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Prank Wars

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Summary: FFA #458 Xander/Tony (NCIS) Who will survive when these two self styled pranksters meet?

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredfreetodreamFR729711157,96318 Sep 058 Oct 05No

Prank Wars

Prank Wars-FFA #458 Xander/Tony

Disclaimer: I don’t own them. NCIS, Tony, Gibbs, and the rest of the cast mentioned belong to CBS, Bellisarius Productions and Paramount. Xander belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. I mean no harm and no foul. I’m not doing this for money and there is no copyright infringement intended. Please carry on. Oh, and I’m new to posting on this site and haven’t posted anywhere in FOREVER. So please, be nice.

“Tony, meet Xander Harris. He’s new. Show him around.” Gibbs told him as he left to figure out what it was exactly that Abby wanted. Tony eyed the newest “probbie” with glee. After McGee had been moved up in the ranks, Tony had missed having someone to screw around with. He was looking forward to breaking in the new recruit. “He won’t know what hit him” Tony thought to himself.

Xander eyed the man that Gibbs had left him with. Granted Xander was new to the whole idea of crime fighting outside the Boca Del Inferno but he was giving this internship thing a try. Xander saw the gleam in Tony’s eye and immediately knew what the man was planning. “He won’t know what hit him.” Xander thought as he schemed to get the slightly older man at his own game. Xander wasn’t Sunny D’s almost class prankster for nothing.

*4 Hours later*

“What the hell is going on here?!” Gibbs yelled as he walked towards his desk, or rather what use to be his desk. It was currently housing a large stuffed gorilla that had somehow managed to attract a lot of whipped cream. Tony’s desk hadn’t faired better. Sitting around Tony’s desk were several women, all of whom were paying attention to McGee. Suddenly Xander and Tony jumped out from somewhere and pelted Gibbs with water balloons. Both men suddenly realized that they hadn’t hit each other, but rather, a very angry former Marine. “DiNozzo, Harris, what the hell is going on?” Gibbs asked, barely containing his anger. I should have known better than to leave those two alone unsupervised. Gibbs added to himself. Both Tony and Xander looked at each other, then at Gibbs and then back to each other. “He started it!” They both yelled, pointing at the other. Gibbs had had it. “I don’t care who started it. Clean it up then report to Ducky. You boys get to clean the morgue. McGee! Coffee, now.” Gibbs barked turning around and heading back towards Abby’s lab. McGee quickly followed. Both Xander and Tony were white as a sheet. They hadn’t planned for their prank war to go that far.

McGee met up with Gibbs in the hall. “Who won the bet sir?” McGee asked. Unknown to Tony and Xander, Gibbs had placed a bet on how long it would take for the NCIS resident prankster to try to pull a fast one on the new guy. “That’s why I’m on my way to Abby’s lab. Damn girl, how’d she know?” Gibbs asked as he walked to the elevator. “She’s dated them both maybe, sir?” McGee asked, stepping into the elevator. Gibbs eyed the younger agent and sighed. “She’s got to stop doing that.”


If this sucks….please don’t flame. I’m new.
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