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Devil's Advocate

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Summary: Lilah Morgan tries to convince Jack McCoy that he should join Wolfram & Hart

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Television > Law and OrderAaronlisaFR131564051,73716 Sep 0516 Sep 05Yes
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company. Law and Order belongs to Dick Wolfe and company.

Notes: Lilah is in NYC on a case and she tries to convince McCoy to join Wolfram & Hart.

“Can I help you Ms. Morgan?” McCoy asked as she walked into his office.

“I suppose you might be able to, but the reason why I’m here is more about you than it is about me,” Lilah purred seductively.

“Don’t let me waste your time, you can tell your firm’s Senior Partners that I’m still not interested.”

“The Senior Partners have an exceptionally attractive offer for you, which you should at least hear out before you casually dismiss it.”

”I don’t care how attractive it is, the answer is still no.”

”Come on McCoy, you can’t tell me that a loveless and thankless job as DA is more rewarding than what Wolfram and Hart are prepared to offer you? After all the Senior Partners want you to head the criminal division at the New York branch since Williams suddenly died.”

”The cost that your Senior Partners undoubtedly expect me to pay is far to expensive for my tastes.”

”So you’d rather stay in a job that sees criminals like Bergstrom walk Scot-free?”

”But Ms. Morgan, Bergstrom isn’t walking away Scot-free.”

”We both know that he’ll be out in two or three months and back to his regular games.”

”That may or may not happen, but at least I’m doing something to protect the public from animals like Bergstrom.”

“And can the public appreciate you like Wolfram and Hart can?”

”Perhaps not, but at least the public doesn’t expect me to sell my soul.”

”No but they’ll kick you out of office if they think that you’ve failed them,”

“I think that I can accept that risk far easier than what the Senior Partners may to do to me if I failed them. And I don’t feel like selling out for a few material rewards.”

”It’d be easy for the Senior Partners to destroy your career,” Lilah threatened.

“I don’t doubt that, but we both know that they won’t destroy my career. Don’t we, Ms. Morgan?”

”They might not be that patient anymore since you’ve rejected their generous offer once again.”

McCoy laughed at her words and her anger as he thought about all the times that he’d heard this offer and threat in his career. Every so often the Senior Partners at Wolfram and Hart would send someone to him to try to lure him away from his current job for a rewarding career at Wolfram and Hart. The contract that they offered him was tempting but the ultimate price of selling out all of his ethics, morals and beliefs had always left him with a sour taste in his mouth.

“Ms. Morgan I hate to disillusion you but Wolfram and Hart have been courting me, or trying to court me, since I was still in law school and my answer has never once wavered. And I’ve always heard the same hollow threats and nothing has ever come out of it. Perhaps this might be the one time that I’m proved wrong but I don’t believe it. Now don’t you think that you should be catching a flight back home to LA?”

“You’re a fool.”

“Perhaps but at least I can sleep soundly at night knowing that I stayed true to myself.”

”Mr. McCoy, I can reassure you that I sleep quite soundly at night despite having supposedly sold out.”

“I’m sure that you do, but I know that I wouldn’t.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Devil's Advocate". This story is complete.

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