men were saying, and something deep inside her young soul started to bleed. "The other muggle-lover bitch is dead. That will appease his anger somewhat."

She'd known her mother was dead the moment the man had grabbed her. But hearing the words, spoken so crudely, made her move deeper inside her mind. The longer she lay there, listening to them discuss her and her mother like they were nothing more than a speck of blood to be cleaned up and discarded, the more she retreated. The whispers were back, and she saw what was to come.

Fire and blood ran through towns and cities alike. Her young mind shrieked in agony as she watched things no five year old should see. Blood and pain, death and distruction. And an evil man standing over it all, watching it with blood-red eyes and a snake-like face. The last thing she saw was a black tattoo of a skull with a snake on a strong white wrist, reaching for her.
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