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Uncertain Future

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Times of Change". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel-type thing to Forgotten Past. Take one key, a couple of watchers, a handful of slayers and a bunch of wizards. Put 'em together, and what do you get?

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Harry Potter > General > Other(Past Donor)KiaraFR13913,1770811,03818 Sep 0510 Jun 07No


Disclaimer: I own nothing. JK Rowling owns Harry Potter. Joss Whedon owns Buffy-verse.


I have a son. Me; Dawn Summers. Or is it Lily Evans? I’m not even gonna try and figure that out, it’s just way too weird. As is the fact that I’ve got the thoughts and memories of a dead girl in my head and that I am afore mentioned dead girl reincarnated by monks. A shrink would have a field day trying to sort out my head.

But anyway, back to Harry. My eleven year old son. Who does magic. It’s times like this that I’m glad I grew up in a mad house, at least I didn’t have to come to terms with the whole ‘magic is real’ thing after finding out that the body I was made from had a child. So now I have to learn how to be a mother. Well, I can’t do any worse than my sister the uber-bitch who locked him in a cupboard for ten years. Oh yeah; there’s gonna be a big talk about that little incident, of that I am sure. But that’s about the only thing that I am sure about.

I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing here. Until a couple of years ago I was a total brat, I can admit that, but I like to think I’ve grown out of it now. And I guess I helped out with the youngest slayers when they first arrived at the centre, but there’s a pretty big difference between giving a bunch of thirteen year old girls a hug and telling them that they won’t die and caring full-time for a wizard-in-training.

I think he expects me to know what I’m doing, to know how to make things right. Don’t all kids think that of their parents? That they’re going to make everything better and protect them. But I don’t know how to do that; I’m clueless.

And I have no idea how to work it out.


‘Uncertain Future’ Contents:

1: Family Issues- Dawn confronts her past. Set a month or so before FP epilogue.

2: Matchmaker- Harry decides to give his mother a helping hand.

3: Make a Wish- ‘Happy Birthday, Harry’

4: Full of Grace?- You know what they say about Tuesdays Child… (requested by sevangel)

5: Wishing- Harry learns the consequences of the ‘W’ word.

6: Mad as a Hatter- Dawn is invited for tea with the Head-Hatter himself.

7: Trouble the Name of my Shadow is - Buffy cause’s chaos wherever she goes. (requested by MaryAnn)

8: Hubble, Muggle, Toil and Trouble- When Dudley gets into a spot of bother, he receives help from a most unwelcome source. (requested by GD and La Rose Minuit)

9: A Summers at Heart- Giant-demon-snake slaying runs in the family.

10: Matchmaker, take 2- Harry turns his attention to his friends (requested by w1cked angel)

11: My Boy- Dawn and Harry share a heart to heart.

12: Frizzled- Sometimes things just frizzle out.

13: Driving Mr. Xander- Harry gets a driving lesson (requested by )

14: Growing Pains- Reactions after Harry is chosen for the Triwizard

15: Returned- Post Triwizard thoughts

Stories will be updated as they get written. They’re the one’s I have planned for the moment, but if anyone had any ideas then I’d really love to hear them and try to mould them into mini.
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