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SEAL File - Faith

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Summary: Teal'c's Wish Universe - SEAL File for Faith

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR18158982133,52518 Sep 0518 Sep 05Yes
Faith – SEAL Requirement Scores – Unofficial Files



50 meter underwater swim PASS/FAIL - pass time 23.3 seconds (about one bloody second more than the Olympic record!!!)

Underwater knot tying PASS/FAIL - pass

Drown proofing test PASS/FAIL - pass

Basic Lifesaving test PASS/FAIL - pass

1200 meter pool swim with fins 45 min - 35 minutes

1 mile bay swim with fins 50 min - 40

1 mile ocean swim with fins 50 min - 42

1 l/2 mile ocean swim with fins 70 min - 59

2 mile ocean swim with fins 95 min - 78

Obstacle course 15 min - 8

4 mile timed run 32 min - 20

NOTES: She ran and swam all the men into the ground, and then looked as if she had just finished a soft work out, the only one that left her tired was when we had her do the 1 mile swim and followed it up with the 4 mile run, that added 10 minutes to her time, and still put her under what any instructor could do. WHO the hell is she and does she have any siblings we can have??????

We only ran her through the First phase, because she surpassed all the times that they are suppose to beat by phase 3. Who the hell is she????

Hand To Hand Combat:

Form is sloppy, but we did not figure that out until we filmed it and played it back half speed. She put all but one master instruction in the ground, and he is a Grand Master in Jiu-Jitsu. Her speed, flexibility and power make her bloody dangerous in any up close situation. She does not follow any one school of training but seems to combine them all. We currently have bets as to what she could do with actual training in the proper forms.

Weapons Combat:

Given the nature of the program we are filtering for, we had started a hand weapon training program. Primarily knives, staffs, and machetes. They (Faith and Harris) came in with swords, axes, made spears, and daggers. Have I mentioned they are fucking scary and I want them? There was not an instructor left that was not drooling after her, and I don’t mean for her body. She made using the weapons look like a dance. Though her form is still a bit sloppy. (see above notes)

Fire Arms Training:

Something she failed at thank god. Well not failed, just barely passed, she can hit the broadside of a barn, but that is about it, over all keep her with hand to hand weapons, and only put a gun in her hands as a last desperate measure.


A total of three missions were ran to test the ability to follow orders, plan, and adapt. Once given a target nothing slows her down and most of the “obstacles” that were placed in her way where blown by as if they were not there. As long as she respects the person giving the orders she is good. We had one mission ran by a (now) 2nd Lietenant whom she specifically called “waste of good air” and she told him what to do with his plan and did it her way. She failed, spectacularly I might add, but in retrospect his plan was not much better. The two missions Harris ran, she followed every order to the letter and they went off perfectly.

Overall Notes and Comments:

Thank god she is on our side, otherwise if there were an army of women like her we would either be screwed or nothing on earth could touch us, and I am not sure about elsewhere. Her flaws are a very short temper, foul language, and lack of patience. However that is counter balanced by the ability to get the job done regardless of the cost, power to spare that make most of the tanks we have see look bulky and slow. Only recommendation is train her, watch her, and get her hair cut, it has a tendency to get caught on things and then she really looses her temper.

One last note: if you don’t want her, we do.

The End

You have reached the end of "SEAL File - Faith". This story is complete.

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