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Jealous Face

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Summary: Luna Lovegood just knew Spike would be the one to help her the moment she met him.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredechoFR1535,8503149,66217 Sep 0518 Nov 05Yes


disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to Joss Whedon and JK Rowling.
AN: Requested by jennalei for the_fund.


Harry Potter grinned at the vampire called Spike as the blonde made his way up from the dungeons of the Manor house they happened to be raiding. There was a definite swagger to the vampire's step. And why not? He had a hostage slug over his shoulder. Spike might be an ass, but he did get the job done. Harry might not have any feelings of actual like for the vampire, but he was glad to have him on their side.

Spike attempted to place Luna Lovegood on her feet, but he grabbed onto her to hold her upright when it seemed her legs weren't quite ready for support. "Easy, luv. Take it easy. You're safe now."

"Luna!" Harry was on his feet instantly and moving towards her, but he was cut off by a rabid Blaise Zabini.

The taller boy scooped the thin Ravenclaw girl up off her shaky feet and held her quite close. There was a lot of disturbing kissing too. Spike smirked at Harry.

Someone was shouting that they were perfectly capable of walking and to put him down. Everyone turned. Harry chuckled when Illyria came up from the dungeons toting one Draco Malfoy. A very indignant Draco Malfoy. They were followed by Angel carrying and very pleased-looking Ginny Weasley. the redheaded girl was cradled in the brooding vampires arms like a little girl. She had one arm slung around his shoulders and a giant smile on her face.

"Thank you, Angel." She said nicely as he set her on her feet. "I could have walked, but you're right. This was much faster."

"Ginny!" Percy Weasley broke his rigid dignity for once and was shoving people aside to get to his sister.

"I'm fine, Percy. Just fine."


Illyria was looking particularly expressionless with a wriggling Draco still on her shoulder. Spike had decided to sit upon a hex-scorched sitting bench. He was all sprawled out, legs obscenely apart, chuckling and picking at the chipped black nail polish on his fingers. It was odd how he could seem at ease in uneasy situations.

"I think you could set him on his feet now, Blue."

"His struggles amuse me."

"His struggles amuse us all, but he's getting right shout-y about it. The shouting moves this whole thing from amusement to annoyance."

Illyira shrugged then dumped Draco. He stumbled and fell on his butt. Spike chuckled again. He liked Draco. He reminded Spike of Angel's son. Such a damned brat. Spike rose and moved behind the boy before he could attempt to hex Illyria... which had been his plan. The boy's pride had taken a mighty hit. Spike grabbed the his wand wrist tightly and swung his arm up. The ceiling got it but good.

"How DARE you-"

"Shut the hell up, Malfoy." Spike snapped. "Blue here just rescued your ungrateful bum. Do be a bit more thankful, all right."

"I didn't need to be-"

Ginny interrupted. "Shut up, Draco."

Everyone looked at her. Since when did she call Malfoy Draco?

"Well..." Spike said, chuckling. "That's in interesting development."


"Spike you have a visitor."

He glared at Dawn. How could he have a visitor? No one knew he was hiding out at the Watcher's Council except Angel. Wanker probably told. There were no limits to his wankery. Spike sighed loudly. So much for him taking a vacation. He could just rip someone's head off and drink from their brain stem right now. This was cutting into his, in his opinion, well-deserved lying around and not doing shit time.

He was confused when Dawn showed Luna Lovegood into the room. He had not seen her since he'd carried her out of the dungeons and the Nott Manor. Dawn made a suspicious and condemning face at Spike over the other girl's shoulder. As if to say he was a big old pervert for having someone her age visit for what Dawn obviously suspected were lecherous reasons.

"What are you..."

"Doing here?" She said as she took a seat on the portion of his sofa he'd just removed his boots from. "I brought you a present."

Spike made a face. "What?"

"You saved me. I'd like us to be friends."

"Wasn't just me." He said, feeling distinctly uncomfortable, though the idea of having a friend wasn't unappealing.

"But you carried me." She produced a box from somewhere on her person. "Here you are."

Spike took it with a confused look. Chocolates? "Chocolates?"

"Oh, not just any old chocolates. Those are blood cordials."

"Blood cordials?"

"They're what they sound like. I know you're a vampire. I've never met a vampire before. Well, so one that wasn't trying to suck my blood. I find myself a little... fascinated here."

He raised an eyebrow.

"It doesn't bother me. I know werewolves, and I've seen lots of mystical creatures. Plus, I'm a witch."

For the first time, Spike noticed she had her wand tucked behind her ear. She was also wearing radishes for earrings and had what looking like a strand of corks around her neck. Not that a little lunacy bothered him much, but he suspected this bird might not be flying with all her feathers. Not unfamiliar territory for him. Spike liked it about her already.

"All right. Thank you."

She shifted nervously.

Spike's eyes narrowed. He sensed that he had not heard everything yet. "Why else are you here?"

"I need a favor."

"I don't even know you, and you're asking things of me."

"Which is why I'm asking... because we don't know one another. Anyone who knew me just... couldn't do what I'm about to ask."


"Too many preconceived notions."

"Now I'm curious... what would a bird like you ask of someone like me?"

"I want a jealous face."


"I want a jealous everything. He wants me. He knows that he does. I know that he does, but something is holding him back. If he thinks... if he thinks he's losing me... perhaps..."

Suddenly Spike understood. "The dark-skinned bloke that's friends with that Malfoy brat."

"I love him. I don't know if he loves me, and I can't stand this... holding pattern. I'm selfish, I guess. I want all of him as he has all of me."

"Why me?"

"Because you're the only man I ever saw who's as beautiful as my Blaise is."

She said it with such honesty. And passion. She had a great deal of that too.

Spike smiled a knowing smile at her. "And for that... I'll help you."

"I can pay you-"

"But you won't."


"Did no one ever tell you that I am love's bitch? This is going to be fun, I'd wager, and fun never need cost a thing with me. Fun I do for free, luv."


end part 1
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